qp greek food with a kick

830 N Roselle Rd, Hoffman Estates
(224) 353-6999

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Jess F.

Best place for Greek food, hands down. Feta fries are amazing and like nobody else's. If you haven't tried them, you need them in your life. Also the egg lemon soup, amazing. We honestly haven't had anything from QP that we haven't liked. It's our go to spot. Keep up the great work!

Melissa S.

I understand that things are different during this virus but to tell me that nothing has changed with their menu is absurd. Pre virus this place had great food. When they opened an outdoor area a couple of months ago we decided to go. Ordered the three spread appetizer, village salad, spanakopita and the combination plate. Disastrous! The spicy feta spread was like gravy. Literally dripping off the plate. The garlic spread tasted like tin. The tomatoes in the salad were translucent as if they'd been frozen as well as the onions. Nothing fresh about it whatsoever. When I spoke with the owner and pointed these things out he said "When you buy a box of tomatoes for $40, maybe you get two good ones." Really??? I suggested that perhaps he should've used those two good ones! My friends spanakopita was burnt, the alleged phyllo was disgusting, the spinach was not fresh but definitely frozen and the onions were also translucent and she had to dig for the feta because there was so little of it. I'm half Greek and grew up on good Greek food, I know better and did not appreciate being told that this was authentic and that their menu was exactly as it's always been. We sent everything back and will not be back. We will definitely continue to patronize Ambrosia on 59In Bartlett; virus or not, they are consistently delicious!

Raquel L.

This, "my new place," did not disappoint! The gyro, fries and wings were all wonderful. The rock star of the show.....the baby back ribs!!!! Knocked me off my taste buds! The dry rub is just enough spice and tender, but not over cooked. The ribs come off the bone, but do not slide off b4 you get them to your mouth! So glad that I reviewed yelp, and decided to try. If you can only have 1 item, get the ribs. You'll never look back!!! Yum yum.

Annie Lycos

Have enjoyed this place since I first discovered it, maybe a year ago? Today picked up lunch and sat outside at our building's picnic table with two neighbors. Now they love it too!

Elias Lekkas

Excellent food and friendly service. Best value for simple, quick, delicious, and healthy Greek food in the NW burbs. Also, Broasted Chicken and Greek Ribs are phenomenal and creative options.

Lauri Hauser

Best Greek food in the area. Had the Greek pizza with chicken. Such fresh ingredients!! The tzatziki sauce is the bomb too! Just wish they gave more pita bread to go with it!! Definitely going back!!!

Chris Cucinello

Get the broasted chicken, (kicked if you like spicy) it’s bomb! Gyros, feta fries are also my go-to favorites. And any place with a drive through gets extra points. 6 stars!

Anne Marquez

Delicious. The ribs were slightly on the dry side but the flavor and spices used were on point. The potato chips with the dipping sauce is worth a try as well. The half boasted chicken is not bad either....chose the spicy version and was not disappointed. We also ordered the the 5 piece meatballs were okay......especially if you like anise flavor because it has a hint of that. Pretty casual place.....fast food set up but the food is far from the typical. Would go back again. We ate outside under a white tent they set up (covid times) and did not mind at all because it was clean, greek music playing in the background, and actual green tropical plants was included as part of the ambiance.

Daniel Burnell

This spot offers great service and delightful meals. One of my favourite spots in the city. The drinks and food served quickly and the rates were reasonable. Recommended.

David M.

This place is amazing. They have great customer service and food. They have the best gyro ever. It's not greasy at all and tast so good. Did I mention there amazing service? They are so friendly and caring to all there customers

Ola Llamas

This is clearly one of the best restaurants in the region. Whenever I visit this place I am truly pleased. They keep their very high standard service and the topmost level of meals they offer. You will be always satisfied with this place. Highly recommended.

Travis Finucane

Had the roasted chicken spicy. It was really good! Staff was polite and attentive. Even took some time to introduce me to some favorites.

Miguel Pagan

Good food good bring you own fork and knife they don't give you any to go...

Jennifer Lee

The food was very fresh and the service was amazing! Recently moved to this area and I can say that I’ve definitely found my Gyro spot in town !

Geo W.

Went there for lunch what an excellent place to go to try the broasted chicken in the shish kebabs they are out of this world recommended 100%

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