La Josie

740 W Randolph St, Chicago
(312) 929-2900

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Vivian Araiza

Went here for my anniversary dinner with my boyfriend. It was okay. Staff was attentive, friendly, and courteous. Cocktails were just okay. Between the both of us we tried 4 different ones and none were a favorite, but they were decent.Tacos, eh. They need to double up on the tortillas because they were hard to hold and fell apart, but nicely packed. You HAVE to get three of the same, there’s no way to mix and match which is a little annoying since they are “upscale” and more expensive. We would have loved to try more. THE TRES LECHES! The tres leches was AMAZING and saved the day. It was our favorite and would def go back just for that. All in all it was an okay experience :)

Gabriel Ginorio

Awesome Mexican food! Their service was top notch. Also went during Mezcal Week and had a fun experience trying rare, aged mezcals. Highly recommend!

Truth Lynne

Great service during a time where eating out is scary! The staff keep their distance, had a mask on covering their mouth and nose. The food is always great! I had the lobster tacos and they were delicious!

Mike Hammerling

Nothing special. Food was just okay and overpriced for what you get IMO. Drinks were good but also very expensive. Just your typical trendy brunch spot in West Loop, charging a premium for being across the street from Au Cheval and thus a lot of peoples' second choice.

Natalie Mann

Delicious salsas and tasty vegan options along with upscale Mexican fare.

Carlos Fontana

Very good atmosphere and food. I’ve crossed the place without any intention to get in, but I couldn’t resist the good vibes.


Trendy, upscale but casual feeling. Staff is super friendly, they dont rush you out. Very welcoming. And the drinks are great! We had chips and 3 types of salsa, which were all very good, from mild to spicy to hot! Would go back again.

Chi- 23

Food was good but customer service and waiter was just blah. Made a reservation for a Bday and wanted rooftop but couldnt help us out or even try to seat us in two table close for the party and some were very upset.. will see next time ??‍♂️

Oly M.

Great ambiance! Checked out this place last night. There was no wait at 8 PM on Sunday night, that was great. They have a pretty open interior seating, so we chose to sit inside to avoid the passing street crowds. The tables were more than 6 ft apart and our waitress mever came closer than 4 ft to the table. We got the chips and salsa for the table and a couple of margaritas. Drinks were good, my guy mates however said it was not strong enough, so you might want to mention that while placing your drink orders. For the price, quantity was a little less for the salsa and we had to request for a refill but they did not charge us the refill. For the mains we got Al Pastor and the Parilla Pollo tacos. Both came out very good. The size of the tacos was small which was perfectly fine for me but folks planning to have a proper dinner might find the need to get something more. Pretty nice place, will surely visit again.

Francisco S.

If you like to overpay for mediocre food this place is perfect for you. Nothing special. If you want good Mexican food, avoid this. Plenty of options in Chicago.

Nathaniel P.

Best to just stay home. Nothing unusual here except high prices and bad attitude from the most pedestrian help.

Fallon F.

Came here for dinner and drinks with some friends last night and fell in love with this place! The rooftop was so cute and they had great music playing which made the experience so awesome. The staff was also super friendly and helpful with our taco selection (we got all of his recommendations and were very pleased).The food was really good. A tad pricey for three smaller sized tacos, but they were absolutely delicious and worth it. My friends and I each got a drink and split the food:Margarita Mezcal (4.5/5) - not very strong but very refreshing and beautiful presentationSalsa trio (4/5): they were all interesting and very good. My favorite was the verde.Langosta (5/5): stuffed with lobster, super fresh and delicious. I would recommend this oneLomo de res (5/5): a little spicy and full of flavor.. a good choice if you want steakAl pastor (5/5): my favorite taco of the night. You can never go wrong with an al pastor and there's was delicious!I will definitely be back here!

Greg Caporale

Very friend staff. Tons of outdoor and window seating which is great for COVID. We had enchiladas, with and without steak, asada steak tacos, Baja maji tacos, queso, churros, and tres leches banana cake. The drinks are very good. Def will come back to try some other menu items. Good location too. Right in the middle of the West Loop restaurant district.

Natalie B

OMG incredible. Just incredible. Seriously. 100% recommend. If you're debating going, just go! You won't regret. We started with the trio guacamole, and it was even better than expected, the flavors were perfect and I was pleasantly surprised by the fruit guac! Fruit in my guac is not really a thing I'd think I'd like but La Josie proved me totally wrong. The pineapple guac was actually my favorite... Drooling thinking about it. Their house made chips were fantastic. I got the lobster tacos... Oh my gosh...SO good you guys!!! And the tacos were not stingy on the lobster in the slightest. I felt like it was a VERY good amount of big lobster pieces and the price for the tacos is very fair. I would order them again for sure! My husband got the Baja fish tacos and those were also super good. Also, the service was very good! Prompt, paid attention to detail, very friendly, and everyone had their masks above their nose and they were thankfully not wearing gloves (gloves gross me out beyond belief... How long have you had those on? Are they fresh? Unless you're clearing the table, you should not be wearing gloves!) Thanks La Josie!

John S.

Went here for the first time yesterday and while the food wasn't bad, it wasn't mind blowing considering how much you're paying. For starters, chips and salsa roja aren't free like many other restaurants in the area. The salsa honestly tasted like it was pasta sauce. We both ordered carne asada taco's which had great flavor but were extremely small. Our bill for Chips and 6 tacos came out to $68... I would consider going back with larger portions and better quality.

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