White Castle

3457 S King Dr, Chicago
(800) 843-2728

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Simone Lumpkin

White Castle is a fast food place for a quick late night meal because They are open late. They serve the usual hamburgers, in lots of variety, drinks, fries, desserts. I mostly visit the drive-thru. The customer service is usually friendly not to long of a wait. You can spot this location from the street with easy access since it is in a mall area. My food is hot when I get it no issues there. They take cash and credit. I don't go inside to much but there are washrooms and seating. Good for kids and adults.

Ileen Kelly

The burgers had absolutely no flavor. Has WC changed their recipe. I tried the Mac Nibblers. The were old, brown not golden hard like the were old and someone microwaved them . Yuk

Gregory Levi

I didn't care how much freezing it was, Polar Vortex or not i needed some Castle burgers. An they were goooood. Got me some loaded fries too and loved them

jessica theodile

My order is always correct and food is always fresh. Go to this location all the time no complaints


Slow service taking orders. It appears the staff is more focused on the drive thru as opposed to the dining area. Average White Castle prices.

Clyde Howard

I visit this white castle quiet often, serve can be slow at times.but the food is decent and the employees are nice.

Romona Jones

Distinctly asked for my shrimp nibbles not be cooked hard where the edges would be crispy hard. Sure enough they were hard and cooked to long. Returned for a refund.THE old they can't cook them any other way. Yes this happens when your grease is not clean. They got an attitude when it was I that should have. This was through the drive thruaround 4:15- 4:30.

J the Vegan

Why wait in drive through for COLD fries, an impossible burger that clearly is a beef burger (tossed it out) and just ok veggie burger. What a disappointment. Silly me for being hungry while driving and thinking I could get a vegan bite from the comfort of my car. Not. Nope, never again.

John Nevill

Friendly staff and one of the cleanest and busiest white castles I've ever been in. Highly recommend if you are needing some white castle. My two doubles were some of the best white castle burgers I've had. The food is hot and cooked perfectly. It was so good that I'm writing a review on Google about a fast food joint.

Antoinette Amick

Is it just me? I don't know what happened, but the burgers taste different. Please bring back the taste

Jade P.

I decided to get White Caste on my way home after a late work night. I was tired and I was starving. I waited in the drive thru lane but decided to park and order inside because it was too slow. Inside I stood a long time at the glass window while employees made eye contact with me and then proceeded to ignore me. A lady stared at me all the way from behind the counter to the restrooms, apparently not interested at all in taking my order. Won't come ever come back.


The full is usually fresh but the service is always always always extremely slow. This is one of the only restaurants that are open 24 hours in the neighborhood.

Eric R.

I love White Castle but this is the worst one ever. Just go to another one. All the customer service is bad. The wait is long for a "fast food" restaurant. There are beggars and rift raft hanging out all the time. My adive is if you really want some White Castle, go to another.

Ashia L.

They don't deserve any stars. Horrible customer service. Long waits. Drive thru did not move for 25 minutes. Don't even waste your time with this sad excuse of a restaurant.

RoseM Ballard

Slow service. Been sick since I ate the meal.


Get an Impossible slider. They don’t taste exactly like traditional sliders-they’re bigger and better. Seriously. Do it.

BigTab In the House

Get an Impossible slider. They don’t taste exactly like traditional sliders-they’re bigger and better. Seriously. Do it.

Deitrich W.

Slid through the drive-thru excited to give the Impossible Burger a 2nd go only to leave impossibly disappointed. After ordering 4 sliders w/ no cheese, the window guy asks me to pull around and park in front of the front door. 15 minutes later, after dealing with/ a parking lot full of panhandlers .. here comes the nice lady w/ bags of sliders .. all of them smothered in cheese. Now I don't have time to wait for another order, so I have to go inside and request a refund. Driving away and my car smells like delicious White Castle burgers that I didn't even get to enjoy. Shameful.

James Singleton

It's White Castle, simple comfort food - but this place is slow making my Impossible Sliders

keshonna morgan

Terrible service the wait was ridiculously long the young ladies were moving slowly and completely forgot about my order then reassured me it would be right up I had to ask for sauce for my chicken rings they didn’t offer it with my order and didn’t put any forks in the bag for the loaded fries or napkins also the bathroom was dirty and out of toliet paper don’t waist your time and eat here from a professional business stand point they get no stars

White Castle
White Castle

White Castle

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