The Allis Chicago

113-125 N Green St, Chicago
(312) 521-8000

Recent Reviews

Naty E

Cute place to work/have brunch/meet with friends! Can't wait until this place is open again. only knocked off one star because some of their stuff can be wildly overpriced but I love the environment.

Sarah P.

I love The Allis for afternoon tea and for brunch. The ambiance is the major draw for me, I just am a sucker for aesthetically pleasing decor, design, architecture, all of it. The Allis fits the bill for me and the food is tasty along with it. The crab Benedict is my second favorite in the city.

Charlotte W.

Best avocado toast I've had in Chicago!!! Potentially in my life. They really pile it on... super filling, great flavors, fresh bread. I also love the vegan chocolate cake for dessert - really decadent. Definitely make a reservation, especially if you are going on the weekend, because it can get SUPER busy. Great ambiance, cute and trendy place to sit with friends or family!! Aesthetic is literally my life goals.

Chelsea Sherlock

Delicious food and beautiful space! I loved the loose leaf tea. It is on the pricier end for the quality of food.

Pepe Sánchez Cetina

Brunch is awesome at The Allis. Go for the sandwiches. Coffee is strong but not acid. Second level is fully renovated and looks great.

Chul W.

Friendly staff. Coffee was really good. And interior design was very impressive. I wanted to come here with my friends at night. Perfect place to hangout.

Lucky Jackson

Cozy. Comforting. Atmospheric.

Neluka Wije

Came for afternoon Sunday tea. 40$ for tea and a tower of finger sandwhiches and mini desserts/pastries. We also got food items including the mushroom pizza and the burger.

Tiffany O.

Swanky lounge/workspace that boasts an environment and is robust and eclectic. Really enjoyed the time I spent studying here! As it gets closer to the evening they do dim the lights so that's something to be aware of if you plan on doing work here. The service was great, the interior the design was equally as tasteful as well. Will definitely come back!

Neluka W.

Came for afternoon Sunday tea. 40$ for tea and a tower of finger sandwhiches and mini desserts/pastries. We also got food items including the mushroom pizza and the burger. The tea selections are amazing. We got an almond green tea which I'm still thinking about. They were out of the sweet orange? tea which was annoying. How do you run out of the tea during tea time? The pastries/desserts were all amazing 5/5. The pizza and burger were also amazing 5/5. I'm not giving this 5 stars because our waiter was a little distracted. When asked about dietary restrictions we noted that majority of the table was vegetarian. The tower that came out had meat sandwhiches. He also asked if I wanted a side salad or fries. I said side salad thinking it was a basic option. The bill came out with an ADDED 8$ charge for the "side salad". I was upset about that one for sure. When I asked him about it his response "Oh yeah, it's an added charge". Wow thanks for letting me know and also 8$ is a hefty added charge. All in all, I would come back but I'd be careful to be very clear with the wait staff on my needs. Although at an establishment like this - that's the wait staff's job not mine!

Anne M.

Went for breakfast on a weekday. Really cute coffee shop/ area downstairs to do work or study. The Allis is on the second floor and has a great ambiance. I got the avocado toast, and my friend got the breakfast sandwich. Both were really good. They also have "tea" on the weekends that I hope to go back there to try!

Paige M.

Ladies and Gentleman ... this is how you brunch. my boyfriend and I didn't have a reservation on a sunday & thought there was no way we would get in, we were wrong. the city of Chicago doesn't get moving until after 11:00am apparently! we snagged two seats for their walk ins - there are not many, so get here early if you want to brunch here without a reservation. I had the allis breakfast - they had gluten free bread! the smoked salmon was SO good, roasted tomatoes, half an avocado, two eggs, house made raspberry jam (to DIE for) and house made butter (yes, house made) ... I don't think you need anything else in life. my boyfriend had the benedict royale (with smoked salmon) it was SO good. the sauce was unbelievably good. Our service was so sweet - he sent us home with a free gluten free poppyseed muffin. the ambiance in this place is amazing. We cannot wait to go back.

Marc B.

