Rosa's Lounge

3420 W Armitage Ave, Chicago
(773) 342-0452

Recent Reviews

Moe Ramsey

Great place good music and good people nice place to have a drink

Maria M.

Loved this little place it got packed in there, the bar tenders were great and happy,all the customers there were all nice ..great atmosphere..will for sure go back.

Lise Gilly

It’s a gem in Chicago with the best Blues acts and friendly staff! We love you!

Thomas Bosson

Top spot, looking forward to a return visit... hopefully get some time on the band stand. good sound system, great atmosphere and a top crowd.. you never know who you will bump into...

Claus Møller Thomsen

A very friendly place, a safe haven for blueslovers

Thadd Jenkins

Believe it or not, this was my first visit to Rosa's. But it won't be the last, that's for sure.

Paul Sparkes Oly

Always great music and an incredible atmosphere, we love that you have added food as well!

Giovina Romandine

A true blues venue, authentic and old school. A blues aficionado paradise. Loved by locals and i can see why. A great place to hear some good music

Lyn Cole

Dive bar of history. You enter and get steeped in the atmosphere of blues legends old and new. It was great being a part of history just by being there.

Laurance Glasser

Real deal Blues music, great staff and great room and atmosphere for live entertainment.

Pamela Ortuno

Excellent music and awesome place to spend a date

Thadd J.

Believe it or not, this was my first visit to Rosa's. But it won't be the last, that's for sure. Rosa's is the quintessential Chicago blues club. This type of club is what I picture when I think Chicago blues. The staff is super friendly, and the space is dark and cozy. The club is long and narrow, there's not a lot of tables from front to back, but to me, it's a perfect size. The club holds around 50 people, sitting and standing. The music sounds incredible, and you're close to the small stage, even if you're in the back. Your line of sight is pretty good, even in the very back of the club. You pay at the front door as you come, in, and the host will show you to an open table. On this Friday night, the place was full, and people were dancing on the dance floor and at their tables. The bar is full service with a couple of bartenders, and they will bring drinks to your table. The cocktails are excellent and robust. I believe the show starts at 9 pm and the band plays three or four sets. We arrived around 11-11:30 pm and the band was in mid-set. At the end of the set, they are sitting at the bar or walking around talking with everyone. John Primer & The Real Deal Blues Band was playing this night, and they were awesome! My understanding is this level of talent is here every night. And it's been my experience at similar Chicago blues clubs around the city. As we approached the end of the last set and closing time, the mood was still full-on party mood!!

John Keenan

If you are a real blues fan you absolutely have to visit this place. It is the definition of a real down home Chicago blues club. I would travel back to Chicago anytime just to go to Rosa’s Lounge!!Photo of me with Chicago blues legend, John Primer.

Megan Parke

The music is phenomenal! Plus the atmosphere has such a great vibe.

Pete Horvath

Rosa's is my favorite hidden live music spot in the city. Awesome blues, divey atmosphere and in a real neighborhood. Get your tickets online and show up early to get a good seat!

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