Damn Fine Coffee Bar.

3317 W Armitage Ave, Chicago
(773) 904-7051

Recent Reviews

Joseph Madary

Phenoenal coffee and service. They have tasty and unique options ranging from a Honey CBD Latte to a tasty lavender latte. Fantastic donuts. Nice outdoor seeting

Kaitlyn Gatimu

The coffee is great! The only issue was they gave me a latte when I asked for a macchiato.

Ira Cox

Good place to sit and drink a coffee when there's no plague.

Isaac Allen

Very chill coffee spot with awesome friendly vibes and great coffee!

Ryan Delia

Very very chill spot. Good place to work, great java good pastries! Happy I found it

Eht Erutuf

Poor customer service. Rude and snobby barista. Everything we ordered tasted horrible. This place is overrated. If you want good coffee, go somewhere else. You’d honestly be better off at Starbucks.

Susan Dodson

Pretty tight space with a very specific selection. The baristas were patient in answering all the questions!

Joanna Estrella

I am a HUGE fan of the Half Wit Coffee and this place serves it. Cool little spot, friendly staff and great coffee.

Fabio B.

I love having this place in my neighborhood. I usually only get a black coffee so I can't speak on all the variations but the staff is super friendly and I feel like my business is wanted and appreciated. A little pricey but it's location is convenient for me and I like supporting the local guy.

Kyle P.

This is fast becoming one of the coolest stretches in the city. Damn Fine Coffee Bar is a small shop next to Ground Control on Armitage. They get their coffee from Halfwit, but also showcase other roasteries each month. Some cold brews are thin and lack flavor, but this was excellent. They also have very good espressos and more. The local coffee scene is exploding in this city, and DFCB is not one to miss. A hip spot with great coffee at reasonable prices.

Matthew L.

I want to give them more stars bc I like their coffee and am a big Twin Peaks fan, but the coffee is so expensive. I get when the fancy espresso drinks are expensive, but a 16oz black coffee should be $2.00 at MOST. It is like $4.50 here. I only go here when I want anything BUT straight up coffee. Way too expensive

Raymond Gonzalez

This place is a hidden gem if you ask me. It's pretty secluded/tucked away. I've walked past his place a few times before realizing it was even there. It is a minimalist coffee lounge, and I think that is perfect. It is a nice quiet atmosphere and definitely caters to a college ambience, of students typing away on their laptops.

Ralph Collins

Pretty standard Vegas Casino dinner. Line was fairly short, staff was courteous, and eggs Benedict were actually great! I asked for a substitute to the hash browns and received tomatos which was fine. Casino view was all right, although the background noise of slot machines can get old!

Brandon Wilson

Are you hungry? Is it late at night? Are you too lazy to leave TI in search of food?

Joseph Hall

Fun atmosphere, fast service, delicious food. Can't ask for much more than that.

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