ROOH Chicago

736 W Randolph St, Chicago
(312) 267-2323

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Stephen Suydam

The food was good and the staff, music and environment was amazing. We went with a young child and they were quick with service and let us know what had certain allergies as my family has some food sensitivities. The chutney were great and so was the butter chicken.

Martin Zet

Great ambiance and amazing food

Shonda S.

Great food! Impeccable service! Servers wore mask and gloves! Delicious Drinks! Thank you for the Birthday Treat!!! ROOH gets my vote.I'll be back.

Siri M.

Okay I'm Indian and I was blown away by the quality. The drinks are just as flavorful as the food! The chicken fry appetizer is a must. Overall I was very impressed and they have tons of outdoor seating available.

Charlie Chapman

I went to this pace on NYE. What a nice experience, it was what I needed to start off my night. Not only did they have a nice photo booth, gotta do that every once in a while, but the drinks were superb at a reasonable price. The one thing I did like is that it changed as the night progressed. So 1/2 of the drinks were different than when I got there. That was nice to try some other speak easy drinks. A sure spot to visit!


Had the chance to meet Chef Sujan Sarkar ! Get the Mango Sorbet. It's he creamiest sorbet you'll ever eat


Had the chance to meet Chef Sujan Sarkar ! Get the Mango Sorbet. It's he creamiest sorbet you'll ever eat

David G.

ROOH doesn't give you a lot of food, but it was good. I ordered the lamb, which was tender and flavorful; but came with no sides.

Georgy D.

I'd give 3.8 stars for food ,3 stars for service 4 for the ambiance and cocktails. The reservation system from their website was very thorough asking if it was our first visit, what the occasion was, if either my guest or I had any allergies. I took a few minutes to fill everything out expecting we'd have a seamless experience when checking in at the restaurant. Somehow the information never made it to our waitress who asked us those very same questions as soon as we were seated in their makeshift parking lot patio nicely decorated with greenery and globe lights. It was difficult to understand our kind but low talking waitress. The mask and the 'L' train running didn't help the situation. But the weather was absolutely perfect and people seemed to be having a great time! The cocktails were especially tasty. I had the Hyderabad Tonic and something else. The names could use some work in my opinion since they were so forgettable but they were delicious and that's what counts. The crispy chicken and lamb Keema appetizers were amazing! The highlight of the meal I would say. For mains we had the sea bass which was deboned () and lamb shank. Both of them were good, with the sea bass being a little better. The lamb shank was over spiced with something so I wouldn't recommend. The garlic naan was good but something was off with the saffron flavored rice. For dessert we got the saffron and rose ice cream. Again I didn't really like the saffron flavor used here but man...the rose ice cream was spectacular! I couldn't of eaten two scoops.While the mains were just ok I certainly would come back to try everything else. The service could be made better simply by utilizing the free information that the guests are offering.

Divya N.

We enjoyed our dinner at ROOH. We were seated quickly and arrived in time for the happy hour. Our server seemed irritated that we brought up or asked about the HH menu. He provided fine service however seemed bored and rushed when we asked questions and ordered. For example, would ask if we were enjoying the meal and walked away before we even answered. Other servers were more attentive. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the cocktails and food. The drink menu was presented in a unique way and we enjoyed the 'cocktail of the day' - a raspberry gin drink, the malabar old fashioned, and the turmeric g&t. For food, we got the Andra Chicken, Cauliflower, Jackfruit cutlet, and Butter Chicken. Everything was very flavorful and presented beautifully!

Amanda E.

I went here on a double date recently and it was so nice! Their apps are so good and their cocktails are amazing and refreshing. The patio area is so beautiful with big tables spread out and the prettiest lights. I felt tucked away in a backyard even though it's off of a busy street.

Adrián Lucardi

A bit on the expensive side and the patio seating was uncomfortable, but the food is great. The lamb shank and the lamb keema are both superb (the second is kind of a spicy lamb shepherd’s pie, delicious). As a side, the brussel sprouts are perfect. For drinks, I had the Malabar Old Fashioned, very good

henrry smith

I wish, I order more hamburger from this place or I should add more patties.....Well.. I want to go back and get some more food but I will wait till tomorrow. You can choose online order pick up , cash only and credit card to order food from this place.It's very smart, time efficient and convenient way to order food.

Anne Agostinelli

Our first dinner out since March and we definitely picked the right place! It was our first time dining here, and the food was perfection. The chutney starter and Brussels sprouts were shared and devoured. I had the butter chicken and my husband had the sea bass. Both were delicious with the most comforting spices. We ended with the saffron ice cream which was amazing. Our server was very attentive and easy to talk to. I can't wait to go back!

Ramon M Stewart

I think this is my first restaurant to hit after the pandemic shut everything down. Got to say hands down was definitely worth the travel. The food was packaged perfectly so nothing spilled and it kept its flavor all the way till we got home! I'll definitely be coming back again for more!

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