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Alan Valladares

To begin I had ask for a Buttermilk Spicy Chicken Sandwich but instead and got regular chicken sandwiches, second I had a coupon from the app which I told the cashier that I wanted to use, she said to scan it and she said that it was good to go I even double check to be sure with her. When I got my order I told the manager it was wrong and all he said was that he could do anything cause I had pay already, then I mentioned my coupon and the cashier said it didn’t go thru. Horrible service and after 2 bites I took the patty was dry and no pickles.

Omar Avalos

Not organized and don't even remember your order. They kept telling me "You got bagel?" And i repeatedly said "no, number 6, number 6" . "You got bagel?" "NOo! Number 6"Ended up rushing me out the drive thru and giving me the bagel. They didn't even give me a receipt. Unprofessional , they have to do better.

Oved Sanchez

Very nice staff ☺️ plus they are FAST ⚡...

Natalia Fonseca

Efficient but slow drive thru service. One worker was charging me for my order did not speak any or very little English.I'm Spanish also but that was not good service if you can't communicate with your guests.

Freddie Guzman

This place is always frustrating, either my order is wrong or there's an obscene wait for my order and a lack of communication from the staff. As a business owner, former retail store manager, and former McDonald's employe, the lack of service and poor attitude from the staff and overall operations is something that would not be tolerated by any acceptable business setting what's so ever! This a clear example of poor management! Get it together McDonald's!!!

Almond Rick

Great service,clean and always good vibes.

Michael Parker

They were super busy but got people in and out. Two orders were ready after my order but the fryer fries made the wait worthwhile

Rosemary Rivera

The worst Mc Donalds ever. They never have your order right. Just spent 50 bucks. Got home 2 of my sandwiches was not in the bag. My Husband have to drive all the way back,so our children could eat.

Mark Cass

Ah its ok,sometimes they forget things on your order or forget to charge you for things so you think they forgot to put it in your bag and then you realize they didn't charge or put it in there it's happened about 4 times once I asked for a burrito meal n I only got one and no sauce I had to drive back when I was almost home another they forgot my mcdouble,another I asked for 2 bundle meals a mcchicken n a mcdouble but the person understood a mcchicken bundle and to fries don't know,whe I said 2 bundles a mcdouble n mcchicken,I think they need to pay more attention when they're listening and filling the order.

Stefani Delgado

love coming here very good service and nice employees..

Alfredo Gonzalez

Fast drive through for breakfast. A great McDonald’s in general

Orlando Rodriguez

Still have to work on freshness. Right order. And customer service concerns

Rocky R.

Expect your orders to either be incorrect or take an extremely long time. The amount of times you have to repeat the simplest orders is comical.

John La Grassa

Workers never work you can be the only customer in the store and it will still have 13 min and counting for them the even take your order this is all the time. I come here Monday-friday on my lunch break

wilfredo rivera

Rest room Closed , should be able to use a rest room if you are serving food.

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