1380 W Lake St, Chicago
(312) 243-0312

Recent Reviews

Harty Hart

I will give them props for being fast in the morning for breakfast during the drive thru - I’ve been in and out of there before in less than 3 minutes. Yesterday though I said 2 sausage biscuits and 2 hash browns. I was rung up for 1 sausage biscuit and 2 hash browns. The lady at the drive thru was trying to hand me my bag and I was trying to explain to her that my order was rung up wrong, however she kept interrupting me and trying to talk over me. I explained to her that I needed another sausage biscuit and she just kept holding her hand out in my face saying “$1.12!!” “$1.12!!!”. I handed her money and then she came back and wasn’t paying attention when she handed me my change and dumped a bunch of it on the ground outside. The people at the drive thru need to slow down and make sure they take peoples orders correctly and make sure they’re working efficiently and taking their time. There’s no need to rush customers like that

Edgar S.

If this is the McDonald's by the mine, close it down rude as fat bitch with tattoos was rude af. Smart ass attitude, she would never be qualified to work for anything else more than there

Marc D.

Very disappointed with a portion size and presen tation I came here to get good service and left, well the pictures show

Mamadou WARMA

Really nice people. Do their work with passion.

Alfredo Perez

I can’t say that the service is great on Ogden and lake street in Chicago.

Cristian Aguilar

Food is garbage but it’s Mc. Donald’s so can’t expect much. I’m giving it three stars for the service and friendly people there. Goofy drive thru. I always get a good laugh when I see the person run to the door and hand people their food.

Jamie McCaskill

Clean bathroom! Fast service. Was really shocked at this McDonald's experience!

Marcos Resendiz

I had to edit my 5-star rating after the attached picture was my reality. I was going to complete the survey but since it was an Ubereats my receipt was provided through Ubereats and not Mcdonalds. I've met the franchise owner of this Mcdonald's in the past. The impression I got from him was that he would like to know about this.

Mable Casson

It was my first and my last time visiting this McDonalds. I was on my way to a meeting and stopped there for a drink and 2 cookies before my meeting. Not only did they screw my order up, but also made me late for my meeting. They have too many people working including 4 or 5 managers but still messed up the simplest order of mine. I'm very Upset.

brian pellerino

It's McDonald's! They're not #1 by accident. Fast, friendly and accurate. Always right.


They are improving.. Good work. Keep it up

Maurice Carson

It was good. The service is fair. It's pretty good.

Chef BoBo

Terrible had a fish sandwich and now I have acid reflux a headache and nausea smh... Never never never ever ever again no more fast food for me smh...

Kara Taylor

Service here is always fast and I love their fries! So fresh and salty.

Matthew Yarbrough

I don't know who thought it was a good idea to put a restaurant inside of a overcrowded parking lot. The parking congestion is horrible! The drive thru line traps you in line incase you need to get out and have a change of mind. The location is great but that's about it.

cleavon profit

I love this McDonald's because it is the only one i know of that sells the chocolate coffie cakes .... I love them i come here every Sunday

Freddie Griff

Fries came out nice and salty, coffee was bitter and freshly brewed. I'm very satisfied

Kathrine Fedorova

10/05 10:00 P.M. The ladies working the drive thru clearly didn't want to be working there, had an attitude, impolite, and overall gave off a negative vibe. In addition to that my order was wrong and my sandwich was cold enough to where there wasn't a single portion of the cheese that was melted.

Jonathan Bolda

Service not very good. Waited a while to get our food and had to go up to the counter and ask where our order was. Turns out it was ready but they never called our number. Food was cold. Made my stomach hurt.

Emma Reese

Hot fresh coffee and 🍎 pie! Wonderful staff

Nicole Smith

They were friendly to my co worker because they were more relatable to her more than me. Not really cool but oh well. I did like my mixed fruit parfait, suggestion there should be a choice of regular or vanilla yogurt and firmer strawberries.

Latonia Lord

Service was terrible, first they got my order all wrong then try to argue that that was what I ordered. I dined in, other people of other color dined as well ,They Carried their meal to the dining area I had to carry my own I will not be back. Also my food was cold... NEVER AGAIN!!!

pabrod2001 .

Slow service for fast food. No one at the window. I think the employees left the building.

Lia Mack

It was good food and I am glad they serve breakfast still at lunch time


Slow service for fast food. No one at the window. I think the employees left the building.

Javier Moreno

its very clean and the service is very polite and fast ..

Petros Voutsanesis

I went to use restroom. I truly think we'd be better off without this place food is just so low quality super high salt and fat do your family and yourself a favor go buy some fruit and veggies and cook yourself a good healthy meal. Kids get hooked on it and it's too bad IMO.

Domonique West

The next time you go ask for Isaiah to make your food, he is hands the best worker in there! He’s fast and doesn’t mess up orders.

Roddy Racks

They have nice service and also they are very clean and has fast service

Darren West

The next time you go ask for Isaiah to make your food, he is hands the best worker in there! He’s fast and doesn’t mess up orders.

Ariel B.

This place is disgusting, so many gnats and bugs flying around, it makes it impossible to eat here without one flying in your mouth! The parking is absolutely insane, it took me 17 minutes of driving around the lot waiting for other to leave because there's only about 8 parking spots available! Please go anywhere but here

Emily H.

Drove around the drive through. No one answered. Came around to the girl finally putting her seat set on & then telling us we cannot have anything other than hash browns & breakfast

Mark N.

These people need to fix the drive-thru awning. When it rains, the customer, the cashier, and the food get soaked by a constant stream of rainwater coming from the roof, and that is enough to say "fuck McDonalds, I'm going to Burger King!!"

Kevin Behrens

Very clean and friendly staff here. Just steps away from Union Park and also has a drive-up order windows too. This is a new McDonald's location with parking.

Joseph Aimaro

Only go here when I'm driving down lake because the e-way is too congested. It's convenient but I never seem to get fresh food it's always room temperature, no matter if I'm dining in or drive thru. And the on time I got a coffee from here it was burnt. But it's fast food what should I really expect.


We were on our way to a lunch with the Easter Bunny party, but we decided to forego their hot dogs for quarter pounders and cheeseburgers. Though the parking lot is small, the dual lane drive-thru was moving. We ordered two quarter pounders with cheese (one with bacon) and one plain burger. The price was reasonable. The staff was friendly and efficient, today.

Tee Mac

The employees are very rude 😠. Check your food because they give u old food that has been in the warmer, even if u ask for it fresh. And they all have attitudes when you have a complaint, even the floor managers. Just totally unacceptable.

Amanda Ray

Quick nice service. Food was hot. Employees were nice.


We went inside today, as we found that the drive-thru was just far too backed up. Parking in the lot was difficult, at best. The staff was alright, but nothing spectacular. The restaurant was clean.

Kat A

Ordered through drive through. Wait was long but understandable due to amount of cars. Cashier was annoyed I showed a coupon. I was confused by coupon, which I understood and said it's fine. I was confused as to why our amount was higher than what we expected to pay without coupon. Cashier, which I believe was a supervisor/manager, did not give receipt. I asked if my receipt will be in the bag. I repeated my question because she seemed to not hear me. She then walked away to grab my bags after completely ignoring my question. Checked my bags to see if receipt was in my bag, receipt not present.