Edgewater Tacos

5624 N Broadway, Chicago
(773) 944-0847

Recent Reviews

Marlena Irizarry

Fish tacos were amazing. Way better than the steak. Long wait, very busy, small place.

Sheena Roque

everything was delicious! great for everyone from meat eaters to vegans. highly recommend!

Ke'Aira Hankerson

You have to try the chicken tacos. They are marinated to perfection. I go there at least once a week for three! Customer service is great and they have a place to sit outside if you want. The owner is polite and really loves a satisfied customer.

Dean Wang

I think their burritos and nachos are great, they remind me of the old El Norte. They also have a little window to pick up and order from if you have a dog.

Candice Jones

First time here on a Friday, early evening. I heard great things about this place, also watched their episode of Chicago's Best. The staff is nice and friendly, they greet you when you walk in. I ordered a chicken chimichanga dinner. Pretty good! Just wish the chicken had a little more flavor/spice to it. I will definitely be back since it's walking distance from my new place!

Bess Arthur

The fish tacos are fantastic. Took home 3, should have ordered 11 more. I miss them now that they are gone.

Jeremiah Rauwolf

Great taco spot. Lived up to it's reputation 100%.

Miguel A.

Love this place! Especially the eloté cups! Great food, great service! You can always call your order in ahead. Outdoor seating is a great touch! Can't wait to go back for some more!

Clare O.

The fish tacos were amazing!! Such large proportions for a great price. I also got the chorizo tacos which were delicious. I would recommend getting the chips and guac while you're waiting for the main course!



Bobby H

We love all the food we've tried at Edgewater Tacos....from the nachos, to the homemade fish tacos, al pastor pork burrito....seriously delicious and amazing quality ingredients. So difficult to pick a favorite, but the one item I just cannot pass up is the carne asada torta sandwich. It is a mind-blower that will leave you wanting more! They really nail it with the perfect torta bun, quality ingredients. And deliciously seared steak (and no fat!!). OMG....so good.


Patty is a truly great restaurant owner. I feel so welcomed and at home in this restaurant. I’ve been vegetarian for 13 years + have tons of vegan friends so I love coming here because I have total peace

Virginia Flores

Food was delicious and service was amazing. The staff is fantastic. Recommended.

Peter Xantheas

Great food. I was really impressed with the owner. She was really on top of things when we visited.

Master P.

Tasted alright but it was expensive. It was a 60 dollar visit for two. Nothing special, if anything I felt the meal was lacking in preperation. The beans didnt have any flavor, the side salad with the dinner had very finely diced tomatoes in it which was kind of unpleasant and shreds of lettuce. The tortillas for everything tasted old and had a weird texture. The meat for the carnitas was good, the al pastor was ok. It took a while for my order to be made. I guarantee I can cook better and faster then them any day of the week.

Kelly Z.

I'm a NYC native so finding food and eating food, BOMB ASS FOOD, is a necessity wherever I go. I can always find something in the mist of the busy NYC so I don't worry. But don't ever argue with me, Chicago got better tacos than LA and if I'm stretching it, they are better than NYC. And this restaurant is what'll prove my point. I never fail to find tacos where that were dry especially chicken taco and I always get disappointed but not here at Edgewater Tacos. They're just sooooo juicy and bursting with flavors! Chicken is literally my favorite and the al pastor cus of the pineapple. I would only suggest to change the name of the restaurant if I was the owner, why? Because the recipes are family tradition and the name of the restaurant does not do the food justice, the culture behind the food justice and most importantly the essence of this whole restaurant. The lady, with the blue glasses, she fuckin loves her job and that makes everything much more pleasant. These are her grandma's recipes! I literally got up and ordered three more tacos.

Sonia Soto Corral

Most delicious tacos! I tried the fish tacos and are to die for! Truly recommend! Most friendly service you will have!

Maria Rodriguez

Tacos are very delicious, very friendly staff and the owner makes you like family!!! I love this place and will be coming here more often!!!

