Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

2999 N Monroe St, Decatur
(217) 619-8360

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Maribel Ziga

On weekends, we take a break from me cooking at home and dine in at a restaurant. Tonight we chose Perkins. My first time here. The waitress was very nice and attentive. We got there 15 min before close. Google hours are not accurate since COVID-19. My youngest ordered a burger and her fries came on the side. Husband had breakfast and since i trained for a half marathon i naturally choose healthier options and had fish. Food is good. The kids received cookies with their meal and the hubs and i took a pie to go. Their pies are really good. Typical wait time for food to be served. Asked my kiddos if they would like to come back and they all agreed with a yes. So this speaks for itself. If kids will eat, it is always a plus in my book ?.

Pattie Dannewitz

It was ok. They lost our order we waited an hour even though the place wasn't busy. But busy with door dash and phone calls and short handed. My friend dinner was cold and not cooked good.

Lewis Jordan

Just had an awesome breakfast that's all very good

John E. Six

It was fine I was not rusted the food was ?

Daniel Temkin

Service was great, breakfast skillets excellent. And the pumpkin muffins, omg. We bought 6 to go, they are gone in 2 days.

Dale Leckrone

Enjoyed my dinner and the server was very helpfull and attentive. Recived a free Strawberry Crisp because they made too many. Food was good for the price.

Adam Agee

Perkings is cooking for Mr beast burgers out the back only ffor delivery lol and it's fire got go to uber eats to order just popped up on my uber eats app today had the beast burger for breakfast it's pricey but it's fire

Bill Norris

Good food,good prices,and excellent service

Christal Ridgley

We where in the area. After spending a fun filled day at the hospital. My hubby took me out for a surprise dinner. I was a little shocked to hear the staff yelling at each other from kitchen to dinning room. I ordered breakfast . Sausage patties, hash browns crispy, over medium eggs and biscuit. The sausage patties tasted like spam. Gave me lots of crispy hash browns (yummy). Tried for three times to get my eggs right. I ended up eating them anyway. They were nowhere near what I ordered. An I am still trying to figure out the biscuit was. Over baked on outside not very tasty on the inside. It just tasted it. Left it on plate. I ate what I could because my husband was so thoughtful an took me out for dinner after a long day. So I wouldn't have to cook. I ate everything I did with a big smile on my face. Didn't want him to think I was ungrateful. Don't know if I would go there again. The atmosphere was run down . The staff childish. Food nothing to write home about. My husband after 20 years I wouldn't trade him in for the world. Love him dearly. Perkins not so much.

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In Fall the Pumpkin Whipped Topping Pie is the best

Jamie Mcpherson

Not very good. Cod filet was like big fish sticks, greasy and tough. The asparagus was good. And it was Monday so we got free slice of pie.

Summer Backstein

Although the server staff is great, the management is rude, inconsiderate, & will not resolve any food issues. The wait time thru the week is totally unacceptable, even when I could clearly see they definitely was not busy. As far as their online ordering, DONT DO IT!! It the worst!!! Your food will not only be wrong but also way way over cooked. Plus don't try and call the restaurant, I tried for a couple hours at their opening and mid-day times & they won't answer.


The best omelets made with butter. Looking to go back soon

Ryan Travis

Unless customer service improves, avoid. I doubt this place will be here long. Over the course of the last month or two, I have consistently had terrible service here. The food is pretty good, but everything else has gone to pot. Once I waited 15 minutes to be set. Another time, I had to listen to the phone ring off the wall for 10 minutes with no one answer it. Another time, I sat in the seat 17 minutes before I walked out with no one taking my order. Tonight, my appetizer came AFTER my meal, and the server was sitting in the booth behind me chatting with a friend -- a friend, who was dancing around in the pew and slamming the booth up against my back. Enough! This place is circling the drain.

Pamela Medley

The food was mediocre, service was slow for how empty the restaurant was. We had to ask multiple times for refills/to go boxes/the check. I remember now why we hadn't been there in 2 years.

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