1350 W Randolph St, Chicago
(312) 733-1314

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Chris J

Great service and atmosphere. Certainly very hygge with interesting food but as someone who prefers authentic cuisine, Elske didn’t leave me urning for more. On a side note the mushroom tea was mind blowing.

Vania leon baldelomar

Perfect place for date night. We went there to celebrate our wedding anniversary, left chef pair our five course meal with different wines. Highly recommended to explore their menu.

Sean Sahli

Good food. We were given our bar bill before our drinks, which is super weird, not exactly high-end service. I could understand if maybe our table was ready, but even though we were 15-20 minutes early we weren't seated until 5 minutes after our reservations.

Carlo Pauldine

Marie was great! Just awesome. Came here late on a Saturday night with some friends, right before kitchen close, and was still attended to with the service of a 7pm reservation. Not to mention the top tier food. Highly recommend.

Michael Leach

The idea of so many dishes in the tasting menus sounds like it will be way over the top, but it really isn't. Everything is beautifully prepared. This is the most unstuffy five-star restaurant I have ever been to where staff is determined to make you feel comfortable and have a good time.

Jacob Bankston

From the time we arrived until our last bite of dessert we enjoyed our experience. We arrived early, ordered a drink and sat outside by a well stoked fire. Very romantic. Everything we ordered was perfection. The bread is rustic and crunchy served with homemade butter. We ordered octopus, tender and delicious. I couldn’t decide which I wanted to be my last taste, the tender and juicy wagu beef or the crispy sea bass. Both amazing. Service was attentive and all staff was friendly.

Marissa F.

Elske is a very impressive restaurant that still manages to feel inviting. It's like being a guest in a neighbor's gorgeous home. The service and the food are both exceptional. I had the pescatarian version of the tasting menu, which swapped the short rib and the duck liver tart with a risotto dish and a mushroom tart. The highlights of the tasting menu for me were the roasted cauliflower and the celeriac risotto. I didn't know it would be possible to enjoy cauliflower so much, but it was cooked to perfection and complimented by a sauce that tasted like a mild mustard. The risotto was deliciously creamy and had very memorable accents of hazelnuts and apples. It took about two hours to get through the tasting menu, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The restaurant has done a wonderful job of crafting a menu and an experience that I'd imagine sticks with you for a long time.

Stuart Nelsen

The food was terrific and the setting was attractive and cozy. My favorite dish on the night's tasting menu was the smoked sturgeon, but I enjoyed them all. They brought to mind memories of the smells of the outdoors - forest, field, and sea.

Michael James

The food combinations and flavors are perfect. Every bite is to be savored. Take your time and get 5 or 6 plates for a couple. You literally can’t go wrong with any plate.

John F.

Had dinner Saturay night and everything was great. Would recommend to anyone I know for something different.

Teena S.

Cute little restaurant and nice bar area. We are trying all the Michelin rated restaurants in Chicago so this was up on our list. We did the tasting menu and we thought the food was decent. We liked some dishes better than others. The presentation was beautiful. We liked the: Bread with sea salt - Tasty with the sea salt Cod - Good Cured Hamachi - Good Overall, the service was just ok and at times, we felt like we were forgotten. Nothing spectacular.

Wilma O.

Both insanely delicious, and a fun experience!! After a trip to Copenhagen a few years ago, I found myself occasionally struck with a craving for Danish haute cuisine but had trouble finding it here in the States. While the style may seem similar to other fancy European cuisines, the focus on complex treatments to bring out and highlight an ingredient's best flavors is one of the main tenants. Here, I've finally found my place! We had the 9-plate prix fixe, which is a pretty good deal ($95) as prix fixes go. Course after course, we were wowed by innovation and deliciousness. Key highlights included a foie gras tarte that had the potential to be heavy, but instead was light and creamy, and the tarte shell was such a fun idea over the regular toasted bread. The smoked fish was unlike anything I had ever had (and Danish to the max!), so good that ny seafood-hating fiancé scarfed it all down. As avid meat eaters, we thought the cauliflower could be boring, but I have never had cauliflower that full of flavor in my life. Since it was my birthday, things rounded off with a tasty white cake with homemade sprinkles. Something about those sprinkles stuck with me - the sweetness, powderiness, and crunch were so addictive and memorable, and I'm hoping to learn how to replicate these sometime. So far, one of my top 3 favorite meals in the last year.

Hunter Wolff

The beauty is in the simplicity. Elske was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in Chicago. Each dish, the atmosphere, and service focus on minimal, yet thoughtful experiences.

