Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai - Hoffman Estates

1129 N Roselle Rd, Hoffman Estates
(847) 744-6425

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Anthony Perez

The atmosphere when you walk in it’s like none other. Very authentic, fantastic customer service.

Taylor A

I like their Futomen, wide noodle. The broth is not greasy, I think healthier than other Ramen shops but I always feel their broth is very light. I used to have many chances to eat lunch and dinner with my friends, But the broth always taste like no depth...

Divya R

Talk about cravings! Most rainy days call for ramen, but whether on a chilly or sun-shiney day, Kitakata gets me. I've tried the ramen from Mitsuwa to Misoya and, to me, neither can compete. The spicy ramen slurps superbly with the perfect amount of heat and savor. I could dive into that soup any day and never leave. My boyfriend loves the fried chicken and I cannot go without the chashu plate. I always save this best bite for last. Thank you for staying open during the pandemic and improvising with the new check-in system to cut down on the wait. If you get caught with a few people ahead of you in line, don't worry. Just head over to the pawn shop next door to kill some time. Keep it up, Kitakata! You're killing it! ??


One of my favorite Ramen spots, handles quarantine well. To-go is very simple and mess free.

Richard Trejo

I constantly arrive buying some food in here. I loved the speedy customer service and well cooked dishes. I recommend this place.

Kevin Kim

Really friendly and professional service. The ramen tasted amazing and the gyoza was tasty. One of the best places to get a nice hot bowl of ramen:)

Qiyun Dai

I’d like to start by saying I’ve always loved their Ramen. They have the best textured ramen and healthiest-feeling broth among the ramen shops around town. By that I mean it’s not greasy nor too salty.However, this 3 star review is a gentle notice of concern to the punctuality and management of the business given our recent experience with them.We live around 30 minutes from this Ban Nai. Last night, to quench our ramen crave, we decided to do an hour-long trip pick-up order from them. We had only a two hour opening around dinner time between meetings for our work online so we placed an order an hour ahead to be picked up at 7:10. We know it’s Friday night but given the COVID-19 situation they only have 7-8 tables at the restaurant at most and we thought 1 hour would be a sufficient amount of notice ahead of time.Turns out, it’s not — when we arrived, they were scrambling around and no one tended to us for a while. One server ended up telling us that everything is backed up and our order needs another 30 minutes. We couldn’t afford to wait any longer so I had to tell him that we need to cancel. They were so busy that the guys refused to cancel the order at the moment and said he’ll put a tab on it and remember to cancel by the end of the day. Now, I had not doubt that this will all work out in the end. We just won’t have ramen for dinner. However, it’s undeniably disappointing to have traveled for an hour to get nothing also have no time left to get something else that’s fresh and warm to eat. We ended up with cold bento from Mitsuwa and had to consume them in the car while rushing back home for the next meeting.We will continue to support the business and will always rave about their ramen. That being said, I believe more attention needs to be paid to delivering the right information to the customer as well as balancing the capacity of the kitchen and staff to keep things as on track as possible.

Jose12 S

ramen and the scene here is great. Service is excellent even when they are busy. Looking forward to returning with my relatives. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I liked.

Tony K.

So damn GOOD, The Spicy Pork Ramen & the Vegetable Ramem are so rich in flavor, I've never had better. The hidden gold star is the fried chicken, seriously bet than ANY chicken joint around. Price is very reasonable, I'll be back weekly

Carlo Cooper

I went there with my three kids last Sunday evening (10,11 and 14). We all thoroughly enjoyed the food. It was one of the best meals I've ever had. Worth every penny and I'm excited to go back.

Melissa Samonides

Delicious and authentic. Had the vegetarian ramen with tofu made extra spicy and an order of spicy bamboo shoots. Our server Monica was great, very efficient and knew everything about the menu. This place will be around for a very long time. So glad we discovered it.

Emil Setiawan

Delicious, not too expensive! Their Shio ramen is good! Must order that Cha Shu appetizer if you're not a vegetarian!

Krystle Myers

Service was fantastic! Food was quick, hot, delicious and settled well. Had the miso soup, pot stickers and a small rice bowl. Amazing food and great price! Very clean.

Robin Bingham

Kitakata provides rapid service, delicious food, and a wonderful atmosphere. Their Vegetarian Ramen is absolutely phenomenal as is their classic Kitakata Ramen.The portions are large and filling; you'll definitely enjoy all they have to offer.

Yoshi Kuronuma

One of the great Japanese ramen restaurant in Chicago area. Recommend to sign up through Yelp ahead if you are planning to go there. Otherwise, you may have to wait long time for getting a table due to covid-19.

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Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai - Hoffman Estates

1129 N Roselle Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
(847) 744-6425