Taco Bell

699 IL-203, East St Louis
(618) 875-5800

Recent Reviews

Coureur De Bois

Very poor service rude people the food is average

Justin Bouche

Very poor service rude people the food is average

Judy Christensen

Stacked Tacos web page and TV Advertised for 1.00! I purchased ten and was charged 1.29 each. I went on line and complained but heard nothing!

Mike Watt

Always have a good experience here. Better than most truck stop fast food restaurants

Cinnamon Kilburn

Cashier Diamond was extremely rude. Her manager stood and watched as she disrespected both myself and my girlfriend.


These 5stars are for Leroy an outstanding employee that needs to be in management, he was the only one hustling taking orders cleaning tables being very polite. While others played on their phones and chatted with freinds. Good luck Leroy

Amy M.

He staff here are great my order is always right and food is always hot and fresh. Cant say that about alot of taco bell's. This one is a favorite of mine.

Famo Amo

He staff here are great my order is always right and food is always hot and fresh. Cant say that about alot of taco bell's. This one is a favorite of mine.

Bogdan Mihai Bdl

Customer service and food prepared it’s just a big joke. Second time in my life when I buy something and just tossed

Nauj Solrac

Very poor service and nacho cheese sauce was spoil nachos taste baddd

Tonya Turnbough

If I could give 0 stars, I would.

Yvonna Johnson

Got the 2x the meat Grande nacho box it barely had meat there was like a half scoop of refried beans no guacamole just a box full of nachos. I told the lady her name was Barbara she said it’s only two scoops of meat and I showed her how much was in the box but she did nothing. My kids wouldn’t even have gotten full off of that. My boyfriend had got the chalupa it was cold his burrito was nasty. And do top it off the cook had an attitude. I won’t be back to this location EVER AGAIN!

Christopher Kuttler

Make sure you check your bag. They shorted me a 5 dollar steak quesaritto.

Dave Wright

Best taco bell around. Miss Rose is an absolute treasure. Our complicated order is almost always correct and fresh, especially if she is working. We skip 2 other taco bells in town and only go here.

Christopher S.

Who would have thought that a Taco Bell attached to a Pilot Truck Stop, across from a race track, in the middle of nowhere would make some of the most delicious food on a consistent basis. I always try to hit this place up when we come back from visiting my wife's parents in Illinois heading back to St. Louis. They have nice people that work there. I can only imagine the people that come through that drive-thru, so it must take the patience of a Saint to work there. It's crazy, our food is always hot, cooked to order and most importantly...it's all in the bag when we get home. I guess you can't judge a Taco Bell by its location.

Whitney L Huffman

Poor, poor, poor!!! Absolutely no customer service skills or attitude!!! We've placed many orders at this particular Taco Bell, with several of them being very large dollar amounts-($50-60). As of recent, our last order, which was a very large order, and included a special requested item, was a total disaster. Several of our orders in the past have also been made incorrectly. On our last visit, with the large order that we placed, there was no one else in line, in front of us or behind us, and the Taco Bell team members were too busy engaging in a private conversation to pay any attention to us, or our order, and we had to ask several times, to make sure that they were doing our order correctly, and no one seemed to care at all. They were extremely rude and could have cared less that they were there to do a job, instead of engaging in a conversation! After leaving and checking our order, many of our items were made incorrectly, and there were many ingredients missing! Unless if we absolutely have to go to this Taco Bell for some unknown reason again in the future, we won't be back. This is the absolute worst Taco Bell store we have ever been to across the entire United States, and yes, we have been to many all over the United States!

Audra L.

Was working at the dragstrip across the road... my employee was hungry. I dropped him off to get tacos. Came out with a bag of weed the cashier sold him. Seriously?!?! Swear on my life.

Kathy Butler

Great place to grab a quick bite day or night

William Scroggins

If u like your sour cream on one end this is the place for you if you like your bean and beef combo burrito with with one on each end served with a globe of sour cream on the end this place is for you

Samantha B.

Came in sat down to wait for husband, looked over and one of the gal workers spilled a bunch of straws on floor, bends over picks them up and yes you guessed it! She put them in with the other straws. Yes they are paper covered but you need to use your fingers, some bite the end off to get straw out. So now you have fingered your straw paper then straw, now you hold your food. EEEEW! Just for that they get one star! Kinda not sure about eating here....

Google Name

LOVE THIS TACO BELL. I am serious. This place is great. Always feel welcome and the food is always accurate and fresh. I don't know what some of you others are doing wrong who are complaining, but for me this place is numero uno!

Verlon Jenkins

Didn't get half our order. They wasn't busy so had to be they just didn't care if it was right