3200 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago
(773) 533-5336

Recent Reviews

Dorothy L.

They gave me a small fry inside a large container. The shift manager to be exact . I paid for a large. Bogus.

Penny Graves

Im a say maybe out of a week, they get my orders wrong, for the last 4 months, its sucks, refrying French fries isn't good, and I got a taste of them yesterday

Luix Isidoro

Drive-thru should not take so long I was there for 30 mins waiting for my food not even kidding man this needs to stop

Bertha estudillo

I like their fries always so crunchy

London T

The cookie I got here was 10/10. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Choca Gonzalez

They take too long I work for DoorDash and the took 45 min to give me the food... they are also very rude

Navi Horton

This is thee worst McDonald’s in the city! Very slow and the food is cold, something I don’t understand! Employees have the worst attitude as if you the one got them this job! Definitely need to shut it down

Taniayah Johnson

It's was good. The wait was not that long at all.

Munkh-Erdene Khurelsukh

Drive thru is always slow as hell. Make new lane or hire more employees.

andre haymer

The pop taste like seltzer water and the French fries was cold.

Katherine Ciecko

Been waiting half an hour for a DoorDash pickup and still quite a ways to go. They have no system for deliveries, and it's not even my order. I'll never accept these orders again.

Frances Lennix

The service is swift but is it against policy to smile?

jesus lopez

Forgot half my order and the coffe was messed up tasted more like water and sugar

Dur D.

Takes your order but doesn't really pay attention to what your ordering. Monitor your food before you take off please..... Pay Attention ! Retrain retrain""""""""""""""""""... even if the manager needs it.

Cameron Gray

Terrible McDonald’s and terrible wait time. Waited over 20 minutes in drive through and order still wasn’t ready . Find a better McDonald’s!

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