White Castle in Chicago

White Castle - 10301 S Michigan Ave

Rating: 4.4

10301 S Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60628
(773) 995-6618

Drove through the drive-thru made my order and I had it within 10 minutes of me making it it was quick do you have to wait too long and it was it was about 12 a.m. in the morning one of my favorite place to grab something to eat late at night because they are always open

White Castle - 5618 W North Ave

Rating: 4.3

5618 W North Ave, Chicago IL 60639
(773) 889-0194

Fresh fast Service never too crowded booyah

White Castle - 6646 S Halsted St

Rating: 4.3

6646 S Halsted St, Chicago IL 60621
(773) 873-1855

Awesome im always in and out

White Castle - 3132 Harlem Ave

Rating: 4.2

3132 Harlem Ave, Chicago IL 60634
(773) 889-1358

Always great food as well as nice workers there...

White Castle - 4900 W 73rd St

Rating: 4

4900 W 73rd St, Chicago IL 60638
(708) 458-4450

Great team

White Castle - 6901 S Western Ave

Rating: 4

6901 S Western Ave, Chicago IL 60636
(773) 776-0622

I give it 4 stars beacause it went kinda long for a fast food place.But the food was good and fresh.

White Castle - 3212 W Addison St

Rating: 3.9

3212 W Addison St, Chicago IL 60618
(773) 539-2505

Never been to a White Castle before. Easy menu and bbq brisket slider was a really pleasant surprise for a snack. Didn’t wait long not do more that they are very small hence a normal meal would be 4!of them.

White Castle - 2140 S Wabash Ave

Rating: 3.8

2140 S Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60616
(312) 949-0717

Seriously the nicest White Castle I've ever been to! Restaurant looks brand new and is spotless. I'm a little biased, because I love me some white castle... But I think White Castle is THE BEST burger you can get. They recently introduced the impossible burger, which is a great meatless option and tastes totally delicious!...read more

White Castle - 1400 W 79th St

Rating: 3.8

1400 W 79th St, Chicago IL 60620
(773) 651-1763

Traditional goodness at a good price. Fast hot service and a menu with something for everyone.

White Castle - 2356 Roosevelt Rd

Rating: 3.8

2356 Roosevelt Rd, Chicago IL 60608
(312) 226-9472

Good polite service, usually get the order right, good food is cooked to order, and open 24hrs

White Castle - 9450 S Jeffery Ave

Rating: 3.8

9450 S Jeffery Ave, Chicago IL 60617
(773) 768-8328

When I don't want my Double Jalapeno Cheeseburger, the Shrimp Nibblers are my second favorite! I do like the Fish Nibblers too! The drive thru person(s) are always pleasant.

White Castle - 4750 W 63rd St

Rating: 3.7

4750 W 63rd St, Chicago IL 60629
(773) 767-6765

You can never go wrong with white castles. They are one burger that has stay true to their authenticity since the beginning of the history of White Castles. People come to Chicago and look for White Castles who would have thought that then little Burger would be so popular but it is and they're open 24 hours. They were...read more

White Castle - 5940 N Ridge Ave

Rating: 3.7

5940 N Ridge Ave, Chicago IL 60660
(773) 271-9638

If you've lived in Chicago long enough, like us, you've probably learned faster and less crowded routes to navigate north, south and west of the downtown area to avoid the hassle of the expressways. Like Roosevelt Road (west) or Western Avenue (south) or Ridge Avenue (north). Along the way, you'll never know what you'll...read more

White Castle - 7550 Harlem Ave

Rating: 3.7

7550 Harlem Ave, Chicago IL 60631
(773) 763-7895

Tasty and cozy. Very fast service and very polite staff!

White Castle - 1550 E 79th St

Rating: 3.6

1550 E 79th St, Chicago IL 60619
(773) 768-2453

I love white Castle because the burgers are so fresh and tasty! We don't have one where I live but I grew up in Chicago and I fell in love with them as a child so it's always a treat when I get them!

White Castle - 3901 W Madison St

Rating: 3.6

3901 W Madison St, Chicago IL 60624
(773) 722-7568

White Castle have delicious food their you should try it when you have the funds that's said?

White Castle - 1550 West Garfield Boulevard

Rating: 3.5

1550 West Garfield Boulevard, Chicago IL 60609
(773) 471-2114


White Castle - 7912 S Pulaski Rd

Rating: 3.5

7912 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago IL 60652
(773) 585-1296

I have always gotten great service and the staff has always been very pleasant.

White Castle - 3205 S Ashland Ave

Rating: 3.3

3205 S Ashland Ave, Chicago IL 60608
(773) 523-3456

Great food i get special orders all the time and they make my burgers like i love them. Great service all the time every time. I go here one to two times a week at 5:50 a.m. They offer a few new items and there chicken slider is great. If you have not been at White Castle try it at least once and take 5 minutes the...read more

White Castle - 3457 S King Dr

Rating: 3.3

3457 S King Dr, Chicago IL 60616
(800) 843-2728

White Castle is a fast food place for a quick late night meal because They are open late. They serve the usual hamburgers, in lots of variety, drinks, fries, desserts. I mostly visit the drive-thru. The customer service is usually friendly not to long of a wait. You can spot this location from the street with easy access...read more
White Castle
White Castle

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