3245 W North Ave, Chicago
(773) 227-8928

Recent Reviews

Alex Garcia

Very quick food order and got it fast. The manager handled a person begging for money. Amazing cleaning very COVID-19 protected

Raul Guerra

I enjoy the iced coffee and the 2 4 3spicy chicken

Sara Paredes

Super friendly. Exact order. Waited by their waiting lane and it was very quick.

Cesar A

Best mcdonalds staff around super fast and super friendly.

Richelle Ford

My Burger was uncooked and they don't answer the phone

Lila Cruickshank Lahola

When I get coffee I expect to be able to drink it. Not take it home and do it myself. Never again.

Crystal K.

They robbed me my total was 5 dollars they charged me 25 then gave me a receipt and promised to put the money back on my card which they never did and now they want I'll show you a picture of the receipt so you can see they stole from me even my bank disputed the charges and they still won't give me my money back as you can see on the receipt it says in big letters refund they said they accidentally charged me for somebody else's order but why have I not gotten my money back

Lori Wallace

I liked that the cashier hands you the credit card machine to swipe your card.

Elena Delgado

My food was cold had to place my order twice. Man was thankful Not satisfied with drive thru services.

Marty G.

Quick and easy. No questions asked. And if you do ask they will bring it to you. I mean, it's McDonalds lmao. But yeah they have good service and will serve your McChicken hot!

Frankie J

I give the McDonald's located at 3245 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 FIVE STARS. French Fries! French Fries. French Fries I They have a great Crew 8-) keep up the great work. 5️⃣ ?'S ?

Robert Czarkowski

Mcflurry 3/4 full only. Usually has big top on it. And wasnt even mixed

Simon Lopez

One of the best managed McDonald's out there. Very quick and food is always hot.

Jimmy Figueroa

missed my entire order. Had no burgers or fries that's unacceptable especially since I work in a fast food restaurant.

Lina Valentino

Worst food and customer service. This mc donalds is extremely close to our home but we now prefer to drive to the mc Donald's on western and Milwaukee for better service and fresh food.

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