Maharani Indian Kitchen

104 US-51, Forsyth
(217) 875-6169

Recent Reviews

Jenny Binkley

food was delicious and very large portions. I had the chicken saag and for the first time ever egg Curry both were amazing

Maggie Cortese

So impressed by the quality of food, and the friendly atmosphere. it was super fresh, worth every penny - I would recommend to anyone

Benjamin Carver

The service is so warm and inviting and the food is great.

Maggie Cortese

the food was fresh & delicious, the people were friendly. but you would never know it was there it's hidden by the gas station

Trixie S.

Having moved from an area where are an abundance of Indian restaurants so I'm happy to see Decatur has one. Very authentic home cooking! Love this place so much, I'm going to order again right now, as I think of it. love the yogurt mango drink!

jonathan batman

Excellent food and friendly service.


I found out this place was on my way to and from work but didn't realize it till I ordered take out. It shares a space with a gas station and was skeptical at first. However as I stepped inside I was enveloped by the scents of spices and my skepticism immediately switched to anticipation. It was carry out order and the smell coming from the take out was scrumptious on my way home. When I finally got round to being able to eat everything was delicious. We had lamb marsala, butter chicken, and saag panee

Michael G.

I was in town for work and found this place on Yelp. Since I was alone, I placed my order to go, on line and headed over. I went in and let them know I was there. The owner said it would be about 10 minutes and said have a complementary drink while I waited. I declined and said I would wait in my car. Shortly after, He brought it out to my car and brought me a candy bar because I didn't take the drink. I ordered the chicken sagg and nan. It wasn't as spicy as I expected for a 4 out of 5 but the flavor was amazing and the service was excellent. If you enjoy ethnic food that is made to order, this place should be on your radar. No food service there! If I find myself back in Decatur, I know where I'm going for dinner. Can't wait to try something else. Maybe I'll try the 5 of 5 spicy next time.

Bob S.

This is THE spot, people. The bomb, yo! The maharani is my favorite spot to get some grub then get handsy with myself in the men's room. Gotta do whatcha gotta do, amirite? Great food, great service, great men's room!

Raven Fyre Heart

I had sag paneer ,good ethnic food. I tried to save half of it For a later meal But the thing about this food is it grows on you the more you eat of it the more you want it. Probably the most difficult time I had trying to save part of it for the next day. This is not a food U-bolt down. this is a food that you savour one bite at a time

Danny Rhodes

I love the way they make you feel like a very valued customer. The service is so warm and inviting and the food is great.

Amber Barnes

The food was excellent, the wait staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their foods and the area, and the atmosphere was beautiful.

Troy K.

Excellent tasting and very high quality Indian food. Our family loves their butter chicken, garlic naan, chicken 65 and chicken masala. Don't let the gas station location deter you. Give this place a chance you won't be sorry.

Autonomous bronco

An authentic gem, they even have imported spices next door and small vegetable garden.

Felivi Xantri

Easy to order through the app, the Maharani menu is not only full of flavor, but will insure your stomach is full as well. There are enough options to give variety, but not too many that you feel overwhelmed. With a warm and welcoming service, I will certainly return.

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