Kansas City Barbecue Pit

2645 N Oakland Ave, Decatur
(217) 220-6090

Recent Reviews

Steve Allen

I had the best pulled pork sandwich. The smoked taste was perfect and the sauce Fantastic!

Jennifer Harr

Fantastic food and even better service. super friendly and fun. Delicious lunch. Thank you my SVU loving friend.

Patty Carron

Its good but 1 question how you forget to put bbq on my brisket?

Kristin Ann

Our family came to the Decatur air show from 2 hours away. We were wanting bbq and just did a Google search. We are so glad it brought us here. The food was amazing, my husband is in a wheelchair and was able to get into the restaurant with no problem. Our kids ate every single bite of their meals. From the brisket, rib tips, nachos, to the fresh corn bread, every thing was incredible! The staff was also incredibly kind and accommodating! Highly recommend if you’re in the area!!!

Alecia H

Listen, when I tell you this is value for money. You can feed your whole family without breaking the bank. Food tastes great! Well seasoned and delicious. The owners were also very nice. Customer service was great! I'd definitely hit them up again if I'm passing through.

Tyler Titgen

I moved to IL less than a week ago. Up until 3 years ago I lived in South Texas my whole life. I love to spend hours on on doing a low and slow grill on ribs etc. After I left, I moved to the East Coast followed by the Pacific Northwest before I made it here. Needless to say I didn't find exactly the greatest BBQ.Driving by KC BBQ this morning and seeing their pit smoking caught my eye immediately. I've never had the chance to try a more midwestern style type of BBQ so I went in for lunch. The family running the business were absolutely fantastic and kind. On top of all of that, I don't' think I've ever had my ribs from a restaurant peel off the bone like they did. Highly recommended and I'm very glad I found a go-to spot. Extremely affordable and quick.Thanks all!

Julie Lowry

Very small sitting area but very accommodating to our group, we took both of their tables & most of the chairs.The meat & bbq sauce was great. And I suggest you add the sauce to the Mac & cheese.I also enjoyed the menu size options, I had the two rib meal that was perfect for me, but the bigger meals fit the bigger guys.


This place has the most delicious bbq I’ve had in awhile. I absolutely love the smoky flavor of the wings and rib tips that I had. You get a decent amount and a wonderful quality meal for what you pay. Keep up the amazing work guys!

Joshua DeBolt

My first time there on a lunch break. Staff was pretty cool but me and my bud got 2 pork sandwiches each and not much meat. The guy said he just took the meat out but was hardly warm. Idk maybe caught them at a bad time.

Virgil Bilbrey

I have been here many times and tried almost everything on the menu and have to tell you everything is great one thing that is my favorite is the rib tips unbelievable how good those things are the people who run the place are first-class respectable people I will be going back often as I have for a while now

Tina Wallace

Tell me the best peach cobbler I've ever had in my life I will go back to this establishment just for the desserts

G Yi

It was fantastic! Real smoked chicken wings and brisket were full of flavor. Excellent, excellent!

Sara Jarvis

I was in Decatur visiting my father for Father’s Day. I asked him what he wanted to eat. Kansas City BBQ Pit he said without skipping a beat.So we drove over there and let me tell you WOW!!! Wow wow wow wow wow.We ordered the slab of ribs, potato salad and baked beans.The first thing I have to say is, those were the best ribs I’ve ever had. The meat fell off the bone. The right amount of sauce was on the ribs. The seasoning was on point.I could tell that the food was cooked with love. Like who ever is doing the cooking really cares about what they put out.The potato salad and beans were delicious too.This could be a nation wide chain restaurant. If they opened up in my town, it would definitely be on the top of my list of places to eat.I was happy to spend the day with my father and he still knows what’s best

Sara Jarvis

My dad wanted to eat here for Father’s Day. I live in Las Vegas and wasn’t familiar with what Decatur had to offer.

Patricia Ackles

This was my first time going there! The guys were very friendly, food was outstanding, tried smoked potatoes could not eat all my food as I had pulled pork sandwich also! I will be back! As they have a great variety on menu. If you weren't hungry before going you will be as the aroma made me want to eat!!! Very clean has couple of tables to eat inside kitchen seemed very organized!!!! Good job guys.

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