Uni Uni 攸攸茶 Uni Spice 攸攸堂 Uptown

1130 W Argyle St, Chicago
(773) 878-3333

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Jonathan W.

Takes credit card. There's kiosk where can order. Also can order in-person. Boba is soft. Also has crystal boba and tons of other topping options. Strawberry Orange Jasmine Green Tea w/ crystal boba $6.50 50% sugar, 50% ice. Surprisingly good flavor. Brown sugar bubble fresh milk $5.50. soft boba. Good flavor.

Janet Tan

I ordered their best seller black sugar boba milk tea. The boba is so chewy… hence the 3 stars

Munsanje M.

We stopped by this place while walking around after dinner and I must say the brown sugar was milk tea was a little too milky and lacking the tea & brown sugar flavor. I've had my share of milk teas and this one just wasn't one of my faves due to the milkiness. Would maybe come back and try maybe a refresher or one of the fruit teas instead but there are so many different boba places in the area. I also wasn't a fan of the customer service so all in all not a great experience!

Nikky Ivascu

The teas and ice cream here are great. Cute place with a lot of tables if you want to enjoy your drinks and stuff there. Great playlist.

Colton Barney

Really friendly staff. Great atmosphere. Good food. Amazing boba tea! I'll be coming back for sure.*edit: Went right before closing and they gave me just milk. No brown sugar or anything. Just the boba and milk. Disappointed. :(

Linh T.

Poor customer service. We were the only customers. Ordered two rolled ice cream. After waiting for about ~10 mins. It wasn't even started. They said an additional 15 minutes wait. Asked for a refund and went to baskin robins


They were out of mango so I went with the Peach yogurt with crystal boba and it was put together so well and looked so tasty I didn't want to mix it. It was one of the best yogurt bobas I've had in a while I definitely want to go back and try the mango....hopefully it's not sold out next time. My partner got the passion fruit green tea yakult and she was very pleased with everything. Staff was very nice and I love ordering via their machines....very easy process

Sydney Z.

i love this place so much! unfortunately, the wait time is pretty insane. sometimes it's worth waiting for, but other times i skip altogether because of how consistently slow it is. you'll usually wait around 15-20 minutes for your drink. :(

Stephen Brackinreed

First time in Chicago, and glad to find this place. Reminds me of many places back home, very good. I had a Brown Sugar Milk tea, which was a great after dinner "dessert" treat. Looking forward to trying more options off the menu since we're here for the week

Aaron Gruenthal

My new favorite Bubble tea spot. I got the Ancient Brown Sugar Milk Tea 50% sweet and it was insane. So deep, chocolatey, and creamy. The boba was the perfect texture. Just the right amount of sweetness.I have to go back and try the regular black milk tea so that I can really compare it to my former fave—Bingo Tea in Chinatown.

radhika A

Total waste of money! order no-26596 @4.01pmYulu Oolong Milk Tea- completely watered down, no taste no flavor. Paid $6 for tea colored water.Popcorn Chicken-okish, better ones in many other places.I had the same tea at their Chinatown location which was fresh and milk, this was the reason I returned and I regret it. Skip this location-its just hype nothing else.Had to go to chiu quon to replace the after taste.

Gabrielle B.

I have to give this place 3 stars because the service is consistently and painfully slow. Fortunately, there are always customers in side, but even if there are 2 people ahead of you, you could be waiting for over 15 minutes for your bubble tea. In an area where there are 3 additional bubble tea places within 3 minutes of walking, Uni Uni is going to need to step it up or lose out to the competition that has been here far longer. This location is a rotating storefront that has changed over multiple times in the past several years, with trendy quick cuisine coming and going. I do love the iced bubble green tea with pineapple and passion fruit but even that is inconsistent sometimes too (sometimes no passion fruit seeds evident).

Melvin Luz

Good boba. They offer it at a cheap price but they add very little ice unlike other boba places so you get your worth. They have alot of good flavors. Especially the yogurt ones ?.

Squidward Tortellini

I could have sworn they served the chai tea bobo tea last time when they first opened….But had other flavors, the last that was working there in the evening hours wasn’t the most nicest but the tea she recommended was really good. I do plan on going back again.The service was okay. The boba tea was very refreshing and tasty.

Nina A.

I really wanted to love this place (my friend really likes the Chinatown location), but I didn't have the best experience here. My friend and I came in on a Saturday night around 8:45pm after dinner in the area. A group of people had just left, and we were the only people in the shop. I was reading the menu and looking for a caffeine free option, since it was already late and I didn't want to be up all night. After a just few minutes of looking at the menu, the staff started pressuring us to order because they were about to close. I asked them to recommend me a caffeine free drink, and they recommended a jasmine tea. I trusted them and went with it and asked for boba in my tea as well...or so I thought. To my disappointment, my drink came out without any boba :( I didn't bother asking about it since I could tell they were hurrying to close up ASAP. To make things worse, turns out the drink they recommended DID have caffeine...I was up late that night :( On the bright side though, the tea was delicious and the place and products are all super cute. I loved the boba straw decor they had for the holidays! I might give this Uni Uni location another chance and come back earlier in the day. I think the 5-star potential is there, and I hope my experience was an outlier.

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Uni Uni 攸攸茶 Uni Spice 攸攸堂 Uptown

1130 W Argyle St, Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 878-3333