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Toni Vombrack

McDonald's in general seems to mostly mess up the order. As mine was. Also unless you ask for fresh French fries they give you ones that have been sitting there, they put them back in the fryer to make ppl think there fresh, and too much salt on them

vamshi krishna

They are selling spoiled chiken in Mcchiken sandwich,they smell very bad i had to throw it away.

Rere bhappy

Not much to say they are pretty universal. However my fries were great as always.

rebecca molfese

Basic orders. Got the Travis Scott. They made it wrong.

Tammy Kwiatkowski

Angie the daytime manager is absolutely great , I come there for some elderly people I take of, she is always so friendly and knows what part of the order is as soon as She sees me. Today an error was made which ended up with a frappe spilled in my car , she was so sweet and cleaned it off my floor mat, that goes above and beyond excellent customer service, even though she was leaving she took that time out, Thank you so much Angie

Mae Catic

I asked for light cream in my iced coffee and i used to work at a coffee shop so I know little “tricks” on how to remake certain ice coffee drinks. I’m 100% sure they just dumped some of the original drink out and added black coffee to make it less creamy (you can even see how bent the lid is which means they kept taking it off to remake it). I would have expected to just have a new iced coffee made completely but this photo was after asking them to remake it. I don’t know about you but this is definitely not light cream. As someone who can’t have too much dairy, this was just disappointing.

Susan Poe

Fresh and tasty food. Very quick, efficient and amazingly personable people! I enjoyed my drive-thru experience today...

Zack Diaz

2 signs say ice cream $1 and i was told the cone isn’t $1 it’s the sundae and got it. also the McDouble for $2? nice

Cathy Errichiello

Can't seem to get orders right. Order two breakfast sandwiches, both without cheese. They even asked me to repeat and confirmed no cheese. One sandwich had extra cheese and the other had regular cheese. Because this wasn't noticed until I arrived at work, it was too late to fix and had to be thrown away. Waste of money and time.

Dan Dickerson

Ok First they could Not hear me @ the Speaker, then the young Kid asked me to Pull up to the Window, so I Did & I Said my Order Again & he went threw the Receipt & I said that still doesn’t seem right he goes here’s you’re card, So I pull up to the Next Window & they had 3 drinks in a holder, I said hey I only Ordered 2 & the Hash browns I asked for Burnt were Barley done so I sent Them Back & 1 drink was taken back, Pour Service, I’m NOT Going back & going to tell Family & Friends of My Situation

Priscilla Pittman

Great variety for $$ especially the value drinks on ahot shytown day

Tony E.

I ordered a double quarter pounder and they gave me the box stating it's a double, I guess they don't know how to count and only gave me a single patty. I wouldn't complain if it wasn't so expensive. Picture below

Linna Goldie

Drive threw quick and easy,food ready cocoa is the best in mc Donals and the cheapest $1,00

Eddie Cardenas

I ordered two McMuffins got home and opened them there was only bread for both. I didn’t order toast.

Nick Cardenas

Came through late night. I was told they were only accepting cash at the moment, no worries. When given change, they were a dollar short because they were out of singles. Not sure how accepting cash only meant being out of singles but on top of that, order took 15 min at the drive thru.

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