Tudor Wine Bar

338 Tudor Ct #1528, Glencoe
(847) 786-4267

Recent Reviews

Stephen Guida

Very nice place to relax and catch up with friends. Service was great and people even better

Jordan Smith

I really enjoyed my experience at Tudor Wine Bar. The owner and his wife were both extremely friendly and welcoming. They even gave us some complimentary and delicious tres leches cake. Their flatbreads were very tasty and just enough food for a light meal. The wine was good and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend giving this place a try!

Andrew Logan

Comfortable, nice staff

Melissa Suzik

This place didn't have a working oven despite a menu with hot items. I initally ordered the chicken but then the waiter said they had no working oven in 5 weeks. Wow, do not expect any appetizers. It had cozy ambience but that was simply not enough.

Viola Kolcan

Great life music @

Ed Beucher

They had no soft drinks and they ran out of wine

Alex R.

This place looks nice, but it's a disaster. The waiter told us the oven hadn't worked in 5 weeks. Ok ... so then we ordered a cheese plate ... he then brought out a stale looking plate of meat and cheese wrapped in plastic! As if this wasn't bad enough, he then told us "nevermind, I think the meat is bad." Uh ... avoid!

Joe Bertram

Great live entertainment! Loved the music last night!! Will definitely be back for more!!

Philip Ruben

Great environment and great wines

Fabio Sorano

Nice wine pours and list. Great location on a quiet street and a fun local crowd. They added a stage now so they plan to feature more live music.

Ron Hilton

A very nice comfortable and intimate space with great wine and service.

Natasha N.

I love this little bar in Glencoe, a town where everything else shuts down by 9. With Writer's Theatre across the street, this place is open late show nights. Other times, check in advance. They have outdoor seating which is fun on a Summer's night - or in the Fall. The offerings are largely snack food - meaning, charcuterie and something like pizza (but not), which can be made into a meal. Atmosphere is laid back. Sometimes they have live music and a buzz. Enjoy!


Nice little spot. Attentive bartenders. Reasonable prices for the area! They have live music and an extensive menu. Will be back!

Ruth Procopi

Love this place. A great local bar with relaxed atmosphere, chance to catch up with friends a wonderful cocktails/wine.

Erika J.

The best word I have for Tudor Wine Bar is inconsistent. I visited several times early on and had nice experiences, but the last few times I've stopped by they've been closed even though their advertised hours said they should be open. I'm also confused as to why they have big flat screen TVs playing sports... not really in line with a wine bar vibe.

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