McAlister's Deli

850 US-51, Forsyth
(217) 210-9499

Recent Reviews

Frank Neal

Really great place. Fantastic Reuben sandwich. Looking forward to going back.Food: 5/5

Matthew Jones

The food is usually good but they are always so far behind the lines in drive thru are some times and hour they need more workers or bigger location or new managers hope they get it fixed cause it is a good place to eat

Susan Daley

Employees are always so nice in the drive-thru. A bit expensive, but good portions and yummy.

Bill K

French Dip was very inexpensive for the quality and taste. The crew was very busy but friendly and deserve recognition. Good Job!! Sorry no photos I was to hungry.

Joseph Wall

Immaculately clean and crisply air conditioned. I have never seen staff care about quality the way they do at McCalisters Deli! The food is even neatly arranged and so delicious. Its my number one favorite stop and if i have my way ill be there at least once every day!

Nancy Winters

I usually have no problems but today was a bad experience with a drive thru order. Ordered a club sandwich and asked for the bread to be toasted. Got home, opened the box and the sandwich was a mess. Bread wasn't toasted. Sandwich was not put together properly. Brown spots on the lettuce and tomatoes with core still in. Called to let the manager know. I didn't want anything. Just thought they should be aware. When you call there is an option 3 to speak to a manager. I tried calling several times and each time I was hung up on. Very disappointed. Girl working the drive thru was very nice.

Julie Fifer

Daughter said the sandwiches were good there so we stopped ordered a Blt they had no bacon, ordered fresh fruit out of that too. Ordered a kids pizza and got something completely different. Girl was rude and the dust all over the napkin holder and partition was thick. So while the adults are it took 8 mins fory grandsons pizza. I ordered a potato soup in a bread bowl they didn't have that either. So I was so disgusted I ordered just a cup and nothing to drink. Still paid $40.80. that crazy will not be back.

Amy Wright-Sullivan

Almost every time it’s a problem. Today they shut down taking orders and there were 8 in the kitchen and 4 girls up front but were behind?!? My pick up order wasn’t ready until wayyyy after it should have been . Then get home and it wasn’t even right!!

Becky Martin Whitfill

50 min to get an order is unacceptable!

Tasha E.

We were pulled forward and waited 30 minutes, whem we finally received our food the dessert was missing and my daughters cheese toastie was barely toasted and soggy. Didnt even receive an apology for the long wait. Not a good visit

Kekko Carothers

DONT go here unless you want to wait 20 mins plus for your order when NOBODY is in line. On top of that they’ll rush u thru at the intercom only to have your order messed up after waiting a half hr on it. Seems as if they’ll rather play on their phones than have speedy customer service. Will never go back

Ginger Ray

Arrived on my 30 minute lunch. Ordered fairly quickly. Then started hearing it was a 20 minute wait. Nobody told me that directly and after being there 20 minutes still wasnt close to getting my food. I needed to be back to work so asked for a refund. The refund took her 10 minutes!!! I was without food and late back to workWont be back

Adrienne pulliam

We spent 96$ on food to treat our family and EVERYTHING was messed up! We were supposed to get six meals for us and kids but only ended up with enough food to feed the dogs! When we told them several things were left out and that we wanted a refund they told us to come in the next morning, when we came in the next day they told us they couldn't refund us because the computer wouldn't let them! UnfreakinBelievable!

Jonathan Reyman

Walked in at 3:00 pm for a late lunch. Only 2-3 tables occupied, and one couple was giving their order at the register. Four other staff were standing behind the counter. We waited; the 4 staff looked at us; we waited; the now 5 staff, 4 of whom were doing NOTHING but talking to each other, looked at us. One blonde woman in black walked back and forth behind the counter. We waited. No one even acknowledged our presence. Finally, after 10 minutes we left. The four staff we still standing behind the counter doing nothing but talking to one another. If a 0 rating were possible, I would give it. We will never return. Prediction: this McAlister's won't be in business much longer.

Connie Taylor

Mine and my daughter in-laws food was fine after we waited probably 40 minutes for our club sandwiches. My son on the other hand was not so lucky after 2 failed attempts at nachos and 1 failed attempt at a hot sandwich it was still cold. The manager remade his order again and it was hot this time, but by then my son was no longer hungry.The manager is very nice, those working under him however are a bunch of jerks, who have no respect for their person in charge. This was my first experience here, so not a good impression.y son and his wife say they've never had this kind of experience here. Hopefully they were just having a bad day. Hopefully the employees learn respect for the person in charge.

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