I'm sorry I wasn't harsh enough with my first review. My first experience here was awful. However, I was dazzled by sincere apologies and tricked by free dessert diversions, so I gave a favorable review. I've let down my Yelp community. Not this time! 2nd visit was just as bad. Service- sat us immediately. Then waited 18 minutes before anyone said even a hello. "Can I take your drink order?" Would of been a miracle. Still nothing. Had to go to front desk to ask for a server. Server- only pleasant experience of the day. Her name was Macy. Took our order pleasantly and efficiently. Answered several questions and informed us of a few items that were out. Bad start because those were the items we we're interested in. It was 2pm on the busiest weekend of the year. Valentine's Day, Auto Show, and All Star Weekend. What manager is in charge of inventory? You don't think you'll be busy? Maybe be prepared? Food- My burger was good, my fiancé's eggs were fine. They are eggs. I can cook eggs, but I'll focus on the positive. My mother's food was horrible. Steak sandwich. The bread was burned so badly it was impossible to chew. The "steak" in the steak sandwich needed to be put in quotations. I'm not sure what she had qualifies as actual steak. It was inedible! Back to service- All plates were put down quickly without pleasantries, explanation or fan fare by the line team. At this point I'd hope my server would do the customary check-in with us. Nope. We sat there and had 3 different issues that were never addressed. My fries came out long after my burger and were cold. My fiancé wanted to butter her toast before it got cold. No butter or no one to bring us butter. Finally I had to walk up to the cooks counter and get my own butter. My mother couldn't even bite in to her rock of a sandwich. The fact she didn't lose a tooth is the real victory. The meat was tasteless. My mom wanted to order the salmon, but of course they ran out of that. Dessert- we ordered 3 BEFORE the meal to ensure we weren't in danger of running out. They only had 1 of the 3. The rest? You guessed it. They ran out. The manager - Matthew was very nice. He apologized profusely. He was professional. He did some gracious things to make up for our awful experience. I'm sorry. It comes a point when apologies and free items aren't enough to make up for a bad couple of hours. Especially when we live in the West Loop and have thousands of options. Locals don't bother with the Aliis. Leave this place to the tourists and packs of wedding/baby shower crowd and their little tower of sandwiches. That's the only appeal here. We are done with The Allis forever. Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on me. Won't be a third!

Olga W.

Last time I was at The Allis I had a five star experience, this time I had a zero star one. We were there last night for Valentine's Day. Our whole experience from start to finish was off and at the end of the night I really regretted coming here altogether. First they tried seating us at the bar area downstairs to the right of the entrance. When you sit in one of those chairs along the windows you are literarily staring at people's butts that are sitting at the bar. Not a great setup and those tables are intended for cocktails not dinning experience. So we switched to a table upstairs which was much better. My husband ordered bread board which was the second disaster of the evening. Bread was covered in oil and seemed to be warmed up in the microwave (probably because it was stale so they tried to remedy it). Some of the pieces were completely charred. I mean the food expeditor needs some prescription glasses because I can't believe that a dish like this would actually make it to the customers' table. What a shame. I didn't want to say anything because it was a Vday and I didn't want any negative vibes to surround us. And conveniently enough our server could care less why we didn't eat the bread, he just cleared it off the table, no questions asked. Then the main course came in. I got the smallest $28 piece of branzino ever served in Chicagoland! What a joke! This dish didn't even come with any sides. My husband's medium rare steak was still alive and mooing. It was precut so the expeditor should have noticed that the steak is rare. Our Brussels sprouts, on the other hand, were charred to the point where there were no green color left behind. I mean, come on people. Both of those dishes were sent back. We had to wait good 20 minutes for them to redo our order. I had to let my fish go cold because I didn't want to eat alone. I felt like a screw up like this should have been moved to the front of the cook line, not put behind. But this is what a nice restaurant would do, which The Allis is absolutely not, so no surprises here. At the end of the night we were offered dessert menus but none of the items sounded appealing so we politely declined. After we declined our server said "if you want, I can comp the desserts". You must be kidding me! If you wanted to offer a nice gesture because you screwed up every step of our experience you should have offered it before we even had a chance to look at dessert menu. It sounded like that they though that we would accept the offers just because it is free. We politely declined again but really were thinking that they should shove their dessert offer we all know where. Unprofessional, disorganized, and a complete joke of an establishment. Safe to say I will never be back and never recommend.

Dana McKinney

The best Eggs Royale and pork sausage! A great place for a mid-week day off breakfast splurge. And the staff is AWESOME! So attentive and friendly. They give great recommendations for items on the menu and accommodate you in any way they can. I love hanging out in the lobby with a leisurely breakfast and pot of tea. Highly recommend!

Devon Benton

Gorgeous space, good food, great service. Afternoon tea is a must! We went for restaurant week & were not disappointed. Will definitely be back!


Food was incredible! The atmosphere and service was absolute perfection. I will definitely be back! (Happy customer from Boston)


The place is amazing and full of life. You can relax and have lunch or party and some drinks at the bar. For a better experience I recommend sharing ;)

Hannah E.

