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Recent Reviews

Karen Huckabone

This experience is hands down one of the best I've had. The presentation, creativity, flavors, wine pairings, staff. Every detail perfect

Anna Tram

An absolutely spectacular experience. We did the Omaha experience and the food blew me away with unexpected flavor combinations and impeccable quality. Service was also top notch and I highly recommend dining for special occasions

Jen P.

My friend and I enjoyed the "Smyth" tasting menu. The space is lovely, warm and wood toned. Felt like the inside of a friendly kitchen. The food (portions quite small) all beautifully prepared and thoughtfully seasonal. The head sommelier Richie Ribando went out of his way to make sure we had a fantastic, memorable experience. I would definitely recommend, just know that even for a tasting menu, the portions are on the small side.

Holly D.

My husband and I visited this restaurant on Saturday 10/19/19. We had such high expectations for this restaurant. We love good food and given that they have 2 michelin stars we were very excited. Our hotel had a special deal with the restaurant and arrange everything for us. See below the issues we had. One note: The service was exceptional. We were never left without a drink or tasting. The service staff were exceptional in their attention to our every need. We expected this due to the Michelin rating. #1 - The environment did not seem like a fine dining establishment. I suppose we are too old for the "hipster" feel. We are 49 and 50 so not senior citizens. #2 - FOOD - We ordered the Smyth Tasting menu with the Super Mega Wine pairing. The total cost for these choices was $360 per person. Overall the presentations and flavors for each of the tastings were adequate. Nothing really blew us away. The Brioche Doughnut was amazing served with a the rib-eye piece. Neither of us thought the Rib-Eye was remarkable. The lobster that was served was undercooked. - WINE PAIRINGS Here is where we really got upset. We chose to add the highest cost wine pairing and were told by the waiters Robert and Richie that we were going to be tasting their best wine. The tastings started with a champagne from 2008 that was remarkable we will admit. Next was a reisling that really didnt impress is followed by a chablis that tasted just like the reisling. There were a couple of reds that didnt impress us. Richie brought over a napa Cab that was very good after I commented that I wasnt impressed by the reds. We never saw Richie again after that. Lastly, we were served a madiera with dessert courses that I didnt think were that impresssive. The next thing that happened was a real issue. The waiter brought a tawny port from 1977 is a magnum bottle and asked if we would like a taste. We accepted and honestly it was a good port. What shocked us was that when we received the bill we were charged an additional $200 for the port! THE LAST NOTE ON THE WINE. A THING THAT WE NOTICED IS THAT BOTTLES WOULD BE PLACED ON THE TABLE FOR THE TASTINGS WITH JUST A LITTLE BIT OF WINE IN THE BOTTLE. MY HUSBAND NOTICED THAT RICHIE WAS POURING WINE INTO THESE BOTTLES. WE WORRIED THAT WINE WAS BEING POURED INTO THE BOTTLES THAT WAS NOT THE WINE BEING PRESENTED. WE THINK IT;S AGAINST THE LAW TO DO THIS. WHEN WE HAVE HAD WINE PAIRINGS IN THE PAST, THE SERVER HAS SERVED THE WINE FROM THE BOTTLE AND SHOWED TO US DURING THE POURING. THIS MADE US VERY CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT WE WERE PAYING FOR. LASTLY, MY HUSBAND GOT VERY ILL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND WE SUSPECT IT WAS FOOD POISONING. IT WAS A VIOLENT REACTION AND WAS GONE BY ABOUT 2PM THE NEXT DAY. WE SUSPECT THAT IT WAS EITHER THE FOOD OR THE WINE BEING MARRIED INTO BOTTLES THAT MADE HIM ILL. WE WILL NOT RETURN TO THIS RESTAURANT EVER AND HIGHLY SUGGEST TO ANYONE CONSIDERING A VISIT TO RETHINK IT.

philip nuay

I still think about the first bite - an oyster, deliberately dressed with a bit of sweet and a bit of tart, presented on a bowl of ice. By the time we got to the rib eye, I was getting pretty full, but everything in between - the salmon - melt off the fork - the brioche and au jus - warm, flaky, savory goodness - it was all delicious. The wine pairing complimented each dish, but again, was a bit too much for the volume capacity of my stomach; my date had no problems, so chances are you won't either.

