pHlour Bakery & Cafe

1138 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago
(773) 293-6135

Recent Reviews


Coffee is nothing special, on par with Starbucks. However my Croque Madame ?sandwich? was by far the best food I have ever had at a cafe. The ambiance was nice, service was acceptable.


There are better Croissants for less money

Baris S.

Great baked goods sadly unfriendly service. Recently I went here at 7:10 they open at 7, the chairs were on tables and store wasn't even open. Also person who worked there wasn't friendly. I hope they get new employees.

Nadia Alexandra

I'm so glad I found this little gem on Bryn Mawr. They kept their front windows open and I sat right by them, which is an ideal writing environment for me. Yay!


Overpriced by a mile but decent bread. Not exactly enthusiastic service but good enough I suppose

Michael Murphy

Excellent Food and Baked Goods.

Sarah Coyne

Great location, delicious mocha, and beautifully laminated croissant.

Meredith R.

I consider myself an expert in all things bread. Gluten is life. This was by far the best croissant I've had in my life.

Melissa K.

I first heard of pHlour Bakery from their booth at the Glenwood Sunday Market. Turns out it's a cozy little bakery and cafe tucked away in Edgewater. The interior is gorgeous, down to the playful wallpaper in the bathroom. Their front windows open onto the sidewalk which allowed a cool breeze to waft in. They also have a cute "Pro-Gluten" neon sign on the wall- this is definitely a place you want to document on social media! My party of two came in for lunch on a Friday afternoon and most of the tables were occupied by individuals on laptops. This is great for people looking for a cozy spot to work for a few hours, but having so many people camped out meant that we were stuck at a small table all the way in back near the bathrooms with dim lighting. The McLean sandwich typically comes on toasted bread, and I asked if they would leave it untoasted for me. They told me they'd need to check, since their bread typically comes straight out of the freezer. I thought this was odd considering they are a bakery. While they were able to accommodate my request this day, I didn't think the bread tasted super fresh. Otherwise, the toppings were crisp and flavorful and the sandwich was absolutely massive. We left feeling very satisfied. With some minor tweaks I could see this being my go-to spot for a killer sandwich.

Maggie H.

UPDATE!: I contacted the manager and explained the situation. They were upset by this as well. He explained to me that there was an awful incident with a dog in the bakery previously, and with the false service dog epidemic some of the employees are on edge when it comes to service animals. I informed him of the two laws, state & federal. That his employee broke and he was extremely apologetic and encouraged me to come back in for a better experience! I will be revisiting out of good faith and hopefully an apology from the specific employee! Original post: I would put zero stars if that was an option. I went in excited to get coffee from a local spot instead of Starbucks. With my small service dog in training for epilepsy alert. Whom I was carrying and was behaving perfectly. I was quickly and aggressively asked to leave. When I pointed out he was service in training I was asked for proof (first illegal act) then when my papers from doctors and vets was not sufficient I was not asked but told to leave. Second illegal act. I will be filing a formal complaint against this cafe with the ADA. I have NEVER been denied service because of my service dog in training. Even at 5 star dining establishments, he has been welcome everywhere because that's the LAW! I hope the owners now how their staff is treating customers with disabilities.


The pastry here is wonderful, 5 Stars! Parking is loads of fun but we seem to always find a spot but the real problem is the people behind the counter. My wife has actually walked out of the place without buying any pastry because of the lack of service and their attitude which is why I am giving them a 4 star rating. We now only buy their pastry in the farmers market.

Bri G.

I live in the 'hood and Phlour is an easy spot to miss if you're just driving by. Don't. They bake up some amazing breads at this place, which you can take home or enjoy in the form of a yummy sandwich or such for breakfast or lunch. Some of the sandwiches are huge (I'm looking at you, foccacia club sandwich). Salads are tasty, and the limited amount of baked sweets are all can't go wrong with any of the scones. Food (sandwiches/salads) comes up a little slow at times, but you know they're hand-making everything so you don't mind. The decor and space are quite pleasant. If you haven't tried this spot, you'll be glad you did.