We knew we would never return even before we ate. Good food spoils with horrible service. More than half of the restaurant was empty and they still wouldn't sit us. They said there was going to be an hour wait WHEN THE RESTAURANT WAS HALF EMPTY!! We waited 30 minutes and only 2 tables came in during that time. The hostess had a super snarky attitude and said- "You've only waited 27 minutes so far- you have to wait over an hour." We could have eaten during this time. I understand waiting for a full restaurant, but when the staff thinks they're too good for you and they could have sat you 30 minutes ago- that is bad business and something needs to be done. Once an hour passed, they said we needed to wait another 20 minutes in case people were just late for their reservation. 3 parties showed up and at least 15 tables were still empty. When they realized how frustrated we were, they sat us. Another couple came in shortly after without a reservation. They waited 5 minutes and were seated and told, "we'll just squeeze you in between reservations". What the heck?!? We felt like the wait staff were stuck up and sat people who were more dressed up than us. We had an awful, awful experience.

Stacy C.

So...did a lot of research on tea and loved the pictures and the price seemed ok, so my daughter and I came over. The place is really cute and rustic. We ordered afternoon tea. I recommend not doing that. The tea list was incorrect. Ok, fine, you're out of the tea, but when I'm paying $42 a person, your menu should be correct. I just got the bill. It was $98. Here's what $98 gets you: -2 small pots of tea in which our server never came out and checked in or refilled with hot water. Never even asked. -per person-2 small finger sandwiches and one small round puff pastry. -a yummy piece of pound cake. -a very crumbly scone with really good preserves and cream. -4 small, dry, hard, and tasteless pastries each. The red velvet piece was actually stale. Most of the top tier was tasteless and dry. Our server left while we were eating, and we sat there for over a half and hour with no one looking in on us. It took forever to get the bill. There are a LOT of other dining experiences you can get for $100. I think I would try those instead.

Julianne C.

Absolutely in love with the decor/ ambiance. Perfect place to come work/ study/ date in a cozy atmosphere. The house made bread, Burrata, and Devils food cake was exemplary. I would not recommend the Branzino- was not expecting the raw crunchy cauliflower in a milky, very strong smelling fish sauce topped by the fish. Missed live jazz night but will be back!

Nancy Conrad Treleven

Good service. Very enjoyable evening.

Helene Gard

Went for tea time. It was disappointing. Finger sandwiches were a bit stale, buttercream frosting on red velvet cupcakes consisted of piped green butter (I believe someone forgot to put sugar into it, not kidding) and when I asked for milk for my tea, I got half/half creamer. I don't recommend for tea time (not in their wheelhouse). The positives: gorgeous building, easily found parking, waitress was lovely and when my husband ordered a pizza, it was good.

Raahima S.

Went here for brunch and fell in love. If I was from Chicago I would always be here for brunch and to study. Such a great vibe and can't wait to go back when I'm in town next time! Brunch menu was amazing and was so much food, I couldn't even finish.

Sean Blair

The Allis (The 'Alice', I was told...) is part of the SOHO House Chicago and is available to the public.

Ricardo van Dijk

A great place for lunch or brunch with your cool friends in the west loop. The restaurant is located inside the SoHo House, so expect to see some young and hype people floating around. The menu is not extensive, but offer some pretty good options. The Brussels sprouts were amazing, you should order it as side regardless of what you are having as main course!

Anna M.

It was my first time coming to The Allie for brunch, but it unfortunately did not meet expectations. The ambiance and decor are stunning, to say the least, but for nearly $20 avo toast, I expected the food to at least be edible. My friend and I both received toast that was extremely burnt and black. Eating the toast was painful and completely overpowered whatever flavor profile my dish meant to elicit. I didn't know it was possible to mess up toast this bad! There are so many other fabulous restaurants in the neighborhood that I unfortunately do not think this is worth the trip back.

Deb F

Beautiful setting that would be well served to pay a bit more attention to food/service. Tea service with lunch was a bit clunky with tea bags rather than loose tea, tepid water temp and no offers to replenish water in pot. Neither soup or tea spoons initially provided. Server brought soup spoon after our request but failed to bring more hot water when asked.


Enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea. Excellent service, lovely presentation of tea and great assortment of finger sandwiches and sweets. Highly recommend in spite of the over-the-top hipster atmosphere.

Katherine L.

I forgot how nice this space is. I opted to go upstairs around 4:30 on a Friday afternoon to sit and have a cup of tea. Super cozy space that's warm and inviting with some luxe touches. I ordered an earl grey tea and totally enjoyed the experience of having my tea steep in a pot, being able to pour myself a cup and adding a cube of sugar and cream (honestly it's most delicious way to have tea) and nibbling on a buttery oatmeal mini cookie. I enjoyed at least three full cups from my teapot and caught up on some work. This is a nice reprieve if you're looking for a little "me" time after work.

Laela S.

