Tcby Frozen Yogurt

152 N Wabash Ave, Chicago
(800) 348-6311

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Dada taiwo

Got chocolate and one other flavor and also a peanut cookie, taste really great. I wish I got more than one cookie it’s really nice

Kammie Andrews

Staff does not know how to input promotions that are valid there. Wasted my time coming in. The flavors were fine.

Josephi Diaz

Amazing flavors, extremely friendly staff. I LOVE this place. Tried a few and loved every one. Goat cheese and fig . Can't wait to come back.

Yvette W.

I decided to try this yogurt shop because it's not many TCBY's left & I've never been. I saw they had an app so I downloaded it. I got my self serve yogurt & asked the cashier if I could pay with the app. She shrugged like she was annoyed & asked, "what app?" I showed her my phone & she asked me if I was part of a rewards program.. she pointed to the kiosks on the counter that had nothing to do with their app. I said nvm & just used my card. For frozen yogurt it was expensive and that little cup I bought was over $8. Yogurt was ok. I didn't like her attitude & they don't accept their app. They can take down that "people love us on Yelp!" sticker because that ain't true.

Megan Wilcox

Good place to stop by for a sweet treat (cold or not). I was surprised to see TCBY still in business, and got a little confused walking into the shop. It is a self service froyo place, so you make your own ice cream and put toppings on it. The place was clean. My only comment is that it is very expensive.... $23 for three people.

Michelle v

Great flavors fresh toppings!

Emily Dunbar

small and smelly and i dropped my yoghurt and they made me pay for more

Arthur Wright

I thought the last TCBY had died out some time in the 90s.

super kool

Nice taste and good service

Nina Sarafina

The fresh peaches don’t taste so fresh they taste cannned and they were frozen... service was ok

Mallory G.

This is a very convenient location. I discovered this gem while leaving work one Friday. Every month they seem to update their flavors and the staff is always friendly. Doesn't hurt to treat yourself to some froyo when the direct deposit kicks in. Try it with some strawberry boba. You will not be disappointed.

Spencer Elzey

Can't believe these still exist in this country. Too bad they didn't make shivers at this location but the white chocolate mousse was as good as I remember it from my childhood

Dolly M.

I've walked past this TCBY for years and only recently started stopping in. The first few times were fine (hence the 2 star rating) although I'd mainly only purchased Mrs. Field's cookies (they are really good). I had a craving for yogurt the other day and decided to stop in. I asked for a sample cup to taste some flavors and decided to stick with vanilla. I put a topping on and waited in line for the cashier to ring me out. While I was waiting I ate a spoonful of my yogurt, forgive me, and when it was my turn I stepped up to pay. The cashier was a young girl who clearly does not have any customer service training. In front of everyone she told me that I should not be eating my yogurt until it was paid for. I felt like I was a student being scolded- I already graduated- thank you! And after a long day at work the last thing I need, or want, to deal with is a bratty cashier at TCBY. I don't think I will be back for a long while because I left with a bad taste in my mouth, and it wasn't from the yogurt. I really wish I would have thrown the whole cup in the garbage and walked out. I was so humiliated, and I'm still so upset that I decided to write a review on Yelp. Does TCBY not train their employees that they should treat paying customers with respect? I was treated like a criminal for having a spoonful of my yogurt while I waited in line to PAY. NEWS FLASH! I could have just had a sample and walked is it that I can have all the samples I want for free, but I'm made out to be a criminal when I'm standing in line to purchase yogurt and have a spoonful while I'm waiting? Meanwhile I walked out of there paying over $7 for a yogurt and feeling like crap. TCBY please coach your employees to respect your customers...without us you don't have a business. Also, please note this review is only written in regards to the one employee that should not be working the cash register.

Hawraa A

Yogurt is alright

Kate H.

It's your standard dish-your-own fro-yo and toppings joint. They don't have a large selection of fro-yo flavors, or toppings (I've seen better at other places), but if you're looking for something simple this will fit the bill. I live close to here so I stop in every once in a while-the employees have always been friendly enough, I've never had issues. Maybe a bit on the pricey side (but hey, it's the Loop, and if I stopped putting so many darn toppings on it it might not cost so much!), but it's not awful for an inexpensive treat. It looks a little 'dingy' on the inside, which isn't the most appealing but it's not dirty. And they have outdoor seating which is nice.

Kelly Trinh


Tom H.

TCBY used to be a brand name I could count on, sadly not anymore. TCBY now charges per ounce and is very expensive. Avoid TCBY.

Zack Sharif

Whoever owns this one really doesn't give a damn

Cindy F.

The worst froyo place I've been to. They charge as much as any other froyo place but do not have fresh fruit in their toppings bar. Instead they have soggy frozen ones. The flavors of the yogurt are ok, most of the ones I've tried taste artificial. I wouldn't waste my money here again.

Paulina N.

One of the worst services I've ever had! Feels like i came there not to spend my money and help them have their salaries, but to beg them for some free stuff. Rude, unpleasant, impatient stuff! I like frozen yogurt a lot, but I won't come back to this place again, cause each time I visit (I've been here 6 times now) I have pretty miserable experience.

Tcby Frozen Yogurt

152 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60601