Ravi Chopra

Comfortable, not overly-formal service, without leaving you wanting for anything. Exceptionally thoughtful wine pairings which compliment the food beautifully. Very clean, pure, and true-to-the ingredients food. Creative, occasionally surprising, and ubiquitously delicious. Not overly elaborate. An easy recommendation.

Patricia Saunders

This place was AMAZING!!!! My partner and I celebrated our one-year anniversary together, and we both had the best beef *and* the best salmon in our lives. The service team signed a cute little card for us and wished us a happy anniversary. The atmosphere was cozy, but not too serious. Definitely worth a visit!!!

Abby Rodgers

Smyth was an incredible experience! Great for a date night or special occasion. Everything was delicious, and they were also very accommodating for dietary preferences.

Adriana Luzardo

We celebrated my 45th last year, travel from Miami. It was incredible, it is one of my favorite places in Chicago. Food is spectacular and the service is outstanding. Coming back for more this year.

Angela B.

Let me get my issues out of the way before telling you what I liked, because there was more that I liked than not. Issue #1: The food here is not a good value. We paid just below $500 for the Smyth menu and I doubt there was 4 ounces of protein in the entire menu. We came in hungry and left hungry and this is simply not acceptable in my book (at this price point and especially at a 2 star michelin restaurant). Issue#2: I really wanted to have a talk with the kitchen post meal. Most of what they did was good, but there were some things that were particularly offensive. For example, parsley oil and raspberries simply do not go together. There is absolutely no way to make this delicious. This flavor profile sent chills up my was the culinary equivalent of nails on a chalk board...I'm not sure I've recovered. Issue#3: The dessert courses were AWFUL. Seaweed and chocolate? Just stop. Cucumber with cream and pumpkin seeds? cucumber is not a dessert item, please stop doing this. I felt like the kid in the Emperor's new clothes sitting and eating this brine. I wouldn't be surprised if the desserts are what hold this place back from further greatness. NO. Here's what I liked: 1. The service was impeccable. Maybe the best I've experienced in Chicago. There was not a single misstep there. 2. I love their come as you are policy. It leaves complete room for visitors to focus on the food. 3. The beef fat doughnuts were OUTSTANDING. They were the Ron Swanson of doughnuts. I would go back just for the doughnuts. 4. The food was interesting, aside from the obvious misses (mentioned above) I did not feel I could have cooked the food better myself and this is a rare experience for me these days. 5. It was a dining experience that was overall satisfactory: The temperature was perfect, the music was perfect, the volume was perfect, the silverware was great, the bathroom was inviting. It was just great. The utensils were interesting....I mean, I am such a snob and I loved everything. So much of this was excellent, I would recommend despite the issues that I experienced. Maybe tell them that you have a cucumber allergy to avoid the cucumber dessert experience.

Shreena P.

Phenomenal food, amazing service, and a delicious tasting menu. Came here to celebrate a special event and it knocked our socks off. It's a Michelin 2 star and lives up to the name. Dress code is come as you are and some people were super fancy and we saw a few tables in very very casual attire- which was nice and down to earth. Our server was amazing from recommendations to descriptions and techniques of the dishes. Every dish was intricately designed and made our tastebuds stand on edge. Everything we tried during the vegetarian tasting menu was soo fresh and fun. The chocolate bars just blew my mind and so did the cantaloupe dessert. You get the quality you pay for and i highly recommend trying this restaurant.

Wendy R.

Everything was delicious I just wished they were a little more experimental with flavors specifically with the tomato dish The actual location is well decorated and has a nice feel to it. Staff was phenomenal. Definitely will return.

Ilana O

I still think about the first bite - an oyster, deliberately dressed with a bit of sweet and a bit of tart, presented on a bowl of ice. By the time we got to the rib eye, I was getting pretty full, but everything in between - the salmon - melt off the fork - the brioche and au jus - warm, flaky, savory goodness - it was all delicious. The wine pairing complimented each dish, but again, was a bit too much for the volume capacity of my stomach; my date had no problems, so chances are you won't either.