Mel Z.

We had a great time at Elske! Thanks to the previous Yelp reviewers we were able to enjoy the best Elske had to offer. We loved the outdoor fireplace as we entered, which is a romantic, cozy touch. The restaurant filled up pretty quickly, too. We've done plenty of Michelin restaurants and didn't want to wait through a 4-hour set of courses so we (2 ppl) did the ala carte selections. To start, we had the apple jam, crackers and swiss (not gouda) which was delightful. We had the Celeriac risotto with hazelnuts which was inventive and absolutely delicious. We love Celeriac and never thought to pair it with Risotto, apple, black truffle and hazelnuts, and damn was it tasty. We also had the Ricotta stuffed occhi (like ravioli) which was good, but nothing too special. The service was absolutely top notch. From our host greeting to the pastry chef assistant who answered all our questions and our wonderful server, Eli, who was great with explaining the menu and offering suggestions. He was also helpful with advising on our dessert course (he recommended the frozen raspberry custard which we liked.) A note about parking: we went on a Sunday night around 6. There is no valet parking but plenty of street parking on Randolph in front of the restaurant and around the block. We found a free spot about half a block away without any problems. The strangest thing: at the bottom of our bill (and on the menu) it states that there is a 3-percent optional surcharge to help pay for the health insurance of the staff. We've never seen that on a bill. For us, we'd have preferred Elske raise prices by 3 percent (I mean, c'mon, it's a Michelin star restaurant) and not tell us about it and give your staff a decent benefit. We opted to pay it, of course, but felt odd about it.

Laura M.

Just came here for a nightcap, can't wait to go back and try the food. Nice space and definitely hopping on a snowy Saturday evening.

Allen Carden

We had a great in this place. We loved the awesome vibes and the menu. The staff members were super amiable. I am happy we ultimately managed to visit this spot.

Chicago M.

Beautiful compositions throughout our tasting menu and terrific service. I am a follower of these two chefs bringing hygge to Chicago for real.

Billy Hunter

Food was amazing and the service was perfect. We had a la carte options and cocktails, all of which were incredible. We will be back next season to have the chefs menu. We cannot wait. Thank you, Elske, for a great experience.

Colin Tully

Only sat at the bar, but was thoroughly impressed with the food, wine, and cocktails. This is great place for a date night or perhaps even a pre-show meal.


I was there over a month ago. Un-memorable: I can't remember what I ate. What I remember was that lesser-priced restaurants in Chicago (I was visiting for 5 days) impressed me more.

Christina R

No desire to recommend or return. Outdoor fireplace at entrance was the most Scandinavian part. Dishes were fine, but not amazing or particularly interesting nor remotely Scandinavian influenced and i go there often since my Dad lives in Norway. Service was good but please train your vegan and vegetarian waitstaff to answer questions about EVERYTHING on the menu, despite what they personally choose to eat or avoid. Liked the house sparkling water.

dane hites

So amazing. I had the scallops, the sea bass, and the chocolate dessert. Each dish was meticulously crafted and the flavors, while unexpected, were so fantastic.

Sean Stevens

Hands down one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. The food, wine, service, and ambiance were all incredible. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Katie Vuille

Setting was lovely—especially with the fireplace in the winter. But food was lacking—generally too many components which didn’t work for me. The best dish we had was the simply prepared anchovies—but others were a miss including a much too creamy/gloppy sauce with the sea bass and very dry and over cooked pork belly. Open kitchen was nice but needs better ventilation. We were a bit early and hostess suggested we have a drink in the bar but no one offered to serve us...

Rebecca Gaples

Had the tasting menu and all the food was delicious and creative. Beautiful presentations too.

Lorraine L.

My good friend and I stopped by for Champagne week. They were only offering one selection which was disappointing as the other places we visited had at least to chose from. The vibe is very chill and they were people dressed down as well as up. We are definitely going to stop by again as it's a good place to grab a cocktail and chat.

Wendy F.

We enjoyed excellent food and excellent service at Elske. The restaurant was a sleek Scandinavian style. The dishes were so unique and innovative. Our first dish was a thin flat bread with a wonderful aged Gouda cheese which was served with a bit of raw honey comb and rhubarb sauce. It was a beautiful flavor combination. We ordered their sourdough rye bread which was crusty and delicious. Then we had an endive salad with walnuts and hearts of palm and a mysterious yet delicious white sauce. We had wagyu beef which was extraordinary. Any other words are unnecessary. We had veal stuffed dumplings which were beautiful, and risotto with extraordinary flavors and the occasional crunchy, toasted hazelnut. Many unexpected yet beautiful flavors melding together. This restaurant is a winner. If you go, you will congratulate yourself for great judgment.


