243 E Decatur St, Decatur
(217) 620-1013

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pjthesperhog Gooden

Food nice portion but EXTREMELY SALTYFood: 1/5

S B.

This spot was on my bucket list we drove 600 miles to sample his rib tips. Owner Perry greated us with a huge smile that was genuine and bespoke the depth of his heart and love for people. Rib tips were perfectly seasoned, piping hot and unusually tender. I tried to stop with one helping, but my stomach refused to be denied. This was a trip we had planned for more than 2 years and we were NOT disappointed! Add PT's to your list of BBQ'll be glad you did.

Unita B.

Love it, Love it. The pork sandwiches are my favorite. You will love their food in Springfield & Decatur locations. So go try it.

Derrick Hugger

Great taste and favorable bbq sauce

Angela A Grant

Good morning I enjoyed always and my specialty is a the pork sandwich it's always hot and a generosity of me staff cashier cooks are very nice and easy going ??✌️?

Tahya Houston

We got chopped chicken and it was spectacular. On the spicy side if you’re a pansy like me but still very good! $6 for 2 was an insanely great price, we appreciate that very much!

John M.

Yee haw. Man was this place good. Half slab of ribs cooked just right, had you licking your fingers. Mac and cheese side was good. Collards were okay, I'd pick something else next time-but I'm picky on my collards. I'd say it's the best actually bbq in Decatur and Springfield

DeWayne McDaniels

It was excellent, every bite.

Kenya Jones

Good ribs I must say!! I love them polishes but been out for a week so of them?Place just looks dirty ...make over would be nice!!

Joanne B.

The bbq was great. The sides were not for me. I can't speak for anyone else. Try it you might like it

Recipe Mamma

I just called this restaurant. I am visiting from Chicago and I was told to call the other number. I called the other number and got a voicemail of a man who sounds like he was in the bed! My husband walks through the door and was told it would be a twenty minute wait. What's the point of having a phone service if you are going to avoid taking orders. This is exactly why we do not want to do business with our own people. Start taking care of business and take care of the people who are keeping you in business! If you have the demand for peach cobbler on Saturday!! Make it available! This is how you lose customers!!! Then he tells me to send a text. Unorganized chaos !!!

Flicia Daniels

Best BBQ I have ever tasted Highly recommend

Zarina Parsons

Love the chopped chicken sandwich and rib tips

Shayna Heasley

I can't eat a lot of BBQ and this was my 1st visit to Pat's BBQ, but let me tell you what.. These were the best Rib Tips I have had in a long time!! We also got pulled pork sandwiches but I have not eaten mine yet. I've been to busy chowing on the rib tips. They are juicy, tender and just have such an amazing flavor. Give them a try if you haven't already. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Richard Dart

I just recently went to PT's for lunch and the same day I went back to get dinner because it was so good and the price is great for what you get..

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