3315 W Armitage Ave, Chicago
(773) 772-9446

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Raina Black

Just got a tofu banh mi sandwich to go with the sesame garlic broccoli. So delicious and filling (& I have half of everything left for later)! Vegetarian and vegan comfort food at its finest. Or, if comfort is not what you’re after, lots of salad and sides fit the bill. Also, when available, the Kimchi grilled cheese and kimchi fries are ah-mazing!!

Nora M.

This was honestly some of the best vegetarian bar food I've had. The texture of the seitan on the Italian beef was great, the garlic fries were so flavorful, the tofu wings were juicy, and the Nashville hot was as close to a real chicken one as you can get! I'm so excited to try more from here. The portions are also a great size, and the prices are certainly good. This definitely rivals Chicago Diner when it comes to vegetarian and vegan imitations of meat.

Christopher D

Love the beet burger and baja tacos! Have been ordering delivery from here, but when we can make it in, the cocktails are great too!

Nicole A. Winter

Very tasty food, ordered for take-out took about 15 minutes to get our order together. The curry puff appetizer was superb.Really liked that there are seiten options as well as tofu, as tofu makes me ill.Overall definitely looking forward to eating here again, fries were *just okay,* though.

Ky Wildermuth

Suupper delicious and friendly staff. A really interesting take on vegan tofu wings. We just moved to Chicago and have been trying all the vegan friendly places.. This is up there with our favorites! Almost the whole menu is vegan - I think the only things not vegan are things with cheese, and there are some fantastic vegan cheeses out there so my only recommendation would be to go all in vegan! Right around the corner from the 606 trail so makes for a nice bike ride reward stop. Will be back here without a doubt.


Everything was delicious. Will go back again. Ordered the Banh Mi, Nashville Hot and Fried Green Tomatoes. So good.

Sandra Ferrer

Ground Control you are amazing. I see you are remodeling, please fix the wobbly tables. Also, please bring breakfast back! I had your Cesar salad with fried tofu and Avocado. This was delicious.

Sarita S.

To Go Salads from my favorite restaurant. The zesty salad is so good. I often find myself just craving the tofu from it. It has a bit of Tang-hint the zesty name. But it's quite perfect not too salty or with too much of a kick. My friend had the Caesar With avocado and also enjoyed. Well she ate the entire thing! Another favorite of mine that I often get is the tomato soup. However today was 82° out and I didn't feel it was appropriate. But I highly recommend the tomato soup on a hot day.

Maddie M.

Really great food. Lasts surprisingly well when ordered for takeout. We love the mushroom Po' boy. Reasonably priced, delish food, friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Silas Pipson

Super creative vego and vegan options in the heart of Uptown! We ordered a blackened tofu po-boy and an Italian sub and were both super happy with our choices! However, service and location options were lacking (due to COVID), and the sandwiches were a bit salty for my taste. Definitely worth a re-visit when I head back to the city though!

Guadalupe A Medina JR

Wow! The vegan Italian sandwich amazing!! Definitely a place to visit if you're new vegan or vegetarian looking for a beef sandwich fix. This is it.. also get the garlic fries vs regular.

Tom Z.

amidst the Covid-19 Conornavirus 2020 #SocialDistancing #6FeetApart #FlattenTheCurve epipenpandemic I've made a conscious effort to smaq every veg restaurant in Shycago, Illinois ... & besides Loving Heart Cafe, I have not felt the urge to give a covidded @Tzale7=ram review. With that being said, these tofu "buffalo wings" go crazy haven't even bit into the Beet Burger yet but I'm so satisfied I could cry.

T H.

pretty cool piercings, i like the beet burger. the coffee shop next door sucks.

George Z.

I had the Italian sandwich w vegan cheese snd it was really good. I think its a good time to eat plant based fast food

Frank Mrozek


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