Giorgino's Pizza

5723 W 63rd St, Chicago
(773) 838-3633

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Gregory Stoddard

Not bad call this place on Friday nights

Bri M.

This place was absolutely filthy. I actually saw the kitchen staff sneeze on a pizza then box it up and drop food on the floor before adding it to a salad. Then when I was talking to the front staff, I asked how long would it be if we ordered a pizza and she said "I don't know I'm not the cook, but you'll get it when you get it" I said I just wanted to know so we can plan the night, and she said "I said I don't know you want a pizza or no?" Then a manager came over to the table next to us and said "we lost all your food, it will be at least another hour" that was when we picked up and left. And on our way out a giant rat ran out of the bathroom. Absolutely pass on this dump.

Embra B.

Pizza is good. Enjoyed the sauce that is in included in the pizza. Look forward to trying additional food options.

Erika Villegas

My kids wanted fried chicken and we like to support small businesses and restaurants in the area so we gave them a try. We were not disappointed, the chicken was perfectly fried and very crispy, the mostaccoli had a nice red sauce with a kick and I had a hearty salad. We will be back!

Didn't Ask

I've been coming to this place for a while and I really like it. I enjoy the food and the very nice and calm interior to sit at while you wait. I frequently come here and I am not planning on stopping. Love the place.

Deepa Tetambe

We were seated right away but told it would take took 45 minutes for our deep dish pizza to be ready. The pizza was undercooked, very bland and soggy. The veggies could use some seasoning and the dough definitely needed some salt. The tomato sauce poured on top of pizza was tasteless and really made the whole experience unappetizing. $25 for a small pizza (6 cut) was too steep but am glad we filled up on cheesy garlic bread appetizer which was good. Won't recommend.

Jorge Enciso

5 out of 5 stars !! Has that really home like pizza taste !!

Yunuen Ramirez

Loved the pizza we can't stop eating

Rene Nevarez

First time ordering pizza and let me tell you it was amazing. My family really like it and we will be making Giorginos our go to place from now on.The delivery driver was very kind and wore his mask while onsite.

Aaliyah Knight

We had a great day but there is something that needs to improve! Great food and place, but good customer service is important!

Jessica J.

Sauce way to dry and salty cheese was weird no flavor and wasn't milky like normal cheese is

Maria Albor

I love their pizza and so does my family we’ve been ordering for years and every time my mom calls to place an order for delivery she always gets in a fight with this one lady it’s always the same lady so rude always has and attitude with my mom but if I call and place an order she’s completely fine I don’t know what her deal is . Pizza is amazing but it’s just that one lady never had any other problem.

Salsa Cornholio

This pizza is disgusting. Barely any sauce. Nothing unique about it. Tastes exactly like a frozen cardboard pizza you would get from the dollar store.

Jack W.

I've always been a fan of Giordano's not tonight. We called ahead and ordered a small pizza. We got there 20 minutes early and the little snarky b*tch at the front desk told us we would have to wait outside, until it pizza was ready. She said she would let us know when it was ready. She didn't. When I went back in to see if the pizza was ready, she tossed ot.on the counter unapologetically and said nothing. When I got to my destination. I called and asked to speak to a manager. Instead I got a smart.mouth kid named "adrian" who couldn't have given a crap less. I've been a patron of Giordano's for quite some time. That changed tonight. At least at this location. I'll be contacting the corporate office to tell them that have a snotty smart mouthed talking to their customers in a manner that's going to drive them to the nearest pizza restaurant. What a shame

Yanet Munoz

Great pizza! Good service. But dont ever share my number in a group chat again.Update: they did it again. ANOTHER group text.

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