Buffalo Wild Wings

851 US-51, Forsyth
(217) 877-8370

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Heather Bicknell

this place is an absolute mess. super slow and food took an hour to come out. when asked what was going on waiter said yeah we had call offs so were short staffed. warn people if they are going to be waiting that long for some burgers and chicken.


This is the 5th time this location had been ridiculously messed up and our last time giving them the benefit of the doubt. It's honestly one thing to get an order wring and fix it it's another yo give your food to someone else and make you wait another 30 min for food while you have kids in the car they also refused to just give us our money back. It's pur last time doing this I'm so over it which is sad because it used to have the best wings in town

SpaceAge Productions

Apparently today October 16, 2022 is Bring Your Child to Work Day for Buffalo Wild Wings! After walking in the door around 1245PM I stood at the door waiting to be seated for 10 mins with no other people waiting. After being seated I waited for another 10 mins and still not see a server in sight! Although I did witness the manager talking to the server about her drama she had the night before and witness the manager also take care of her young child while she was working(if ya wanna call it work). After deciding to leave I stopped and asked for the manager in charge. I confronted the manager on her wrong doing and asked for her district managers number and the corporate number. She proceed to ask me to wait while she “retrieved” it. After waiting for another 5 mins and her lack of return I left. This location has gradually started going down hill.

Bill Weimer

My wife ordered the All American burger, which is supposed to be 2 patties. It only had 1 patty. She asked for everything on it. It came with 4 pickles. And for this, she waited an hour because they had trouble thawing out the burger.I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, and it was pretty good. It’s the only reason they get 2 stars.Normally, the food is very good. They were definitely having a bad night tonight!!!


Very poorly run location. My waitress was extremel slow, and the cook put sauce on a third of the wings. To top that, the girl who brought out my queso and chips delivered it to the wrong table, then took it back and checked with my waitress where it was going to go. Gave me the same queso and chips that was delivered to another table. Gross!!

Getting Baked with Buddha

All I can say about their manager is WOW!!! She was the best and definitely took her job to the next level. I will be back and order from here more often just because she is amazing. The boneless wings were a little tough but the onion rings, a burger and fries were delicious.


Over priced for fast food quality food. Service is best can be for staff. Could be a little bit more a tentative to customers.

Debbie Evans

Haven't been here any years only reason we came yesterday was because of the outside seating and and the outside seating is very disappointing disgusting not kept up and looked terrible Food was fine service was fine but don't know if I will visit anytime soon

— “‪Muskrat Steve‬” —

Some of the staff here are great, like the wait staff and entry hosts. Some of the staff ruin the whole visit almost everytime. They are rude to each other and rude to customers. I don't know names but you can not be trash talking each other out on the floor and you cannot get rude with a customer when they are frustrated about their experiences. No one was rude directly to me, but I watched a staff member argue with a customer while he was upset SHE made a mistake with the order. If you're not able to wear a customer service mask 100% of the time, service work probably ain't for you.

Jada T.J.

The signature meal in Buffalo Wild Wings is their buffalo wings. Why would you put only 2 drops of buffalo sauce on an entire 10 pc wing meal. I understand the price of everything is up cause of inflation, but the prices are adjusted based on inflation. Why short the customer buffalo sauce. If I wanted to eat fried wings without any seasoning I would just fry some wings at home. Completely disappointed.

Jack Smalley

We were seated a long with three other groups around the same time.We ordered after about ten minutes of waiting. An hour goes by and the other groups have already eaten, paid, and left. We had to flag down our waitress. She then proceeded to tell us that she lost her ticket and that we'd have to tell her our order again. ( I wonder how long we would have waited if we wouldn't have said anything in the first place )When the food came out finally it was the wrong kind. Our appetizers came out at the same time as our meal. And not only that, the appetizers were wrong. The waiter apologized and said that she'd give us 50% off for the trouble. And when everything was corrected. She charged us for double drinks and only gave us 25% off. I asked if she could correct the ticket so that I'm not charged twice and asked if I could get the 50 % off like she said. And she said no I can only do 25% off.But I thought you said you could do 50%?She said no sorry that's all I can do.This has been the worst experience I have ever had at this location.We always used to go here but it's really gone downhill.

Kimberly Jean Willis

Went in on 8/7/22 took an hr and a half to get food with 4 tables occupied. My husband was eating his wings and underneath the top wings he pulled out a half eaten wing. The management took it off my bill yes but that is just disgusting to find half eaten food in your plate. The only thing I can think is that someone’s order was messed up And they just decided not to throw them out. My daughters wings ice cold. Cheese curds cooked in old oil.

Tim M.

The service industry is dying and this place is leading the charge... I came last week and waited 15 minutes and never got served. This is even though the dining area was empty and the bar was less than half full. I had no less than 4 waitresses and a manager walk by my table multiple time and was never waited on. I eventually left. Gave them another shot tonight and service wasn't much better. The food was decent but overpriced for what it is. I would have stayed for a couple more beers but waitress brought us our bill without even asking if we would like anything else. I don't make a habit of begging people to take my money so I think I'll refrain from returning for a long while.

Skyler Cassidy

This store is definitely improving. Of course there is more work to go but I can see that changes are being made. Order accuracy has improved and so have wait times. Good jobs guys clap ?

Pauline C.

Decided to go we walk in they say there's gonna be a 45 minute Wait half the dining room is empty nobody is waiting the outside patio has four people out there you have four waitresses outside and he says it's gonna be 45 minutes no because there's no servers Decatur sucks don't go there

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