Oooh Wee Sweet Tea Restaurant

33 E 83rd St, Chicago
(872) 244-7505

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Sam Vega

Wanted soul food … got my soul food ! Obama Tea is a must! Went with their Flavorful chicken ? hearty greens and sweet ?potatoes ? … have to come back with my family to dine in ?

L. Ski

Everything was good except the smothered pork chops. The pork chops were fried hard and covered in gravy. If this is how they always serve this dish, then they should remove this item from the menu. The shrimp and grits were good but two flaws... They were not jumbo or butterflied. Hennessey wings were nice. The oxtails and pot roast were great dishes. These are the only items that are worth the wait. The cupcakes are cute but not worth the price. This was a corn muffin with mashed potatoes with a small shred of roast on top.Small groups are better because the tables are small and plates are too big. Service was good. Novelty decor and swings allow for fun picture opportunities. Tip included for large parties... My group had five people.Green tomatoes ?Wings ?Cupcakes ?Grilled catfish ?Pot roast Oxtails Shrimp and grits ?Smothered Porkchops ??Speciality drinks ?Cobbler ?Variety of sides (greens, string beans, Mac and cheese, rice, mashed potatoes, yams, corn) ?

Lanard Weems

Was seated about 6 P.M. sweet potatoes were scorched, string beans salty, pork chops were tough and could have been seasoned more, was out of shrimp and out of peach cobbler yet the food was ok. Great waitress & Staff.

Neenee Williams


Dalincedoh Ncedoh

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Mercedez Coleman

I have tried their food several times and I loved it, but today there wasn’t anything good about it. My carry out service was rushed by the tall woman with the braids. Also I’ve never had a bad experience with the Candy yams until today, my yams was very watery and didn’t taste the same at all, my Mac & cheese was too cheesy and the green made my stomach hurt as soon as I ate them. Nun off the food was good and I do not see a number to contact them. My sister and I are shocked at the taste of this food because this was our favorite spot. Maybe the cook isn’t the same, idk. 03/25/2022

Persha Chew

Besides the hour wait to get in. The pot roast cupcakes and Hennessy wings were amazing. The biggest problem was that we waited 2 hours for our main dish. We watched other people come and eat, that were seated after us. And when the manager had knowledge of it. She didn’t care. There were a lot of people walking around telling others what to do, but know no one seemed to care. I’m pretty sure they all saw the looks of irritation on our faces. We expect a busy day because it was Sunday, however it wasn’t a excuse. It was disappointing. However our waitress was professional and attentive. It was really out of her hand. Thank you Lisa you did your best.

LaShonda Black

I am utterly disappointed! After eating here every single Sunday for the last 4 months, I tried to order for take out not ONCE, not TWICE, but THREE TIMES and on 3 separate occasions I was told the 83rd location was no longer taking take out orders just dine in. It’s also important to that that it was only 5pm— no where near their 9pm closing time. I have assisted with transitioning a 1.3million dollar company with becoming a 5 million dollar company in a single year so I am more than aware of what proper customer service, staffing, and inventory should be like. It’s no way that I will ever support this company again until this is resolved. This is completely inconvenient and unprofessional.

John Burt IV

The best Food, Sweet Tea and Staff on the Southside. I appreciate all the Love I receive when I visit.

angel burke

Went for the first time due to one of my clients bragging on the food. Really nice vibe! Everyone was very polite. Food was amazing as well. Definitely going back soon.

Kiel G

To ably the best soul food in the city. They elevated each dish with a flavor profile that was unique and keeps you guessing.

Jannise Childs

Ooh Wee It Is has a great vibe with excellent food. I thought they were a little pricey but so Is everything these days. Ooh Wee it is a perfect Sunday Brunch spot. I’ll be going back really soon. Be sure to make a reservation and pre-pay or you will be waiting a long time.

Chandra Hill

I was pleasantly surprised how good the food and customer service was during my dining experience. The bathrooms were clean. I was taken back when I had to enter the restaurant by walking through a metal detector, but, I do understand.

Sam Chapman

Went on Sunday to the first time brunch buffet. Food was good, but price was too high $46. It is comfort food which is heavy. And they make you pay at time of reservation. Who can eat more than 1 plate. Also no dessert came with it. If I go back it will not be for the brunch. One more thing, the Metal Dectors were a complete turn off. ?

Carla Germany

The service was impeccable, kind and friendly staff who definitely checked on their customers. The fried green tomatoes were awesome! I had the shrimp and grits and they were so delicious!!! The roux they used was so tasty and The grits were cooked the way I like them. The portions are large and the presentation of the food was five stars . I definitely will be returning and recommending. It is awesome to have such a restaurant in the communities

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Oooh Wee Sweet Tea Restaurant

33 E 83rd St, Chicago, IL 60619
(872) 244-7505