Milan C.

Last night was amazing. The staff at @smythchicago are beyond. They respected all of my dietary restrictions and made sure I had as great of a time as my husband. They were all so personable and polite. They really made my 31st something special and I never felt like a burden. The food and the drinks were sooooo good and thoughtful and flavorful. Usually non alcoholic pairings fall flat in my experience but not at Smyth. If anything I think mine might have been better just because of the depth of flavor in the drinks. It was so nice to learn about all the food and their origins and the symbiotic relationship the restaurant has with the farm. Even the bathroom was thoughtfully designer with old menus from Charlie Trotter's (where the owners/chefs met). Charlie Trotter's was such a special place sndnwas my first experience with a Michelin starred restaurant. Run, don't walk to this place. It's totally worth it.

Prad R.

Located on a quiet street in West loop, this is a two Michelin star restaurant. Open layout with classy and humble decor. Dress code is casual and millennial friendly. Reservations are required. Allow at least 2 hours for the meal. The restaurant only does course meals. No À la carte options for the food. You do have a exceptional selection of wines and spirits. We opted for the 'Smyth', a 8 course menu priced at $155/person. The food was absolutely delicious with flavors I had never experienced before. Every dish was meticulously crafted and complimented the theme of the menu. My favorite dish being the 'Spring Onions With Dungeness Crab & Rhubarb Root'. Also loved the potato dish that was simple and mind blowing at the same time. We also treated ourselves to a 2003 Riesling priced at $100 for a bottle. The wine was beautiful and enhanced the experience. While the food was astonishing, what stayed with me is the hospitality at the restaurant. No doubt the food is worthy of its Michelin stars, but the kitchen/serving staff makes the experience a memorable one. I have never experienced a more genuine, courteous, funny and personable bunch of individuals. The experience was startlingly impressive. I would definitely want to go back to the Smyth next time I am in Chicago.

William Y.

I am sure this place would have gotten a 4-5 star rating if I did the wine pairing. Unfortunately, I was not able to do the wine pairing due to a small ulcer. The 3 star is based on the food only. Food was very creative but some combinations just didn't work for me.

Anand Brahmbhatt

A very unique experience. Almost everything we ate was truly incredible. The drink pairings were very well thought out too and enhanced the experience

Michelle J.

My husband and I came here for the Omaha menu and it was absolutely divine from start to finish.

David H.

Had an amazing meal at Smyth and am definitely looking forward to my next visit. The service and food are exceptional, even at the lowest price point (Classic menu). On par with Michelin dining, there are no cut corners or details spared. The menu included 8 courses + small bites. Flavors and textures were interesting, timing of courses was perfect, the meal was great from start to finish. I loved the fish course, beef, brioche, and dessert egg yolk, but all courses were strong. I didn't leave hungry, and they don't charge for sparkling/still. Will be back to try the other menus.

Freya G.

We got the Omaha fix menu which has maybe 15-18 courses, each of them was small. We were not that full after eating, but definitely good portion. Unfortunate I won't come back again. Too herbal for me. I think having some flowers and herbs in food are great but having it in every single dish is too much. Also some of the flowers or herbs taste nothing or bad. I am not a huge herb person and I hate fennel...I've never had a meal with that many dishes having such strong fennel taste...And there was even a fennel drink in my farm pairing....I wish I didn't have to waste that much food and $$ but eating that much fennel is torturing. I should have told chef I don't like fennel, but who would know there are that many dishes that are super herbal... for that I think I can only give three stars... Environment: Modern, cozy open kitchen dining room. They have about 12 tables for two and two three larger tables. Get one of the two corner tables if you can, which is more private. Overall it is nice environment l. Food: The first couple small bites are very refresh. The prawn with rose pedal is epic, followed by a couple sashimi, also very good. Then there are a few weird taste herbal dishes which I don't like...just too much herb and flower that didn't add any flavor. The meat courses are lamb and squab. Again , pretty good except for those decorative tasteless flowers...Presentation wise, they were all very pretty. Drink: Reserve Wine pairing was decent, they had a glass of sake for the Fish and shellfish, which is very special. The farm pairing has a bunch of juice, it was horrible, tons of fennel, not tasty herb. Unless you are huge fan of herb, don't order it. Price: 220 for Omaha plus wine and farm pairing. Overall pretty good price considering it was a lot of food.