We came here for a friends birthday! I had a nice time. I'm not sure exactly how the ordering was done. 1. TEA: I ordered the Ginger Tea. This was very calming. I asked for some honey to sweeten and it was perfect. My friends ordered the Peach tea, Earl Grey and Jasmine Pearl. They all liked their flavor. 2 FOOD: We tried the red velvet cupcakes, macarons, carrot cake, scones, and ginger sandwiches. Everything was delicious and so cute. The macarons however were oddly hard and chewy, I was a little confused by this. 3. AMBIENCE: this place is just too darn adorable. I wish we had taken more pictures. The decor is very nicely done. I love the marble tops on the table. 4. SERVICE: phenomenal. Our waitress was very kind, gave us great suggestions and was patient when we asked her to take pictures. I'll be coming back here again. You probably will be too!

Garah Duffy

We went for afternoon tea with a group of 7. Food was good and well presented. Decor and atmosphere was very beautiful, comfortable, and cozy. Tea was good, but some not as hot as could be and there were no spoons or cream at the table. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or need to make the experience great!

Felice Patti

Had good expectations based on the reviews I read. Although the atmosphere is nice, the service was horrible. Our server spoke so softly that we couldn't understand him. Service was slow. We would have liked more sandwiches and less sweets. The pastries were almost too sweet. The finger sandwiches weren't very tastey. we all ordered different teas and the consensus was 2 out of 3 lacked flavor.

Mehrul Singh Ranavat

One of the few places open on Christmas, there was no freshness in all the cakes and sandwiches we had for afternoon tea. The tea we had was amazing other than the food. Good service

Elvira D.

The Allis is of the best breakfast/brunch places I have visited in terms of aesthetics, service, ambiance, and of course, the quality of food. I came here during my first stay in Chicago when I visited my friend and she told me about one of her favorite spots. We came here on a Sunday morning, sadly my last morning of the weekend before heading back to LA, but had a very nice breakfast. We had a long list of places to go to before my flight that day so although I'm not usually a black coffee drinker, I was craving something bitter and straight to the point to keep me wide awake. COFFEE 5/5: I liked the simplicity of its presentation. Pretty white cup, silver spoon, artisanal sugar cubes on the side. The coffee was smooth and of good quality. I was a fan. WARM COCONUT PUDDING: You can call it the açaí bowl's mellow sister. Warm, toasty, filled with delicious fruits, nuts, coconut shreds and cocoa nibs, and generally just heartwarming on a cold April morning. This is my friend's usual order but I'd heard raving reviews. BAKED EGGS 5/5: This is a very vague title for the traditional, exotic Mediterranean "omelette" known as shakshuka. Basically, we're looking at baked/poached eggs in zesty tomato sauce, chili peppers, garlic and other goods with a side of toasted sourdough bread. Mmmmm. I hadn't tried shakshuka until that day and I was a fan. Pretty heavy for me but I was craving something savory and this definitely did it for me. Was it a good idea to get a deep-dish Chicago-style pizza afterwards for lunch? Maybe not. AMBIANCE 5/5: Can we just talk about the interior design? When you walk in, the first thing you may notice are the high ceilings, the stairway leading you to the second floor, the huge chandeliers adding class and pizazz to the place, and a generally classy and conservative feel. Almost like a historic library meets an upscale brunch spot. We couldn't get seating upstairs but I'd recommend making reservations for that next time to really soak in the interior design and take a few dozen quality Instagram shots. ;) PARKING Unsure. We took an Uber .

Sandra L.

Such a cute restaurant. I came here for brunch with a friend. We both enjoyed what we ordered and loved the drinks too. The service was ok, not great, and some of the waiters/waitresses/hostess were a bit snobby.

Megan Town

Mixed feelings about my experience here. I came for afternoon tea at 2pm on a Sunday (with a reservation) and was promptly seated. My husband and I put in our tea order which came out in about 15 minutes. It took nearly an hour for our food to arrive and our waiter disappeared. No one checked in on our during our meal in the entire 1.5 hours we were there. We had to flag down a different staff member to get our check. Outside of the service, the food for the tea service was fantastic. The standouts were the savory sandwiches and the scone, as well as the eggnog seasonal macaroon.

Jordan Newman

Had the afternoon tea. Generous selection of foods come on the tea tray with that. Fun experience. It’s not so much a formal tea setting it’s a little more modern and hip but it’s still very nice to have tea there. Use the valet to park it’s not much more than a neighboring garage

Cyn Corces

You go for the 'gram and you stay for the coffee. Everything about this most istagramable spot in Chicago is an aesthetic. My favorite time to go is during the day and it's just a perfect place to just chill and get work done. Or head over for the most bougiest brunch you can have with your friends.

Christine King-Ries

I love the ambiance and bar here but that's where my interest in this place ends. The food and service is extremely lacking. I've been here a few times for tea time and each visit the service and food becomes progressively disappointing. If I ever decide to come back it will be for drinks only. I would not recommend dining here.