Little Caesars Pizza

3337-B W North Ave, Chicago
(773) 772-7547

Recent Reviews

Shaquita Lee

Pretty good customer service

Terrance Pyron

Can't go wrong with basic cheese and meats on bread. Or cheeses inside breads. Plus they make it quick. If you're hungry you can feed yourself and maybe a kid for under $10

Ednamarie Ramire

The pizza tasted old and not really hot, very dissapointed ?

Aaron Agramonte

Great place to get food for my 15 kids


New cheese stuffed crazy bread!!...YASSS

Matt Price

They make great pizzas ?.

Kelly Gomez

I really love this place very clean ? The Hispanic Manager with glasses Israel was very kind and very sweet and a fast worker. He literally clear out the whole lobby by his self. They honestly should pay him more he deserves it.

Sasha R.

Two in a half stars is being generous. The only reason we come here sometimes is because it's cheap and near by. The Service lacks they are always short handed and packed out the door and even sometimes give the wrong order to the wrong person. My husband got so frustrated with them and then went to work and got even more stressed and it caused a stroke. They need to hire more people and better service.

Big Brody

Quick pizza that my little brother seems to love. It’s ok, I was pretty impressed of the thin crust pizza tho. I personally haven’t ordered anything from there in years , but I loved the Italian cheese bread, will have to go back sometime and make an order.

Sheliam Robles

Love using the online ordering system. By the time o get there MY ORDER IS ALWAYS COMPLETE!

Johnny S.

Placed a online order 30min for pick up they called right as I was going stating that they have no materials. To make a thick crust.. pissed me off and then they refused to give me corporates number.. never in my life have I had a bad poor customer service from this fucking place.. these fucking young dumbasses need some training or go to back to school.

Oscar Valladares

I came in to order 2 sausage pizzas and 1 pepperoni .. came home to check that they were all pepperoni. I take responsibility on not checking them to see if they were accurate so that's fine. But not only did we not enjoy any sausage ... They weren't fully cook .. it looks like they were rushed and weren't even enjoyable. Not the first time either. Very disappointed.

vic cv

Service is great, but expect to be welcomed by beggars at the door

John Skerrett

The xtra most bestest!!

Letty Chaidez

Thin crust yesss. Portal ready YASSSS

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