Salamandra Restaurant

105 W 1st St, Dixon
(815) 285-0874

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krishna jayachandran

"I recently ordered some homemade tacos, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The use of homemade ingredients really made a noticeable difference in the overall flavor and quality of the tacos. The standout for me was the salsa, which had a unique and vibrant taste thanks to the homemade ingredients. It perfectly balanced the flavors of the other components and added a delightful kick to every bite.The tortillas were soft and had a wonderful texture that enhanced the taco-eating experience. They were the perfect vessel for the flavorful fillings and didn't overpower the taste with excessive doughiness. I appreciated the attention to detail in making sure the tortillas were just right.Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the homemade ingredients used in these tacos. The flavors were well-balanced, and the tacos were satisfying without being too heavy. If you're looking for a truly authentic and delicious taco experience, I highly recommend trying these homemade tacos. You won't be disappointed!"

Terry Ming

Being from Texas, I'm looking for a good Mexican restaurant and I've found it here. Top drawer!!!!!????Food: 5/5

PJ Mullins

I had Salamandra Restaurant cater my husband's birthday party in early May 2023. Everyone on staff was very friendly, and treated me like an old friend by the delivery.Delivery and set up was on time and professional. Food was AMAZING!!Everyone raved...thank you!PJ

Olivia Ciolino

Whitest mexican food ive ever had. Portions were small. Waitress was very nice but overall mid food 1/10.

Krista Lynne

Nice place downtown next to everything . Delicious food. Great service, and friendly waitress.. Definitely recommend when in area.Food: 5/5

Ryan Latvaitis

Visited them during Dixon's Christmas Celebration for dinner. They had a few set meals for that evening. On the basis of that burrito I would not visit again. I'm sure they're capable of doing better. Will they?

Cathy Skinner

Food was very good. Very friendly. Asked us more than once if everything was ok.Food: 5/5

Elyse W

We ordered carry-out on a Friday afternoon. Ready in minutes. Staff was personable and helpful.We chose #17, (cheese) Enchiladas Rojas. The meal comes with three enchiladas; we added a fourth in order to split the meal. Refried pinto beans were a little liquid; rice was ok. The meal comes with a few tortilla chips + salsa. The chips were fresh and crisp; mild salsa was thick and tasty.The white cheese on enchiladas and refried beans is a common Mexican cheese (Chihuahua cheese, used by many Mexican restaurants). It's NOT parmesan cheese.Our main issue is that carry-out food is in styrofoam containers. And order is packaged in a one-time-use plastic bag.We wish for black beans rather than pinto beans. But maybe that's not a factor for their main clientele.

carissa matthews

Barley got any chips and salsa. Ordered nacho cheese for our chips too and didn't come till our chips were already gone. Beans were practically water. Ordered a burrito and it tasted like dish soap. Would have loved to wash it down with a drink but never once got a refill. Never once got asked how the food was. Would have loved extra sour cream but couldn't get the waitresses to stop talking to each other at the counter. Seems like you only get good service if you know the people working.

BJ Miller

Food really is good but I man, portion size is WAY too small for the price. I usually have left overs but here, I could eat 2 dinners and still have room for more. They literally gave me 5 chips with the salsa.

Jacob Galloway

Bad food, bad service. Do not recommend at all. Was easy to tell the frier oil was old and everything was way overcooked. The chips were burned, the flautas were rock hard and the chimichanga was soaked in a green sauce that made it soggy. The sign says masters of salsa but it was terrible too - it was basically water with some spices in it. We could not eat any of it. We were the only customers the service was still terrible. The staff was not friendly at all. Find somewhere else to eat!

Michelle Sloat

Food was great guss wants to go back

Catherine Decker

Excellent service, great food, prices are reasonable, clean restaurant.

James Spencer

Always good food. Try to go there every time I am up that way

Gabriel Zalasar

Wow their carnitas were delicious and the margarita to wash it down was even better ???

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