pHlour Bakery & Cafe

1138 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago
(773) 293-6135

Recent Reviews

Kat North

This is one of my favorite places to go to study or read. Their coffee is wonderful, and their food is soooo good. The atmosphere is super cozy, although it tends to feel pretty chilly regardless of the time of year.

David T.

Absolutely spot on breads, pastry and croissants. While the Covid19 messes with everyone, pHlour continues to deliver excellence in the bakery.

Hans Mooser

It’s an amazing place in our Neighborhood!! Check them out, if you love fresh bread you will be very pleased with what they offer!!

Leslie L.

Not impressive. The space is cool, but I don't know why they call themselves a "bakery." The display case only had two cookies, a few croissants, and ONE cinnamon roll.... on a Saturday! So disappointing since I had a serious craving for baked goods. It's a cafe with a couple baked goods and some bread at best.

Sarah Asher

Beautifully laminated pastry. No soggy bottom. And instead of the usual smear of over-sweet apricot jam, I was able to sink my teeth into half an apricot. Delish! Friendly service. Took home a half loaf of sliced bread that tasted earthy and fresh all week. My new neighborhood hangout.

Julia D.

Why make your own quiche if you can buy the most delicious ones here?? Picked up two, a Spinach and a Broccoli individual quiches for breakfast. Wow! Fabulous pastry, wonderful cheeses. Can't wait to come back and dine in at this cute place. The restaurant is very inviting and comfortable, and the breads look unique and baked w care.

Hagbard Celine

The bread is amazing, coffee is great, sandwiches are fantastic! I recommend the PB&J

Roxanne Townsend

The coconut cream tarts are to die for! The croissants are crispy and buttery! The morning buns were awesome! We spent over $100 but it was well worth the money! Be ready to wait in line but it is something you have to do once in a while. I am glad they are 400 miles away from home or I would be 300lbs!

Anthony B.

I loved this place when I moved to chicago one year ago however, most recently I haven't found the service to be friendly from the new staff, and the prices are way too high! I find the charm of the atmosphere is diminished.

Sonjacharde M.

Cute french inspired cafe on Bryn Mawr 1/2 a block east of broadway. I got an americano and a plain croissant. The Americano was smooth and bold and the croissant was everything they are supposed to be -fluffy, melt in your mouth buttery salvation that crumbles ever so delicately when you pull it apart. What makes this place great is that all the bread and baked good are make on site which means everything is extremely fresh. The menu also has sandwiches and salads, all of which sounded absolutely delightful. They had meat, veggie, vegan and pescatarian options. The cafe itself is a great place to work. There is WiFi and lots of tables. The decor is beautiful and there are nice paintings and photos on the wall and the bathroom is gorgeous. It made me really happy. The front of the cafe has a huge window that covers the entire front of the cafe so a lot of natural light comes it. I would definitely recommend and I'll absolutely be back to try a sandwich.

Brandon Douglas

The pastries and sandwiches are delicious

Sean Fraser

Great bakery and excellent for breakfast

Brad E.

Rude staff. Almost every single time the people here are standing around on their phones, unfriendly, or just flat out condescending. Buddy you work at a coffee shop, don't be elitist The bald guy is probably the most unfriendly. Tip to the manager there.. maybe talk to him about proper social behaviors? I could write an essay but candidly the dude is just a dick.


Coffee is nothing special, on par with Starbucks. However my Croque Madame “sandwich” was by far the best food I have ever had at a cafe. The ambiance was nice, service was acceptable.


There are better Croissants for less money

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