The tasting menu is the way to go here! Each course was thoughtful and perfectly executed, the smoked sturgeon was easily one of the best pieces of fish I've had anywhere.

Ethan ladel

Had an absolutely fantastic dining experience here. The staff's service was impeccable and the food was fantastic! Would recommend this place to my friends!

Yang Y.

Decent restaurant with good service. I feel full with the set menu (bread, 2 appetizers, 1 soup, 1 salad, 2 entee and 1 desert). Wine pairing seems alright, but the duck liver and arctic char are my favorite. Seems a little overpriced considering the food ingredients and overall amaze

Jonathan Carter

I had dinner here with a big business group, so the menu was prearranged. But, wow - what an interesting dinner! Everything was super creative and delicious. I'm looking forward to returning to see how their regular dinner service works. It was refreshing to see someone doing something different, and doing it very well. Highly recommended if you're looking for something different and extraordinary.

Josef S.

We took the set menu with wine. Great food journey with small plates with taste explosions. Wine was also nice companion for each course. In the end it makes you fussy to drink every glas to last drop...nevertheless it is worth the headache on the next day ;-)

Claire Battle

Really flavorful, satisfying food and lovely space.

Stephanie S.

I had the set menu with the wine pairing. Everything was very good. I sat at the bar, which I would not recommend because it's right next to the door and it was very cold. Also people kept coming up behind me to order drinks which was very distacting.

Pat Diaz

Everything about this place is A+! The bartender makes the best drinks ever! And he will make you anything, on or off the menu! The greeters and servers are incredibly sweet and helpful, especially when selecting items from the menu that were new to us. From our experience, I am sure there is not anything that isn’t supura! This restaurant is a little out of the normal tourist area, but it is worth it to Uber it over!

Shannon Slattery

So delicious, absolutely worth it! We did the tasting menu with the wine pairing and everything was amazing.


seated before our reservation time:) shared several dishes with 2 friends...all was fantastic. seasoned well and the bread was delish!

Shreena P.

Came here for my anniversary and was amazed by the ambiance, fresh bites, and amazing service. We ordered off the a la Carte menu. Our waitress placed everything perfectly so all the food would not be rushed to us at once. We ordered two types of salad/veggie dishes, the aged gouda with yellow beet-ice cider jam and crackers (which was absolutely amazing). For the mains we got potato dumplings and a white pepper sweet corn pasta that was tasty and well balanced. Finally for dessert we got the sunflower seed parfait. Everything was equally delicious in its own way and i literally did not have one bad bite. They cater to restrictive diets and did an amazing job with all the vegetarian dishes.

Brandie H.

Loved the ambience here it's casual but still trendy so you can get away with a wide variety of dress. I would go for smart casual! This restaurant has 1 Michelin . So if you go here I would absolutely recommend the tasting menu because to me if you're going to a restaurant that has achieved any Michelin star level you should go for the tasting menu. I always do a wine pairing if that's an options. The somelier was awesome and we enjoyed all the wine. My favorite was the last wine, a red wine. I put a picture of it here. It was full bodied, just like I love my red wines to be. A dessert in itself. They offer a vegetarian tasting menu which I actually liked more than the regular menu. The last vegetarian dish, risotto, came with shaved black truffle . If you sit on the patio you will be surrounded by all their beautiful plants and herbs. They use some of these to flavor their dishes, which, I think, is very resourceful. Being surrounded by greenery on the patio creates an even more relaxing vibe that I miss, due to living in Chicago.

Helena Z.

A group of 7-8 of us came here after we had made a reservation in advance. For such a large party a reservation a few weeks in advance is necessary. We went with the tasting menu with the option of ordering other dishes if we wanted to. While the dishes were decent, the pacing was fairly slow. The whole thing ended up being around 3-4 hours. We even had asked them if we could hurry the pacing and bring out dishes together, but the chef refused. While I understand respecting the chef's art, 3-4 HOURS is quite a long time with the number of courses the tasting menu had. Additionally, turning down a customer's request was slightly shocking and off-putting to me. I think it was worth coming but I don't know if I would recommend the tasting menu given the length of time it took. That being said, the wildflower honey dessert with pollen was very interesting - I enjoyed the innovativeness of it, but if you haven't had bee pollen before I would be on the cautious side.