Sunset Grille

703 15th Ave, East Moline
(309) 755-5025

Recent Reviews

Beverly P.

Love this place! Food is good and the owner is really cute. Great place to have tacos, pizza, and wings.

Haley B.

$1.25 mixed drinks? Yes please!! The Old Palace Tavern is a crusty old bar in an unsavory area of East Moline. I met a friend and her parents there after a night of line dancing at her parents' dance hall, The Silver Spur. The bartender encouraged us to hurry if we wanted food, as the kitchen was closing soon, and we got our order in just under the wire. There were several small booths available, perfect for chatting. We got a generous order of onion rings that tasted pretty good, though a few were overcooked. The Old Palace is an ancient bar, and I loved taking in the old tile and woodwork. Unfortunately, it was deader than a doornail the whole time we were there (a Friday night from about 9:30-midnight). If there had been just a small sampling of the neighborhood regulars that I'm sure exist, this would be a fun and interesting place to return. Their Facebook page boasts pictures of a full house on game days and in the afternoon. Maybe I'll make The Old Palace a destination for day drinking, but I probably won't be back on a weekend night.

Ruth B.

Went to the palace with two friends who'd never been there. I had a great grilled chicken salad with just a bit too much lettuce but I definitely order it again. One friend had the chicken satay sandwich a rare find in the Quad Cities, and it was pretty good. The other had chicken nachos which were okay but the cheese was like Velveeta. Overall we were pleased with the service and Ambiance. There aren't many restaurants in the Quad Cities with such a pleasant vintage feel.

Boogie Woogie B.

Disclosure: My 4 star review has NOTHING to do with the service, food, management, ownership, drinks, etc... This review is based only on the fact that this establishment is a historic landmark with an enormous amount of unseen potential. I've poured plenty of booze down my throat at the Palace. The history and potential to make this one of the best places in the QC is what this review is about. If I had the opportunity to buy and invest in this place...I certainly would. The problem lies in the lack of vision people in the general area have...especially the business owners. The way this place is run, no matter who the owners are, makes it no different than any watering hole in town. Lack luster vibe, no ability to pour vintage cocktails, poor character in its employees, etc...all make it a business to not remember. If the Palace only tapped into what it has...historic building, bar, location...and ran on it to make it a valued venue it could really be something worth mentioning. However, it's just a place on the corner with lots of potential going to waste like the rest of downtown East Moline and the rest of the QC.

Mike O.

Been coming here ,regularly , for 17 yrs. It has changed ownership twice during those years. Burgers are a fresh off the grill taste, fries could improve. Pizza , has a feathery crust, sauce is tangy, with a light hint of pepper spice. Cheese, is abundant. Prices could be better. This is hometown bar with deep roots and many generations calling this their bar. The past 6 years I have been greatly disappointed with the management and service. The lunch buffet runs out on occasion when your pressed for time. The bartenders can decide when they close the bar, so a group of us were told, last call, 4 hours before closing time. The 'YOUNG BARTENDERS' told us they can shut down early when they, 'THE YOUNG BARTENDERS' consider the bar slow. Yeah, ok, let's shut down at 11pm on a weekend ,so you , 'YOUNG BARTENDERS', can go,and sit at a bar on a weekend, we will just go home. This happens often. So much for a place you call your own. I miss going in there because of the past, but I doesn't feel welcoming, anymore. Waiting for a new owner..........

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