Enid Stegmaier

I bought a fresh bread loaf to take home like I used to do in my home country and I wasnt disappointed. I will say, it cost me $12 a loaf but the quality is worth it to me and I halve it and freeze it so it stays fresh longer

Maureen Erbach

Absolutely exceptional croissants! I had the egg & bacon breakfast croissant sandwich - the best Iâ??ve ever had - well worth the drive from the NW suburbs. I will definitely be back!!

Sandor K.

Kinda reminds me of my birthplace-- however, we think it's different and new in its own right. Speaking of new, they seem to outdo themselves each visit - don't ask us how. Excellent service and great food!

Roberto Balderas

The pastries are incredible, there is nothing like a well baked, delicious, buttery and flaky croissant! I also recommend their selection of breads, if one is into European style bread, that is hearty with a good crust and perfectly baked!

Rob williams

The ham and swiss Cressont is amazing along with all of thier breads and baked goods. Staff is friendly and has a good atmosphere .

Tyler Saenz

Outstanding neighborhood spot for everything from brunch to sweet treats to delicious baguette and other loaves. The people here clearly put a ton of effort into their baking program and have even run some classes.

Cassie Craven

THE BEST bakery on the north side of Chicago! Super cute on the inside and the baked goods are insanely delicious!

Jello Dee Marco

Quaint bakery with interesting breads and sweet desert options. I dig the mix of actual bakery and cafe

Alyssa C.

Holy pecan roll. I just moved to the area so I've been trying to go to a different coffee shop every weekend. This morning I went to Phlour and I was not disappointed. The latte was good but the pecan roll was better! The gentleman working this morning told me they only make the rolls on the weekend so I was in luck. If I could eat 2 of them I would! I wanted to take a pic of the roll but I killed it as soon as I got home. I'll definitely be back!

Dylan P.

1 sandwich, 2 bottled drinks (1 lemonade, 1 topo Chico bubbly water), 1 bag of chips. $22 Terrible service. Just ok sandwich. Never again

Nik Pugmire

This place is one of the main reasons I miss living in Chicago... The products here are phenomenal. The pastries are always flaky and delicious, and the breakfast items are always top notch. The indoor seating is great for a casual get together with a few people, and the restaurant is set up with a view of what is going on in the kitchen. I visit this place every time I am in town and always tell people to go here if they are in the area. Side note: It is worth following them on Instagram - they are very active in posting content and it is a feast for the eyes (until you get in to feast on the products).

Nikolas Pugmire

This place is one of the main reasons I miss living in Chicago... The products here are phenomenal. The pastries are always flaky and delicious, and the breakfast items are always top notch. The indoor seating is great for a casual get together with a few people, and the restaurant is set up with a view of what is going on in the kitchen. I visit this place every time I am in town and always tell people to go here if they are in the area. Side note: It is worth following them on Instagram - they are very active in posting content and it is a feast for the eyes (until you get in to feast on the products).

Dorothy Desouzaguedes

This space smells deliciously of butter. Not surprising for a bakery, but the exposed brick walls and two-story high wood-beamed ceilings might fool you into thinking you've entered a trendy pub. With plenty of two- and four-top tables along the walls, I know I'd found a comfortable place to drink a half-caff Americano and work on my laptop. There is generous space between the tables and in front of the counter. A glass and iron-walled space toward the back allows for viewing bakers skillfully kneading dough. On the counter are dozens of fat croissants, desserts fill the case. Wanting a small treat, I opted for a lemon ricotta drop. Delicious! Perhaps I'll grab a baguette or loaf of bread to take home. Between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., breakfast pastries are buy one, get one free. I'm tempted.

Glenn Anderson

Good coffee, with a free refill option. Tasty breakfast sandwiches. Friendly service and pleasant atmosphere.

