Taco Bell

3350 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago
(773) 826-9324

Recent Reviews

A Roopert

They just cant seem to get it right. However the staff is friendly.

Jordan Denhoed

What can I say, it's one of my guilty pleasures in the fast food world and this location provided us with another delicious meal with a smile and quick delivery time. Thank you guys for working during these tough times and we appreciate how much care you take to keep us healthy and full of our favorite tacos!

Sean Fuller

I ate 2 Doritos locos tacos yesterday around 3pm I developed food poisoning, I been throwing up and running back and forth to the bathroom since 1am this morning. It's the worst feeling EVER!!! And I will never go back to this place again!

Mz Weezy

Store was clean. Customer service was great!

Lawrence Harrell

Slow service. I've had better. Tasting food from other. Taco bell. locations.

Claudia Yanez

The person that took care of me was amazing he had a lot of charisma

Shomik Das

While this is the closest Taco Bell that offers a full menu and a drive through, it is in the hood, and if you have a nice car, or aren't a certain shade of melanin, the police are liable to follow you for a bit, especially at a certain hour of night. However, the staff here are wonderful, and if you do get there late, which often is the case if you have odd hours, the staff are accommodating and friendly

Stephanie Smith

I swear I never had my meat so short. Not worth ever going back.

Kenny random

I understand that environment has a lot to do with the condition of how you think, but seriously you have to understand how to talk to people especially from a drive-thru.

Angelica Wells

Good food great service?

Spooner Bros

This one lady did a phenomenal job she cleaned the whole place the bathroom smelled nice and the floor was shiny and she was also the cashier at the same time. Good to see things like that.

Sally Collier

Taco Bell rings my bell. Its so consistent and scrumptous

Cody Brown

Food was great, warm, and fast. employees there cold use to have less attitude when they're serving customers

Johnnie Long

Friendly staff, tacos are always as you want them. Dunno why people hate on their promo flavors, they're not bad to try if you want something new

Darnell Ware

It is quick got good deals

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