3200 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago
(773) 533-5336

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Cameron Gray

Terrible McDonald’s and terrible wait time. Waited over 20 minutes in drive through and order still wasn’t ready . Find a better McDonald’s!

Haywood Hudson

they gave me some food that was not done also they was so rude to me when I told them these burgers wasn’t done Even the manager was rude I wouldn’t dare eating there again .

Marquitha Green

Don’t eat from here the manger was so rude they serve me some raw meat and I took it back the mangers told me that’s how it supposed to be it fresh beef me and my son caught food poisoning

Carolayn Calix

If I could give 0 stars I would! They had me waiting 45 mins for a strawberry pie, and they were so rude.

Suzanne Mattler

Many workers at this location have tested positive for COVID-19. In order to protect workers, customers, and our communities from infection, McDonald’s must give all workers access to paid sick and family leave NOW. McDonald’s says it believes that Black Lives Matter but until it listens to and protects Black workers with paid leave and other basic protections, its are meaningless.

Robert Cooper

Pretend you care about the people who make your executive salaries possible - your employees. Make it look like you care about them getting Covid 19 by giving them decent sick leave and by protecting them from customers who think the whole thing is hoax. Pretend to be human!

Richard Drake

Terrible communication. I come to pick up an order and get through the window calm the order number they can't find the order number so they tell me to pull up and they'll make it for me after 10 minutes of me sitting here another employee give someone else their food I asked him to check on it when she comes back she tells me that the manager States they can't find that order. Would have been nice of you to say that I don't know 8 minutes ago or when you found out you didn't have any the system.

Hakeem Rocamo

Quick service and food was hot and good, customer service was polite

Awolu Danjuman

Mac Donald on roosevelt I went today, was the most worst restaurance I ever see in my life, they are so poor in service.

angel vazquez

Restaurant it always slow in service, majority of the employees are rude and don’t have costumer service. When asking questions they get aggressive. I used to work at mc Donald’s before and instead of having a smile in they faces they have the smile upside down. All 5 times I came here they always have an issue. I will never again visit this location.

Jamel Davis

They are slow af and don’t know what they’re doing, very ghetto, very rude, long nails and eyelashes, weave everywhere.. disrespectful

Jessica Sportsnista Scurlock

All I ordered was 4 orders of fries and 3 burgers. Went back to tell them I got the wrong order and they still replaced with wrong order smh. Details matter with ppl food geez it's not that hard.

Simply Tyra

Very rude and unprofessional and didn’t even get my order right. They also had me waiting and I had to go back around to let them know I was waiting.

latrice akins

My order was great expect they forgot my large chocolate milkshake and I can’t seem to get in contact with them. How do I go bout to get my refund?

Mark Hill

Food was lukewarm as was the attitude of the staff. How hard is it to reply to any greeting?

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