Edgewater Tacos

5624 N Broadway, Chicago
(773) 944-0847

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After a visit to the Green Mill, I had a hankering for some Mexican food. I had previously noticed this place in the neighborhood and decided it was worth the try.I wasn't disappointed. One of my favorites are Chili Rellenos, which are often a disappointment. Edgewater had a special sign out for the CR's, and after some questions I thought they were worth the try. The Chili Rellenos are first-rate. Fresh chilis and wonderful cheese of the best quality. Also had a taco and it too was fresh, crispy, and tasted wonderful.Staff was friendly and attentive, as are most family-owned establishments. I look forward to future visits to try the extensive menu on offer.


Stopped in for dinner last night after shopping at the game store down the street. Was not expecting the food to be as fantastic as it was. So good! I had a carnitas tostada that was to die for and a chicken tamale (also very good) with a side of Mexican rice (perfectly seasoned). Husband had the ground beef chimichanga which he really enjoyed. Even more impressive than the food was the customer service the owner and her employees demonstrated. We arrived during a time when a private party (a meetup group) had reserved what little table space was available. The owner fixed us up with an ad hoc solution of a rolling cart to use as a table and sat us at a bench. Saved us from having to do takeout (which would have resulted in our food getting cold by the time we got back to our hotel). The owner chatted with us for awhile after our food arrived about how she got into the restaurant business and where the recipes used by the restaurant came from (her grandma). She brought us a complimentary basket of fresh hot churros and they were delish. Everyone dining or waiting for takeout was in such good spirits; the meetup group even invited us to share in their food and beverages. I think a big part of that friendly vibe is set by the restaurant staff and it just touches everyone who stops in to dine. This is a can't miss dining spot in Chicago. Definitely order the carnitas!

Antonio B.

Man! I've lived in Edgewater for 6 years and am kicking myself for just discovering this place. Some of the best tacos I've ever had... classic Mexican style made perfectly.

Benedict D.

Great all around taqueria. Their al pastor has a nice subtle pineapple flavor from the real pineapple they use, and the carne asada tacos are really tender. If you are really hungry check out the carne asada fries, I don't think I've been to a place that serves the fries other than California.

Danny R.

Killer tacos!! Patty, the owner has a great story how she started the business. Quit the corporate world to create healthy and authentic Mexican food. She truly cares about what she cooks and how she prepares each dish. Support local as she's been in the neighborhood for her entire lifetime.

Josh J.

Stopping by here was a last minute decision, one that I am so happy for! My girlfriend and I were looking for a taco place and decided to go by the reviews. We were not disappointed. First, the staff are all so warm and friendly and there isn't a language barrier that you might find at other places. Being a Latino with rusty Spanish, I know my non-Spanish speaking friends find this to be a major stress reducer when language isn't an issue. A small detail but still one worth noting. As you might have guessed the tacos are fantastic, seasoned just the way I like them. The limes we received were fresh and tasted great. I feel like limes are often overlooked at other places. The salsa was good, spicy enough to enjoy but not too spicy for lightweights. We ordered al pastor, carne asada, and carnitas. It's so hard to pick a favorite but I think mine was the carnitas. We also order Jamaica, which was sweeter than I'm used to but still delicious, and horchata. This was not made with a mix and had a lighter consistency but good flavor. Last was a churro that was made fresh. The space is tiny but it well worth any discomfort you might experience. I can't wait to go on a warm, sunny day!


I went earlier today for the first time. The woman who took my order was sweet and patient as I looked over the menu. I ordered the fish, chicken, and chorizo tacos. They were all very tasty honestly. I definitely recommend this restaurant!

Andrea White

YUM!! I've been walking past this place for a few months and finally stopped in tonight. The service was great, and the food was sooo tasty. I had the fish taco and the AL pastor taco. Both were fresh and delicious--one of the best fish tacos I've ever had. You can tell everyone loves the place, as it was full. It's counter service and BYOB. I will definitely make coming here a habit.

bill dehn

Small place good food exciting staff good prices. If you like tacos this should be your local Tuesday stop.

Katelyn Gibbons

amazing tacos, amazing staff & service. owner has lived in the neighbor for 45 years and truly cares about the community. get the fish taco, you're welcome.... oh, and the al pastor :)

Morgan K.

Delicious food, friendly service, and reasonably priced. Fish tacos were the star of the meal!

Michael Asbill

Everything decision I've made at Edgewater Tacos has been richly satisfying. Next time you are in try their new sopes! Best decision I've made yet!

Jana Banana

The very best. I can't get enough of the al pastor ☺❤

Adam T. Cooper

Friendly family owned place with great recipes and fresh ingredients at a reasonable price.

Elizabeth A.

Small seating area, but the tacos are SO worth it! I had the vegetarian option and it didn't disappoint. Loved the soft corn tortillas and the salsa verde on the table was super flavorful. Had a bite of a churro and wished I'd ordered one for myself.

Jennifer D.

I really having nothing to say other than it's a great local taco place. I thought the tacos were delicious but the real winner was the spicy pablano soup. If it's still available, I would highly recommend ordering that.

mike price

So delicious. Great service, great atmosphere and very nice staff. Have been there 2 days in a row and plan to make it 3. I'm from Arizona and grew up eating Mexican food, and this takes me back home with every bite.

Andrew L.

Delicious food, prepared fresh and served by friendly folks for a fair price. Love this place!

Taylor S.

Some may say Edgewater Tacos is a "hole in the wall" with surprisingly great tasting authentic Mexican food. I say it is house to great Mexican hospitality. Patty (unclear if she is the owner or daughter of the owner, we didn't get that far) has customer service skills that are off the charts! So outgoing, so friendly, and extremely kind. I walked in here today on a whim, in the snow and with only $16 in my pockets. I was greeted with a smile by Patty and she graciously took my order. Due to the weather I was the only customer and she devoted her entire attention to me but I can tell even if I was in a crowd of 10 she still would have taken each opportunity she had to dote on me. I walked out with a warm feeling of good conversation, and these delicious steak tacos with all the toppings, rice and re-fried beans - absolute perfection! My mother is coming to visit me in a couple weeks and Mexican food is her absolute favorite, I cannot wait to take her here! If you are looking for great homemade tasting tacos go here! Excellent addition to the neighborhood and I will surely be here ever single day this summer! LOVE IT! :)

Briana M.

My bueno el sabor authentico! Ok, that's all the Spanish I got, however this place was superb! The owner has a kind spirit and you can taste the love in their food! Thank God He gave them a vision to share the family recipes with us! I'm glad we were able to experience this!

Edgewater Tacos

5624 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660