Tacos El Paisa Forsyth il

104 US-51, Forsyth
(217) 875-6169

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Great food, good people reasonable price. Genuinely great easy convenient Mexican food. I highly suggest Thier barria torta and chicken burrito.

Steven D

Authentic and delicious.

Steven Dallas

Authentic and delicious.

Danielle Cozzola

I just tried this place today, and I really appreciated how friendly the staff were to me. The guacamole was very fresh and well seasoned, but the other food I ordered was not as flavorful as I would have liked it to be.

butch morstatter

The best Mexican food in the Decatur area

Christine Flanagan

The food was amazing and authentic. The family that runs it are so kind and friendly. Definitely a new favorite.

Vince Cosbey

Best Mexican food in town ??

Luis L

For context, Birria is a tender and flavorful Mexican slow roasted beef or goat meat, (they use beef here). The meat is served as tacos or quesadillas, and the broth produced by the slow cooking process is like a flavorful jus that is served alongside your meal. You then dip the taco or quesadilla in the jus, and when you finish it, you slurp the remainder of the jus like a soup!I moved to this area from Chicago and after tasting some of the Mexican food available in the area, I concluded that I’d have to go back to Chicago to find a good “QUESABIRRIA.”A little while ago a coworker told me about this place. I put it on my list of places to try and I finally had time to order for pickup today. I ordered the quesabirria and some tacos and omg, the quesabirria did NOT disappoint! It was so delicious, and HUGE! I also had the house-made sweet hibiscus iced tea! It was so refreshing! Not too sweet! Juuuust right!The only thing that would have made my meal better would have been some margaritas, but they don’t serve margaritas here… at least not yet! ?Oh and the carne asada tacos I had here were great too; full of flavor and served on corn tortillas, like all real tacos should be! ?The food is exquisite here! A true hidden gem tucked inside a gas station convenience store in Forsyth! I suspect that with food this good, it won’t stay hidden for very long.

Andrew Zeaman

Great Food and Service

Joseph Wall

I'm a lifelong mexican food lover, and i have no idea what awful spice is in their taco meat! It is disgusting! The parking is WAY far off at the end of the gas station lot and the salsa isn't even free! Not to mention the cheese sauce is like water (tasty water) which i have to get a spoonful of on the chip. The Rice has some sort of tomato paste stirred into it, and the beans are underdone (firm beans, liquid sort of consistency) would not go back. Would not recommend!

Amanda Stone

Great food friendly service

Mystique Divine Ivory

Poor service. The tacos weren't very flavorful, and cheese on tacos should never cost an additional $12. That's robbery. Inflation or not. That's absolutely absurd.

Blaize Hulva

Absolutely love this place, great food and always friendly!

Harrison Guo

Great food! Staff was super friendly and welcoming. Great place to get some mexican!

Chris Jones

What a great little Mexican restaurant! Food was absolutely delicious, and the family running it is so nice.

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Tacos El Paisa Forsyth il

104 US-51, Forsyth, IL 62535
(217) 875-6169