Taco Bell

3350 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago
(773) 826-9324

Recent Reviews

Sally Collier

Taco Bell rings my bell. Its so consistent and scrumptous

Cody Brown

Food was great, warm, and fast. employees there cold use to have less attitude when they're serving customers

Johnnie Long

Friendly staff, tacos are always as you want them. Dunno why people hate on their promo flavors, they're not bad to try if you want something new

Darnell Ware

It is quick got good deals

Tonya Williams

Bought the #1 meal 3 tacos and a large pepsi, from the location on Homan Nd Rooosevelt,about 3 hours later i became violently ill!!! I know it was this because i was fine before i ate it and hadn't eaten anything else. It appears that everytime i eat from any taco bell i get terrible stomach aches and diarrhea, i don't know what you use but this also happens at different locations. I will NOT be eating at these franchises again,Be very careful people!!!!

Angela Holman

I love the service at Taco Bell they treat me with respect all the time.


The staff is wonderful, food was decent. Not good but not awful. This was the closest Tb by my house until a new one on western just open. Because the area is shady, I dont see myself going here anymore. Otherwise, not too shabby.

dattienle37 .

The staff is wonderful, food was decent. Not good but not awful. This was the closest Tb by my house until a new one on western just open. Because the area is shady, I dont see myself going here anymore. Otherwise, not too shabby.

Theo Kirkley

Very nice people here. They let me use the restroom when I had no money to spend on food

A Dean

Food was terrible, at least the ground beef was. Friend had the steak & thought it was ok. Staff was friendly and prepared food promptly. There is a small parking lot with a drive thru. Wheelchair accessible entry and seating. Public restrooms that were clean.

Ebanyeyes Pryor

I always get good food/service but on the day that I just wanted cinabons dude f'd me around bigtime. I wanted 12 he gave me 8 with a ton of sugarð??µ

Curtis Dismukes

Besides the constant stream of new employees, it's pretty solid service.

wonda luellen okereke

One cashier and she was working the drive through as well very rude

Robert M

Even though they were busy they were quick and the order was correct. Staff was pleasant.

sandra verse

I Love Taco Bell, when I want good tacos I go across the street

Kamie Johnson

It's sooooooooooooooo very delicious that you'll want more when you thought that you had enough!

C. Marshall

Food was delicious! Service was very fast.

Patricia Murphy

The service was really fast today!! The workers were very nice ð???ð?? to my family and I. I would recommend it!!


I received top supreme Customers Service with Geneva...food was great!!!


Spent three minutes explaining what fresco style was to the employee; they still got it wrong, forgot two of my items, and the items that were there present looked as though they had been through a tornado. I know it's the windy city, but come on, can't be that windy.

charlie vlogz

Their food is delicious and hot and there fries taste good not like them fries that be sitting out for days, their service is quick and they are very patient

Jennifer Donnell


Candice S.

You shouldn't even waste your time and going to this Taco Bell, the customer service does not match the price of their food. They only care about getting your money.

Stacey Luckie

Good tacos. Great prices

Franzetta R.

I went to get coffee today at this Taco Bell and there was no coffee also there was no 6 inch tortillas. I normally try not to post on here but felt it was needed this morning. I have had other complaints about this taco bell but I didnt post anything.

arlene rosado

Typical fast food . but it was clean. Washrooms were actually

Maria Chavez

Good food slow service

Nicole Franklin

The prices are insane. I paid $11 and I only got 3 chicken tacos and a drink. The location was okay and the service was good. I can't see myself returning.

Shawn Lai

This is the only drive thru taco bell around the downtown area. The food is generally good, like any other taco bell. Always check your bag though, we often find items missing or forgotten.

Jerry Johnson

It's really convenient abd the food is good.

Kathy Cunningham

Good food. Fast and friendly staff

Lisa Whitmire

I have been going to this Taco Bell for over a year now. The people who work here are consistently friendly. It really makes coming here a no brainer. I order the black bean burrito and I have them grill it. Yum! I get a side of avocado ranch. Sometimes I get a cheesy Tilly. I'm sure the salt on that cheesy Tilly has got to be off the charts. Enjoy!


Taxi Bell war für mich eine positive Ã?berraschung. Preise sind wirklich ok und das Essen schmeckt wirklich sehr gut.Ein Punkt Abzug wegen der Unordnung im Restaurant. An den Getränkespender flog alles rum. Servietten, Strohhalme, Deckel usw flogen rum und niemand fühlte sich verantwortlich, um die Ordnung zu beseitigen.

Andrew F.

Employee was so nervous talking to me she called me 'miss' instead of 'Sir Duke' I understand though, royalty can even make me nervous sometimes :)

brenda tyler

In my opinion The staff was really really nice.... Also it was really clean.. The environment was warm and friendly.. I would recommend this place...

Jesus Perez

The good was cold af Didn't like the service at all

Angela Spearman

Was very crowded, with 1 register open. The food was good and fresh.

Nelly B.

With only 3 cars infront of me, I waited no joke 40 minutes to get to the window... and when I get to the window I didn't get a apology for the wait or a explanation so I asked for a free fry and the manager said she can't give anything out and their system is down... but they had no problem taking my money? Made no sense. Then I go to eat my food and my fries are cold.... horrible experience

Linda Lindsey

The service was good even if they were short-handed the attendant did a very good job at serving the people through the driveway she was polite and she was fast

Andrew Johnson

FRIENDLY STAFF, SQUEAKY CLEAN, FAST AND FRESH FOOD!!! One of the best taco bells I've ever been to. The staff greeted us at the door and took our order immediately. The soda wasn't flat, the bathroom was spotless and the condiments were all full. We need more places like this in the area!!! Very impressed!