Larissa O.

We were hesitant when we walked in the door, but the staff was so friendly and the food was unbelievably delicious! I had the veggie burrito which was perfect and my husband had the fish tacos that he said were fantastic. We would have gone back for more if it was not such a long walk from our hotel. Great prices as well, the food was so good!

Daniel Baeza

The best sign that a restaurant is good is if you notice the staff recognizing customers as they walk in. While I waited for my food, there were multiple regulars coming in for their usuals! I love that about this place and can tell that this restaurant not only serves up great food but a friendly atmosphere and service. The tacos I ended up getting were delicious and I'll be back to try more!

cinque curry

Great outdoor seating. And good food. Do it

Tim S.

Mmm. Best fish tacos I've ever had. Been back twice on a week. Friendly staff. Not much seating inside but several tables outside this time of year. Also tried steak tacos and they were good. I'll try to explore the menu further if I can bring myself to skip the fish tacos.

Matthew Scott

Service was very prompt and courteous! The tacos were amazing. Great place to have dinner!

Malia B.

LOVE this place! They catered a dinner for me and worked with me to get every detail just right. The food was PHENOMENAL. Everyone was talking about it all night!

Joe Pigg

This is my favorite neighborhood taco joint. Not only are the tacos prefect but their service is always fast and friendly. With an extensive menu, their options are sure to please any appetite. I always get mine to go but they have a small seating area inside and quaint outdoor seating arrangement as well.

Tony Iliff

Absolutely amazing. The best carnitas taco I've ever had, seriously.

Adam Blair

Always delicious! The service here is great, everyone is always so kind. The food is amazing, has that homemade taste and feel to it. The guacamole is delicious! And I always get Al Pastor, the pork is incredible.

daniel schemel

Got the burrito bowl (not in the menu) just to cut some carbs, and it was delicious. Not only the service is great, but the location has a patio that's very enjoyable, the food is pretty tasty. Will definitely come back pretty soon.

Michael B.

Moving in from Texas, it was a bit hard to find good Mexican food in Chicago, especially in the Northern neighborhoods. Luckily, someone redirected me to Edgewater Tacos which is a few streets down from where I live. This place has been an absolute lifesaver for me! First off, you notice their outside patio before you even walk in. Great for summertime Chicago weather. The inside is a bit small and packed, but it adds to the homey, family restaurant feel of the place. The prices aren't bad at all and the selection is amazing. Lots of stuff to choose that will hit any Mexican food craving. When I was here, I ordered the burrito suizo with a large horchata. And OH MY GOD, you can tell everything was great. I've never ever had horchata this fresh since leaving Texas. Definitely a place I'm going to frequent more often.


The steak and fish tacos are the best in the city. If you are in Chicago you have to try this place. Great food, great prices. The fish tacos are my sons favorite. Mine are the steak. Real Mexican food in the windy city

Lisa W.

I saw this place in Chicagos Best so I had to try! Did not disappoint. I ordered the carne asada, generous portion, perfectly cooked. I'll be back to try the tacos with some friends. Not a lot of seating inside, but a tiny bit of outdoor seating in front.

Samantha Herrera

The steak tacos tasted plain it had no spice to it. My boyfriend loved the chicken flautas they had a decent size for their price, but definitely could’ve used a bit more seasoning. Over all it was a decent experience.

Aaron F.

Moved to Chicago from San Francisco about six months ago and on my list of important to-do's: find a solid Mexican restaurant to satiate my need for a good burrito fix. I did not spend a lot of time browsing but about a week after my son was born, we needed a serious burrito craving to be satisfied - and holy crap did this place do the track. Wife ordered the chicken burrito suizo (wet burrito), I order my staple carne asada burrito, and we split a plate of nachos. The chicken on her burrito was so moist and tender that I audibly swooned. My burrito was so big that I ate half before surrendering, then relived the dream the next day. And the nachos were also quite good! Will DEFINITELY be coming back here. Staff service also very warm and friendly!

