Taco Bell

3365 S Martin Luther King Dr, Chicago
(312) 796-5602

Recent Reviews

Silas Wheeler

They get your orders done Quick I like that. this is not authentic Mexican or Latin food this is Taco Bell just a quick bite to eat remember that people

Jose contreras

worst place took one hour just to make taco party pack dont recomend if youre in a hurry


Taco Bell is neat. The Taco Bell restaurant a good decoration. It has a drive through and pickup so things can run easy there. #Good Restaurant #Easy Getting #Great New Food

Petra McClure

It was very convenient, and because I had time, I went to ? Bell. They're fast and friendly.

Sarah Anderson

Ordered drive thru & after an oddly long wait got home to find part of my order wrong and another part missing. Called & a gentleman told me to come back tomorrow to have it redone - asked if he wanted my name - he told me just to bring my receipt. Next day a woman told me there are no male managers and that only managers can answer the phone.. she refused to resolve the issue. Wasn’t the first wrong order I’ve had here - was the first attempt at resolving a wrong order.

Clifton Dale Sr

So good that supplies dont last long. They keep running out of my specialty.

Sun Shine

They are ok. Kind of slow for them not to have many customers. It's taco bell. Food was hot. Fresh.

Mechelle Wiley

First impression mean a lot my first time coming into to this place was not good I came in to place my order which I stood at the counter for almost six or seven minutes to have to work on the side by the pop machine behind the counter talking to each other when the realize there was a line one told the other to go help them which she said I'm off why would I for her to come over to the register and walk away a manager came told what we like to order then walk away for a worker that came out the washroom to take the order I didn't purchase by the way the people with me did they throw up the food it was sloppy put together they need to do better I wouldn't recommend no to visit here unsanitary.

Parakh Patel

This store is never up to the mark. The staff is too busy within themselves and they are never ready to attend the customers. Majority of the times they are out of some or other thing in the store. For instance today they were out of the sauces !!!

Jan Edwards

I used to couldn't eat taco Bell because it gave me a stomach ach ... But their chicken quesadilla is scrumptious and I don't have any problem , even though it has a cheese on it it's worth

Don D.

I really dislike complaining and I have ordered several times from this location via grubhub and had excellent service ,but today 12/7 the food came cold and soggy. Come on guys ,up your game! Cold wet tacos

Shemika Swann-Thompson

The food was okay, I ordered grande nacho and the chips were salty. It's usually a hit or miss.

Lillian Waddy

I love the $5 box chalupa.

Crystal B.

Okay first off this place need to be torn down and rebuild!!! And the workers need to be there when they do.. I'm from Atlanta and I know you're not gonna get the best customer service.. but they didn't give a damn.. my mother in law, kids and self stop to grab a bite. Order food she told the little heffa at the register "No Cheese, everything on the side." Get order cheese all over the over.. as I order my side of sour cream, which took the heffa 10 minutes to get to me, mother in law comes up to let her know about the cheese and the little black bitch catch an attitude and say " will that's what your order... and the dike bitch in the back start saying " we ain't time for this we busy.. like you fake man.. It wasn't even busy in there!! Ask to speak to the manager and she didn't care..Ugh!!! The need an new folks in that establishment real quick!!

Ryker Z

The spot is nice and broad, the menu was delightful and the prices were very economical. rapidly, effective service and very attentive waiters. I highly recommend this place.

Walter Davis

it was great I had 3 tacos supreme everything was fresh and the service was great

Anniah King

My food was good. The service was slightly ghetto.

Harjot M.

Slowest drive thru! Slowest service! This isn't fast food it's slow food! I was able to finish a whole episode of breaking bad in the drive-thru.

James N.

They messed my order up 3 times i came back and the lady additude taking my order was horrible, my drink was watery just everything was bad

Tora Shelton


K Lee

Well the establishment was updated and clean. But there quality in taste and effort put towards taste has gone down. When I was growing up and as a young adult taco bell foods tasted a little better.

Michelle Council

Today. My chicken salad with the edible bowl...the chicken was hard and dry. Never have I had a good experience here. I normally like to go to the taco bell in Beverly on 95th street. They treat you better. The service is better on 95th. Every time I go to the one in Beverly the manager is awesome and the staff. But I took another chance and came here on king drive - lake meadows....never again.

David Casey

What I wanted when I wanted it. Staff were friendly, and order was completed quickly & accurately! See you again soon

Sharlean Brooks

Taco Bell is a good spot if you are craving tacos and can't make it to a traditional Mexican restaurant.

