Steak 'n Shake

408 S Gilbert St, Danville
(217) 443-1092

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Been years since I’ve ate here. The food was very fresh!! Same great taste?

Tim Weidenhamer

The positive first. The food was really well made. However, the floor looked like it was mopped with muddy water, I know because I slipped in a puddle and fell on the floor. Only one warning sign back near the front counter. The mud I had to wash off me did not come off easy. Just nasty. After I fell, they put out a couple of wet floor signs and dried up the puddle. The rest of the day I had dirty clothes back pain and a headache. Nice bruises too.

Wicked Science

Stopped during our road trip. Food was out super fast. Fresh food and friendly staff. Clean and great prices.

Krystal H

Always so polite and nice. Food is always made right and taste great.

Amanda Booe

Great customer service, is almost as good as their food. Great place to eat...

lil skeet skeet

Terrible service especially the manager!!! I had 4 steak burgers and they gave me something completely different! I went to the manager 3 times after the he third time the manager said something I could not believe I got their name Chris or Christopher she said and I quote either get a refund or go to Lee’s fried chicken. I’m black by the way. Steak ‘n Shake will hire anybody nowadays especially racists. If you want to go to steak ‘n Shake, don’t go here go to one with no racist managers. Every time I come to this restaurant it’s always dirty. The tables are never cleaned. The bathrooms are very messy and the floors are stained.

Josh Fitzwater

Be a lot better if they actually had waiters or waitresses but it seems like it's went really cheap

John M.

Not crazy about the whole place your order on the kiosks versus people taking my order but times being what they are I certainly understand. My wife and I entered our order, sat down and waited to be called. When a gentleman came to our table and asked if I was John. I said yes and he delivered our meal, though not quite what I thought it should have been. I asked about the fries we ordered and he said we didn't order any. Moments later he returned with a basket of fries for us on the house. My mistake fixed by someone else. That's the kind of service I won't forget.

Christine York

You know Steak and Shake has always been my place cuz it's been around for a very long time and their food is always excellent always go there by I'm going to get a sandwich just like a steak

Tim B

This place has gone downhill. The burgers aren't as tasty and juicy as the used to be. The real problem is the cleanliness of the place. No other customers, yet EVERY single table was dirty. Had to ask someone to clean a table so we could sit & eat. They did a quick wipe & walked off. Table still dirty. We had to ask for a wet rag & do it ourselves in order to get a clean table. "Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits" apparently doesn't include tables. If the dining room isn't being cleaned, what does the backroom look like?We won't be back.

Joshua Cooprider

We’ve eaten here about 20 times just this year. As soon as we are seated the homemade chips and delicious salsa hits the table. The waiter gets our food and drink orders and they are out before we know it. Everyone is so friendly and this makes for a great dining experience. It is our families favorite restaurant!


Food was good. You order from a tablet yourself. Taking away more jobs. Maybe soon they will have you cook your own food. Also the hours on the internet are wrong. More stars would be given if they would correct these issues.

cinna shaker

Table was sticky but food was good. They give you a mountain of French fries couldn't eat them all.

Amanda Hardwick

Ordered online had it selected for a specific time, I showed up a few min early my food was still being made ! Absolutely love the fact I was able to see my food be made and I knew it was hot! The staff greeted me at the door as soon as I opened it && more than one of the staff members made sure I was waited on! Thank you all so much ! Thanks to this specific location I won’t have to rush myself to get back to work and or eat before my lunch hour ends !!!

Heather Harsson

Do t really get to eat here but when I do it's always amazing... best fries ever... loved it

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