Ashley M.

After spending the last 8 years touring taco joints on Chicago's North Side, Edgewater Tacos is definitely a top contender (and I've lived in Wicker!). Once inside, don't let the size of the place fool you. This is a GEM. The staff will welcome you as if you've been in there 1000 times before. They'll be patient as you pour over their amazingly expansive menu. Personally, I'm a huge fan of their fish tacos. Seriously. They're the best in the city. Fight me. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking about getting a couple after work. However you decide, they take cash and credit card. The service is fast and the food is always fresh. If you want delivery, you can find them on Postmates. At any rate, I'm always excited to go back for more. Hopefully you will be too!


After a visit to the Green Mill, I had a hankering for some Mexican food. I had previously noticed this place in the neighborhood and decided it was worth the try.I wasn't disappointed. One of my favorites are Chili Rellenos, which are often a disappointment. Edgewater had a special sign out for the CR's, and after some questions I thought they were worth the try. The Chili Rellenos are first-rate. Fresh chilis and wonderful cheese of the best quality. Also had a taco and it too was fresh, crispy, and tasted wonderful.Staff was friendly and attentive, as are most family-owned establishments. I look forward to future visits to try the extensive menu on offer.

Daniel Fogel

A+ without even thinking about it. Everything was fantastic. Their crunchy tacos were the perfect crispness without being greasy. The chicken tacos were generously filled. Super fresh onions and cilantro. The green salsa was flavorful and had a spicy bite to it. Lastly, get a churro. Impossibly fluffy and kissed with brown sugar and cinnamon. Will return

Jim M.

After a visit to the Green Mill, I had a hankering for some Mexican food. I had previously noticed this place in the neighborhood and decided it was worth the try. I wasn't disappointed. One of my favorites are Chili Rellenos, which are often a disappointment. Edgewater had a special sign out for the CR's, and after some questions I thought they were worth the try. The Chili Rellenos are first-rate. Fresh chilis and wonderful cheese of the best quality. Also had a taco and it too was fresh, crispy, and tasted wonderful. Staff was friendly and attentive, as are most family-owned establishments. I look forward to future visits to try the extensive menu on offer.

Chidi I.

Carnitas Chimichanga - I used to only get my Chimi at el CID in Logan Square. EL CID has nothing on this place. Crispy outside and juice meat, cheese, and rice proportionately placed inside. From the Horchata and the Mexican hot chocolate to the Hibiscus water (which I always get with my order)... this place does not disappoint. The great thing about this place outside of the food is the customer service. The ladies who work here are the friendliest people I have ever met. They strike up convo with you like you have been friends for years. I moved to Edgewater 2 months ago. I have been here about 6 times. The place is small, but the food is mighty.


Stopped in for dinner last night after shopping at the game store down the street. Was not expecting the food to be as fantastic as it was. So good! I had a carnitas tostada that was to die for and a chicken tamale (also very good) with a side of Mexican rice (perfectly seasoned). Husband had the ground beef chimichanga which he really enjoyed. Even more impressive than the food was the customer service the owner and her employees demonstrated. We arrived during a time when a private party (a meetup group) had reserved what little table space was available. The owner fixed us up with an ad hoc solution of a rolling cart to use as a table and sat us at a bench. Saved us from having to do takeout (which would have resulted in our food getting cold by the time we got back to our hotel). The owner chatted with us for awhile after our food arrived about how she got into the restaurant business and where the recipes used by the restaurant came from (her grandma). She brought us a complimentary basket of fresh hot churros and they were delish. Everyone dining or waiting for takeout was in such good spirits; the meetup group even invited us to share in their food and beverages. I think a big part of that friendly vibe is set by the restaurant staff and it just touches everyone who stops in to dine. This is a can't miss dining spot in Chicago. Definitely order the carnitas!

Antonio B.

Man! I've lived in Edgewater for 6 years and am kicking myself for just discovering this place. Some of the best tacos I've ever had... classic Mexican style made perfectly.