SRA Management

So let me start here, I’ve been coming for a while. This location has its ups and downs. Sometimes get very busy and honestly you may wait 20-30 mins sometimes. There was one time I waited 25mins in lobby, got my order wrong then had to wait another 10mins. None of the workers didn’t even apologize. I asked to speak to a manager and because she had just came in on her shift she was busy trying to make food, take care of customer complaints and direct her employees. When she finally came over I can tell she was overwhelmed and tired by the look on her face. I explained my situation and her first reply was “ I deeply apologize for the mess up and the wait, I have new ppl that’s getting trained, we’re understaffed and a lot of orders. I 100% agree with you My team members should’ve apologized and I’ll work further with them on it.” She gave a couple customers free drinks, free tacos and offered me to come back another day when she is here to get a free meal just to make up for what we (customers) had to go through. Just by her coming to talk to everyone personally, peacefully and calmly it DEFINITELY made the wait worth it. She made everybody feel better by her customer service and problem solving. Her name is Arianna. When I come in I literally only have her make my food ( she gets it right every time, fast, and portioned perfectly). Plus she ALWAYS has a smile on her face and a uplifting personality. Some of the managers there are rude and don’t care but Arianna is definitely not one of them. Only reason I come back to the store.

NannahSmooth Megginson

Great location for those who do not have a vehicle and have to use public transportation but also has ample parking for those who don have a vehicle.

Marko Vasić

Good ol' taco bell.

farren James


Dee Bella

They really have to work on keeping the place clean. After I ordered I looked behind the counter and there was lettuce taco shells and paper all over the floor. I had to wait a bit so they offered me a free soda. The soda machine area was filthy. You have to designate someone to keep the place clean. Its not even a year old I believe. Please do better.

She Pisces

Hot and tasty food, outstanding customer service and a very clean efficient store.

donielle collins

They really have to work on keeping the place clean. After I ordered I looked behind the counter and there was lettuce taco shells and paper all of the floor. I had to wait a bit so they offered me a free soda. The soda machine area was filthy. You have to designate some one to keep the place clean. Its not even a year old I believe. Please do better.

Latanya sage Francois

Loved it. It should be easy to getting a hob with them for people whom don't know how to put in applying for people putting in applications.

Patricia McGrue


Roel Garcia

Nice clean place. Good service

Keenah J M

I will never go there again , the manager I believe by the name of Veronica or Venessa , was really rude . I’m a pescatarian I asked the order taker for two potato tacos and a quesadilla with no meat , when I received the quesadilla it had chicken on it and I did not realize it until I was home , I drove all the way back there to correct the problem however I did not want the problem to happen again so instead I was going to ask to just get a potato taco but then I was cut off by the order taker once I told her that it was wrong she close the window and put another order in for the quesadilla without even hearing out what I had to say. when I spoke with the order taker again she had the quesadilla but I told her I no longer want the quesadilla is it possible if I can get the potato taco so then she stared at me awkwardly, I ask for the manager and as the manager came to the window I explain my problem to her and she questioned me as if I was a problem, she was very aggressive and ask why didnt I state what I wanted from the beginning I told her that I did she say well did you not read the screen and see that your order was not on there correctly I said no she never repeated my order back I just drove around as she told me to ... as the conversation got heated I just asked for a refund because at that point I knew that the manager was no help and she was confrontational and was very disrespectful I am honestly confused as to how she got the manager role !

Albert Curtis

It's a new location in Bronzeville, next to a Culver's. The service was very good and they were fast!! They have combo meals, as usual, and everything else as well. It's not the biggest place, though. I'll be going back. I'm glad that l don't have to go to the one on 79th off of Stony lsland and South Chicago Avenue.

Ian Miller

Once ordered 12 tacos without any sauces accidentally, but the staff was nice enough to pick up on that and put a bunch in anyway! Really appreciated it :P


Ok whoever Jazmyne us they need to take her off the register all I asked was what drinks do they have and with a attitude she say pepsi products I said can I get a Dr Pepper she say we dont have that right so what drinks do you have then so she tell me all this with a attitude very uncaused for

Lawrence Harrell

Good tacos. They must have upgraded their meat tastes much better


Not sure if it was a bad night or what, but they legitimately made my order wrong three straight times. Finally gave up and went home. In case you don't believe me, here's my multiple incorrect orders.