Dorothy Desouzaguedes

Delicious baked goods, tasty coffee. Spacious, with tables for 4 A good place to work on a laptop. Close to Red Linestop at Bryn Mawr; head west, on the north side of the street.

Haifa👑 Mohammad

Fresh baked goods! Good coffee â???ð??ð?»

Gatis B.

Good selection of pastries, and coffee. The multigrain bread is a must have ! Will be back

Renata _B

In love with their almond croissants and almost all pastries. Haven't tried the bread though.

Darren Poon

Beautiful, bowtrussed space and warmly lit. Sourdough, loaf, and croissants were delicious. Their sandwiches are fantastic as well. Found out about them at the Green City Market, definitely worth making a destination to check this bakery out.

Ted H.

Great baked goods, but their hours are perfect for the 1950s housewife. I'd spend a great deal more money here if they catered to people who have jobs. If it were open til 6:30, working people could get off the train and shop.

Marissa F.

I wandered into this coffee shop as I was about to enter the Bryn Mawr stop, not expecting to stick around for too long -- but the weather was perfect and they had outdoor seating so I bought an iced coffee and read outside for a while. The coffee was actually wonderful and I didn't buy any pastries but a lot of people around me were eating them. I also noticed they had a brunch menu with great prices, and the staff seemed super friendly. They left a great impression and I'll be back!

Anna G.

Before I say anything else, I have to say that their namesake bread is absolutely freaking amazing. The loaves were still in the oven when I showed up on a random weekday morning, so I ordered breakfast and settled in. The croque madame built on top of their sourdough with a fresh side salad was gorgeous and just perfect. They make a solid cup of coffee which is bottomless, so there were a few people settled in with headphones and laptops, but I came for the goods. I waited for the loaves to cool a bit and snagged a still steaming one to go, along with a perfect, buttery, soul shattering almond croissant as a treat for my sister, because I'm the best, obviously. I'm not ashamed to say that at least a quarter of the warm bread loaf did not make it home that day.

Jacqueline H.

I've been back a few times and haven't been disappointed. It seems like all of the kinks were worked out. Phlour is a really nice space with a good number of tables/outlets, good food, and nice coffee. I like the chill lighting and the fast WiFi. I'll be a regular here for sure!

Jasmin Verushka Via Jamias-Ramboyong

The croissants are heavenly and really had to grab some for my mom and she loved it! Thanks Fash for bringing me to the place. The ambiance itself is so inviting with all the aroma of coffee. The place is very clean too. I hope it wont be the last trip there!!

Suresh M.

Continuing my tour of northside bakeries, today I went to Phlour for the second time because the last time I went, they were out of most of the pastries I wanted to try. The first time, I got a cream puff. I was told that it was filled with their homemade whipped cream. I'm more of a custard filling fan but the whipped cream was solid in it's own way. The staff I've encountered have been really great and knowledgeable about their baked goods. I was told when deciding between an almond or chocolate croissant, that their chocolate one is more traditional and doesn't have as much chocolate as I may be used to. The chocolate bars that it did have were delicious. I also got a pain au raisin because between 5-7pm during the week, it's bogo breakfast pastries! This is the only time I willingly choose something with raisins. It was a beautiful pastry and I happily ate it on my walk home.

Alyssa R.

My husband and I got bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches. The board inside the cafe didn't say it came with cheese but, when we came home, we realized there was cheese on it. I have a dairy intolerance so that was a huge let down. The bacon and croissant were really good though! Would have liked to have the sandwich experience though :/


Very nice little bakery and coffee shop. Good decor and atmosphere. Huge croissants. Friendly staff.

Jeremy T.

The good:. Amazing bread. Awesome veggie sandwich. Good coffee. High ceilings. Nice staff. Yummy salad dressing. The not so good: Broken espresso machine (!). Out of croissants at 2pm on a weekend (!). Very bland avocado toast. Overpriced.