Los Azares Mexican Grill

5238 N Nagle Ave, Chicago
(773) 657-3053

Recent Reviews

Stu Schwadron

Absolutely delicious, the truest type of hidden gem! You can't go wrong choosing anything off the menu here, The food is authentic, prepared with care and fresh!We started with the guacamole and it was great, not too much onion not too much garlic, just fresh and delicious.They have a daily special that was barbacoa and it was also a very generous portion and it was cooked perfectly and basically fell apart on your fork.The tacos were also good and accompanied with the red hot or the green mild salsas you can't go wrong.This is definitely a stop next time we are in the area!

Karen K.

Disgusting used to order from them weekly.. first they sent me burnt flautas..then offered to send me a new dinner..the chicken was so hard you could break a tooth on it..Never again

Ricky M.

Very nicely prepared and served. Good rice and the steak isn't as fatty as expected. actually pretty good. I wasn't too sure about it cause it's in a corner and and isnt to bright but a good place to come and have a classic hispanic meal.

Baccilikesmilk P.

Service was good and friendly. The food was good, we had the steak tacos and they were good. A lot of carry-out for and nice restaurant in the neighborhood. Recommend this restaurant

Ricardo Avelar

This place is awesome great quality food extremely reasonable prices !!! Pura salsa Verde !!

Eldina Hegic

Staff was jovial! The food was impeccable!! Food came out in a timely manner! We will be back when we are back in town!! Grateful for this visit and looking forward to coming back!

Jen Hicks

First time here. Tried three taco dinner. Yummy food, way better than other Mexican options in the neighborhood. Polite staff, quick and fresh food.

Autumn Fusco

Food was incredible. The employees were so kind and welcoming. I highly recommend this spot. We a had a little bit of everything and all of it was super tasty!

Ann B.

Solid place for Mexican food and some amazing treats such as house made tamales, salsas and (sometimes) pickled carrots. The chili rellenos and the refried beans are both excellent.Took off two stars and added one back because of persistent miscommunication between the cashiers and the line cooks. "Hold the rice" is acknowledged by the latter and often missed by the former. So if you have *any* special request, best to reconfirm it at the pickup window, Which is why I added a star back on: we go there a lot and while our orders are a bit off more than we'd like, they always make it right and are very nice about it. When we got home with a takeout order and found a double order of rice, but no beans (instead of no rice) they sent someone to our house with a large order of piping hot beans.

Valerie Forrest

The food is good. The cashier is so creepy though. This was my second time coming here. First time he was extra friendly and kept trying to flirt with me when he is clearly old enough to be my father. Then today I was disappointed to see him again. He proceeded to ask me if I'm from the area, I said no just visiting my father. And then he was asking where I live. Very inappropriate. I let him know to never ask women where they live. I know this isn't a big food chain so I'm sure nothing will be done about it. I'm just warning future female customers to not go here.

Valerie F.

The cashier is super creepy and started asking me where I live. Never coming back. I told him to stop but kept asking. Do not go here and support this place.

Melanie C

Favorite Mexican restaurant! Great, friendly staff, amazing food!! ☺️I will always come back

Brandon B.

Chicken tacos were fuego and the green sauce is on point. I would definitely recommend

Joe B.

I drove past his place every day going to work and I decided to stop by,One of the best tacos I ever had, and I know my Mexican food, going there again tomorrow

J G.

Came in with my family and everything was very mediocre. I ordered the chilaquiles rojos (red). I have high tolerance for spicy, but the sauce was nothing but heat and not much of anything else. There are much better Mexican breakfast options in the area.

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