McDonald’s Global Menu Restaurant

1035 W Randolph St, Chicago

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Stephen Moock

Try something from the rotating international menu.

Royelle Dragoness

Take your time explore the current options.p

Doug Bright

Disappointing. It's a fancy new location, table service is a nice perk, and I admit that the idea of incorporating international options is brilliant. But as far as the food and price goes, one of the worst experiences I've ever had at a McDonald's. The only savory vegetarian option from abroad was the cheese bites from the UK, so I went for that. I got 10 lukewarm nuggets of spongy cheese-like-product coated in a less-than-crispy breading, bouncing around a box that was way too big for them. The tomato dip (not quite ketchup) that they came with was my favorite part of the dish and sorely needed, as the bites themselves were greasy, yet somehow still flavorless. The insult on my injury was the price: $4. Disheartened, I moved to dessert - a "coffee cake" which I had to head to the counter to retrieve (having had my table # taken away with the delivery of the regrettable appetizer). For $2, it was tiny. $2 would get you more (in quantity and quality) at nearly any artisan bakery in Chicago. The cake itself tasted fine (a simple mix of mostly sweet with a bit of spice), but felt stale. It would be a decent replacement for a street hockey puck on a dry day. I also ordered a $2 small flat white (thank you, Australia), which was smaller than the typical "small" Americans have learned to accept and nothing more than mediocre.

McKayla Johnson

Awesome food and love the easy order kiosks.... There is so many it makes it so easy to just walk right in and order.

Justin Cummings

Ain't got no damn sausage biscuits or no sweet tea and had a egg shell in my food

Heath Key

Service great, get to see and try menus from around the world! Have the latest tech features like kiosks to order from. Food was well prepared and tasty. No doubt the the best McDs I have eaten in!

Michael Windsor

I love the location but hate the company's animal welfare standards. Other restaurants in the area take that kind of thing seriously

Lewis H.

This seems to be the demonstration lab for Hamburger University. We sampled items from McDonalds in Spain and Britain. Very clean, good internet access, comfortable seating, friendly staff. About 7 free parking spots out front.

Meghan Smith

I could never recommend a restaurant that doesn't take animal welfare seriously. McDonald's is so behind. They have yet to produce a meaningful policy addressing the horrible abuses the chickens in their supply chain suffer while many of their competitors already have. Shame on McD's!

Zoë Sigle

Not impressed by McDonald's lack of action in addressing the cruel abuse of chickens in its supply chain. They have no real excuse for ignoring the pleas of their consumers and propping up some of the worst abuses in factory farming. It's 2019, catch up!

Zoë Sigle

Not impressed by McDonald's lack of action in addressing the cruel abuse of chickens in its supply chain. They have no real excuse for ignoring the pleas of their consumers and propping up some of the worst abuses in factory farming. It's 2019, catch up!

J.P. W.

I was thinking this location would be a top of the line McDonald's, but the garbage was overflowing and the folks bringing the food out seemed disinterested. The menu selections are cool but the typical things like fries were reheated things you'd find in any franchised location. I was hoping to be blown away, but it was more of a light breeze. We are a bit underwhelmed. We'll try again, maybe it was an off day.

Tre Everette

Global McDonald's is a hit with the kids. Dessert and snacks are different. Kiosks let you put your meal together as you walk through the global menu. The great Britain burger was good although the Mayo was Lots of people in and out.

Mick Shay

Always interesting and tasty options from their Global Favorites menu. Great restaurant!

Utkarsh Agarwal

First thing we did after reaching Chicago is go to this place to have the McAlooTikki burger. It was the best experience. Being a vegetarian we don't get much to eat in McDonald's. This was a little reminder of India and so wonderful. I hope McD continues with this menu and also introduces it to other places đŸ€©

Fritz Golman

Although it's still a McDonald's, they have lots of menu items you can only get in other countries, so fun and tasty! Plus, the actual restaurant is very beautifully designed in a slick modern vibe.

Josh Hanson

This was so unique. I've never would of thought that one of my have to go places would be McDonald's. This was an interesting experience. Everyone should try to make it here for the global food.

David Blakeman

Love the HQ Global restaurant! Lotsa fun options, big open space, and wireless chargers on many of the tables. The global menu has a lot of good options and it's always fun to try new items. I love food.

Will T.

Saw this place appeared on the news when it first open due to its global menu but it was a huge flop and disappointment. Menu consist of some Canadian, Australian and Indian burger and desserts only. I don't get what the hype was all about because the burgers didn't taste any different. The location does look high end and real nice inside like a coffee shop where people can sit and charge their phones.

David Benjamin

In same building as their Headquarters as a result they have rotating menu of items from some of their global locations! Good to check in and try new things.

McDonald’s Global Menu Restaurant

1035 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607