Steak 'n Shake

2250 Mount Zion Rd, Decatur
(217) 864-6592

Recent Reviews

Terry Stalions

I don't review chain restaurants, but WOW this place has great food. Even better burgers than some of the local eateries I visited. Good fresh fries too, hot and tasty!Food: 5/5

Reese Tener

They short you on a quarter of a milkshake every time. Never have had a full one

Dustin Dodson

Love their shakes... Especially the Nutella shake.

Thomas S.

Good Food like 3 years ago but i missed a waiter and don't like ordrering on that Kiosk. But the milkshakes are worth to stop there.

Connie Gudgel

Won't be back for a meal.Might go back for a milkshake ?I don't like how steak n shake has changed!!!!

Angela “Anjie” Norman

No more portobello mushrooms or Royale burgers ????☠️

Michael Bennett

Ok food but I want a waiter and waitress to come back and get rid of the stupid kiosks

Craig Hunsicker

Their garlic butter burger is amazing, but we spent 35 minutes in drive thru and they forgot a frank.

Bob Karcher

Fast and friendly service! Love this place!

Invisible Individual

They stopped selling their chicken tenders. WTFrick! Thank Zeus for Krekels!!!

Kim Baker

A minor thing, but I don't like the new Milkshake straws, they're paper & get soggy & the hole is to big, my kids didn't even like them...

OB Perry

Cheap plastic spoons and forks that made eating very difficult. I don't think they can continue like this very long. Better off getting carry out and taking home.

Charles Richardson

The only reason I gave it 5 stars was for the employees.

Brandon Hott

The only thing I don't like about the new steak n shake is the kiosks. Call me old fashioned but I want the servers back like it used to be.

Jody Welch

I want waited on.....can't customize

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