White Castle

3457 S King Dr, Chicago
(800) 843-2728

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joseluis angeles

First time trying white castle ever and it was as good as I expected. Good food and received my meal fast. The only bad part was thsy it was to hot inside but it was still a good time.

Gilbert Williams

Place was clean employee were friendly and respectful. Had your order ready in a timely manner.

Priscilla Johnson

Usually I love these little soy burgers. But today the whole process was sloppy. The cashiers took forever, my one burger that was supposed to be a double became a single. And it was super cold considering I'd been waiting over 10 minutes. Just know I dont enjoy cold food but didn't have time to take it back.

Reynaldo Martinez

Good food, open 24hrs. If you want something to eat quick and easy

Lekerry Bates

It's a nice place to go if you have a taste for tacos and you not waiting long

Ben G

Impossible Burgers have been a great addition to the menu. Top of the line soda machine. They’ve cleaned up this location lately. There aren’t as many sketchy people hanging out though some older ones still pop in.

Denise Foster

My friend Joel is an official Chicagoan because he thoroughly enjoyed his White Castle for the 1st time. My chicken rings are on point. Great quick service.

Sidney Stover

The ladies working that store had a pretty good line at the drive thur.. and they kept it moving.. I was impressed.. great job ladies of the castle..

Rolando Reynosa

First ever visit and it did not disappoint. Harold and Kumar - your quest was a noble one. It's a 👍 for me

Revenge A.

Empty af and u still forget my fries. Stop being so hung up in other customers business or not knowing how to handle a high pressured situation.... I'm so upset I really wanted their fries!

Mr. Brown

Great late-night snack. Open 24 hours. Customer service could be a little better. It's the attention to detail that matters to the customer. Could be a bit cleaner with people sleeping at tables. But other then that it's old faithful whitecastle.

Simone Lumpkin

White Castle is a fast food place for a quick late night meal because They are open late. They serve the usual hamburgers, in lots of variety, drinks, fries, desserts. I mostly visit the drive-thru. The customer service is usually friendly not to long of a wait. You can spot this location from the street with easy access since it is in a mall area. My food is hot when I get it no issues there. They take cash and credit. I don't go inside to much but there are washrooms and seating. Good for kids and adults.

Ileen Kelly

The burgers had absolutely no flavor. Has WC changed their recipe. I tried the Mac Nibblers. The were old, brown not golden hard like the were old and someone microwaved them . Yuk

Gregory Levi

I didn't care how much freezing it was, Polar Vortex or not i needed some Castle burgers. An they were goooood. Got me some loaded fries too and loved them

jessica theodile

My order is always correct and food is always fresh. Go to this location all the time no complaints


Slow service taking orders. It appears the staff is more focused on the drive thru as opposed to the dining area. Average White Castle prices.

Clyde Howard

I visit this white castle quiet often, serve can be slow at times.but the food is decent and the employees are nice.

Romona Jones

Distinctly asked for my shrimp nibbles not be cooked hard where the edges would be crispy hard. Sure enough they were hard and cooked to long. Returned for a refund.THE old they can't cook them any other way. Yes this happens when your grease is not clean. They got an attitude when it was I that should have. This was through the drive thruaround 4:15- 4:30.

J the Vegan

Why wait in drive through for COLD fries, an impossible burger that clearly is a beef burger (tossed it out) and just ok veggie burger. What a disappointment. Silly me for being hungry while driving and thinking I could get a vegan bite from the comfort of my car. Not. Nope, never again.

John Nevill

Friendly staff and one of the cleanest and busiest white castles I've ever been in. Highly recommend if you are needing some white castle. My two doubles were some of the best white castle burgers I've had. The food is hot and cooked perfectly. It was so good that I'm writing a review on Google about a fast food joint.

White Castle
White Castle

White Castle

3457 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616