Cj F.

This was our first truly fine dining experience, and admittedly I built it up in my head quite a bit leading up to our dinner. Smyth surpasses everything I was expecting in every way. I didn't know food could taste this good. The staff was so friendly and attentive. They even customized the menu for me to accommodate my allergies (dairy and seafood) which is not an easy task. I can't recommend Smyth enough!

David Shapiro

Incredible meal with impeccable service.

Vinotaine E.

Best meal in Chicago so far. Checked all the boxes. Service was attentive and not overbearing. Plating was composed and food was delicious. Oh that bread!!!

Vance McMurry

It is difficult to find the words to describe our evening at Smyth. The meal brought me to tears on a few occasions. The experience of unprecedented balance, flavor, love, passion and presence in just one bite. An explosion of life in a single bite. A single bite brought clarity and presence to life and forced me to be present not just with this meal, but in life. Thank you Chris, Jacquie, Kyle and the entire Smyth team.

Ross Berkley

An amazing once in a lifetime dining experience. All of the excitement of a multi course menu, without being stuffy.

Julie N.

Started off incredibly promising but ended in utter disappointment. To preface this, my boyfriend and I came from out of town and chose this place specifically to celebrate his big 30th birthday. The restaurant itself is a little tucked away in what appears to be a newly renovated previously industrial part of town. The wait staff were very friendly and the space is very pleasant- like you're walking into someone's home, with a nice open air kitchen. We had ordered the Smyth menu, which seemed like the right amount of food at the time (so we thought .....). The first 7 courses were brilliant. And I will say "course" is a generous term to use, as the first few 'courses' were just bites. Particular standouts were the scallop and the Shima aji- it was very nice to see seafood done so well. The lamb was flavorful, but had a grainy texture, likely because the temperature was a little colder than expected. A little unfortunate, but honestly up until now it was still a 5 star experience. However, shortly afterward we were brought our first dessert. I was confused because I definitely thought there were more savory courses, so I checked the menu and they LEFT OUT THE FOIE GRAS. I asked the waiter and he said that 'the menu changes daily and it was not available, so we gave you a full scallop instead of a half". SERIOUSLY? A full scallop is not equivalent to foie gras. Most restaurants, especially if you're paying so much, would substitute a course instead of just eliminating it. Sloppy and bad customer service. The meal ended with three lackluster desserts (it's rare that I actually enjoy the desserts at Michelin starred restaurants- always the weakest part of the menu and it was no exception here, unfortunately). One was basically a tiny wafer of chocolate, the second was this egg that everyone talks about but I personally found underwhelming, and then a pineapple sorbet that was good but too little too late. My boyfriend LEFT HUNGRY, so be warned if you decide to come here. If I were to choose again I would definitely have chosen Oriole or Acadia. This place was not worth our time and neither will it be worth yours.

Yuliya Sannikova

I was really looking forward to dine at this restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I noticed that the reviews were mixed but I still decided to give it a shot. I have dined at Michelin starred restaurants with a tasting menu in the past and always enjoyed it. Not this time.. The food itself and presentation were fine but I had a feeling they could have served either more courses or have slightly bigger portions. It looked a little overpriced for what it was comparing to other Michelin starred restaurants. However, the biggest disappointment was the service. The staff was impersonal and cold throughout the whole dining experience. I would think that the staff would be more engaged since it is a unique & creative cuisine. The restaurant asks you if you celebrate an occasion which I did and indicated it but does NOT do anything more than you would get on a regular day visit. Why do you ask then?? No one greeted with a smile when we walked in (the host actually looked bothered), no happy birthday wish, no welcome drink or a candle with a dessert. NOTHING! Just a simple card signed by the staff on a table. Can you, explain why do you ask if you are not going to make it special? I could spend 3 times less going at a good steakhouse and get outstanding food, service and attention. Not impressed...

Colin E.

