White Castle

3457 S King Dr, Chicago
(800) 843-2728

Recent Reviews

Mike Visby

Do not go here if you are in a hurry. I work nearby, and no matter how many customers they have it is extremely slow every time. Today I go up to order, tells me to please wait, took 5 literal minutes before they came back to take my order. Then waited another 15 minutes for my food.

Anastasia Williams

It's been an hour and I still haven't received my order through uber eats. I've had 3 different drivers go to this location to retrieve my meal and STILL nothing this place is a joke.


Fast food is fast food is fast food. I tried the fish nibblers and the shrimp nibblers. Both were tastier than I thought they would be. The fish was fresh and not too much fried breading. I must admit I was surprised they were as tasty as they were. I don't eat White Castle often but this time was a treat. I will definitely try them again. The shrimp nibblers offered the same fried breading but you knew they were shrimp. I actually liked the fish nibblers better than the shrimp. But either is good.

Joie de Vivre

They stay with the grape pop.

Val Booth

The only place I know where you can get "fresh egg" breakfast sandwich with sausage, bacon etc with a coupon buy one get one free, includes their great coffee or orange juice. ??

Monique Abram

I love white castle especially the burgers best to get them fresh off the grill mozzarella stix onion rings as a former employee of the company they are good

Sherita Rowe

Have always been good taste like when I was a kid.

Dennis Cotledge

Complete menu with a full selection of your most dependable Depends $5 extra for pullem right up suspenders

Alfred Santillano

A second location I visit when I'm near the area. They do get busy on Sundays, food was delicious.

Tyree Gated

Only white castle in the area they good. Only problem is they slow if u go in better do drive through

Shomik Das

Once you get over the stream of people going into the bathroom to shoot up, this is not a bad place to get some great burgers and other delicious little treats when you want them. It is one of the options in the area and serves great burgers. Other than that, this is a pretty standard White Castle

Mary Reed-Ware

It is much cleaner and full of people just hanging around, like you experience at most White Castle location on tye south side. I've never had a problem with the staff.

Alrico Marshall

Fast, friendly, and clean place to eat. But i wouldn't go through drive thru always a long line. Guess no body want to get out of there vehicle.

Xris Martinez

Sliders for my son were hot and just what he wanted.

Karen Lackland

If you had one you've had them all. Tasty

Katherine Odeneal

I couldn't believe how friendly the lady in the drive-thru was! Very courteous.

Charles Woodson

Went here to pick up an order for a friend this is the most nastiest establish I ever been in the workers are unclean that touching in their pockets some are even putting their hands in their mouth and touching people food this establishment smells like a homeless person lives in it I would never order from this place 330am

Taven Nariah

Food is usually good, but the drive thru is SO SLOW - expect to be there for at least 20 minutes, even if there's not many cars!

carla Knox

❤❤❤ love will never stop eating at white castles

Bernita Outlaw

I waited and watched the employees complete several tasks without changing gloves. The young lady running the drive through scratched her head. Touched her ears and head piece while never changing the one glove she had on. I watched the cashier place my order under a heat lamp. Forgot about it. Pretended she was waiting for fries. Took my cold fries out the bag. Dumped them into the fry tray and put the cold fries back in the bag with my cold burgers.

Bizzie Matthews

The food is always good but the customer service is poor. I've had incidents that was bad. One incident, the drive thru person thought it was funny to take my money and not give me my change or food. My lastest incident, the drive thru girl messed up my order by charging me 3x AND messed up my drinks, not giving me what I asked for. I'm not coming back.

Melissa Blanchard

The food was fresh the customer service was great very friendly

Allynne Lee

The food was good and hot, the cashier was very courteous.

THom E. BHoy

The Bullet Proof Glass let's me know the quality of my Burger's are protected by all cost

Maurice Robinson

It's a hit or miss at this one. I walked in because the drive through was long af and to my surprise I was in and out in about 4min. Don't get me wrong, I've ordered and waited over 15 min b4 but I should've known better because of the value of to customers.

Larry Carter

The food was not bad but the service was bad. The server called my order,and when I went to get it, she said another customer was in front of me. Actually I was first,but what difference would that make? Then she gave me a hard time about the bbq sauce I asked for.

Brenda L Alexander

I lov some of there food. I don't like wheat bread. EVERYTHING else is good. the staff members r nice n friendly. the place is clean.

comment on Life

The food was delicious even though I didn't care so much for the neighborhood. Overall I was passing through and had a taste for it.

Corey Jordan

The wait was ridiculously long to even place my order, but I can't blame them because they are popular. The problem worsened when I had to wait an additional 10 minutes for my order to be brought to me. The 3 stars are because they got the order correct.

Sommer PrettyGirlGamer

Their food is overall delicious however they need to move more hastily so that they can be called "fast food" and so that they won't burn the food.


My burgers were awesome, my fries were a little hard. I would still go back

Robert Stephenson

In side service was good. The food had too much salt the sliders and mozzarella cheese sticks. Also, the oil for frying the food was almost black. The oil in all the deep fryers very old.

arianna oneal

The food seem to be cooked to order. Its a little bit of a wait nothing to drastic. I can say its always friendly and fresh.

LaTonia Rowe

They simply do not pay attention at the register. Several of us stood there for quite some time before even being acknowledged

joseluis angeles

First time trying white castle ever and it was as good as I expected. Good food and received my meal fast. The only bad part was thsy it was to hot inside but it was still a good time.

Gilbert Williams

Place was clean employee were friendly and respectful. Had your order ready in a timely manner.

Priscilla Johnson

Usually I love these little soy burgers. But today the whole process was sloppy. The cashiers took forever, my one burger that was supposed to be a double became a single. And it was super cold considering I'd been waiting over 10 minutes. Just know I dont enjoy cold food but didn't have time to take it back.

Reynaldo Martinez

Good food, open 24hrs. If you want something to eat quick and easy

Lekerry Bates

It's a nice place to go if you have a taste for tacos and you not waiting long

Ben G

Impossible Burgers have been a great addition to the menu. Top of the line soda machine. They’ve cleaned up this location lately. There aren’t as many sketchy people hanging out though some older ones still pop in.