Well they have earned their 2 Michelen stars. We did the 8 course menu w/ wine pairing. OCCASSION/SERVICE: This was our third wedding anniversary and we were greeted with a handwritten card with well wishes signed by the staff. Also, every person in the building, whether they waited on us or not, knew it was a special occasion and wished us 'happy anniversary' from beginning to end. DECOR: The perfect blend of elegant and casual that defines modern cuisine. Finally a restaurant where you're not crowded and there are many soft fabrics around to absorb the noise. The music contributed perfectly to the evening but attracted no attention. No detail was missed while everyone was casually attired and even humorous with us throughout the evening while telling us about our food and wine. THE FOOD: Not sure where to start. The menu was thoughtful from beginning to end. It was straightforward and deceptively simple. It seemed simple at first, but the layers of temperatures, textures, ingredients, and flavors builds in a way that is extremely thoughtful, each course reverberating with whispers of what came before and whispers of what was to come next.

Habib Al Mulla

Although it is deemed a fine dining place the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. The service is very friendly and attentive. The food is creative but it falls short from wow. There was not a single dish that was memorable. I am not saying it was bad but the taste was bland.

sebastian bach

First of all, it was a pleasure to dine in a comfortable and casual atmosphere. You feel at ease to try all the unique. combination of tastes. Each dish was a surprise. Nothing you would expect in fine dining. Worth every dollar you spend.

Chris Ching

An absolutely spectacular experience. We did the Omaha experience and the food blew me away with unexpected flavor combinations and impeccable quality. Service was also top notch and I highly recommend dining for special occasions

Yao Wong

One of Chicago's finest tasting menus (make sure to go for the complete experience). Staff are friendly and knowledgable and the restaurant is just beautiful, warm and inviting. Beverage pairings are strong as well. John and Karen Shields have created a wonderful restaurant.

Debbie Kelson Douglas

Amazing food and service! One of our best meals in Chicago.

Mengjia Y.

Smyth: 5 course tasting has 1. Uni glazed in egg yolk 2. Kohlrabi 3. Caramelized halibut 4. Aged ribeye 5. Brioche doughnut with marmite butter 6. Milk chocolate 7. Egg yolk soaked in salted licorice with frozen yogurt meringue ----------------------------- Best halibut I have ever had and best 2019 dessert!

Sam Le

I don't think I have ever had service or food this good in my life and I don't think I ever will. You would think a two Michelin star restaurant would have a very pretentious vibe, but it doesn't have an ounce of it. The service here is remarkable, with everything feeling choreographed in a beautiful way. The servers are very nice, and you can really see their personality shine when they talk to you. There are not enough kind words in the English language to describe this place. When I die, this meal will flash before my eyes, it was THAT good. Just go here, you own't regret it.

Miaoye Que

This place was AMAZING!!!! My partner and I celebrated our one-year anniversary together, and we both had the best beef *and* the best salmon in our lives. The service team signed a cute little card for us and wished us a happy anniversary. The atmosphere was cozy, but not too serious. Definitely worth a visit!!!

Don Sherman

Great service, the wine pairing was top notch. Our tasting menu contained more raw seafood than we expected. It was all delicious but some of us were expecting more variety. It's still well worth the trip.

Tamar Bobys

The attention to detail from the moment we walked in the door until the time we left was amazing. Personal attention, doting service, sublime food, minimalist decor that is cozy and inviting. I highly recommend this experience and I will be back.

Joshua Shaver

Dined at Smyth On 3/30. The attention to detail is everywhere. Loved everything until the last bite, so that was our lasting impression unfortunately. The service was spectacular- Kyle, Claire, and Jackie were great. The menu had a nice progression, and the wine pairings on point. Favorite dishes were the uni, steelhead trout, and beet. Everything was cooked to perfection. The only disappointment was the last dessert trio. Kombucha ice cream sandwich, seaweed tart and sour squash curd. The three together was just over the top with earthiness. The tart had way to much seaweed which rendered it inedible.

George Chen

Reviewing Smyth (the upscale fine dining part of the restaurant) here: husband and wife chefs with great pedigree creating their own version of fine dining that's paired with comfortable atmosphere and high quality service. Definitely worthy of its Michelin star and as deserving a visit as any of the top Chicago restaurants