Royal Buffet

31 Golf Center, Hoffman Estates
(847) 885-0688

Recent Reviews

Miguel Mendez

Great place for the family. Large dining room. Several options for kids and they have a Sushi Buffet. Long line for all you can eat crab legs, worth the wait.

A Eaton

I like this restaurant very much. theres a happy feeling. The kitcen is splendid. the service is effective and the crew is professional. The price is fair. profoundly recommend.

John Flores

Great spot to grab food when in a hurry. Their customer service is efficient, pricing is reasonable, fantastic vibes. Will visit here again

Coleman H

Fantastic vibes and super amiable service. The food was fresh and delicious. Will surely recommend this restaurant to anyone. Convenient rates and large meals. Great work.

Diane Stephens

The food is really good here. However, the plates are always dirty and wet. They need to get more dishes so that they can always have clean plates. Also, there is always a long line for crab legs and lobster.

Ivonne Blanco

I recommend their the Crown Royal Buffet because is so many foot and delicious seafood

Jerry Wallace

This spot never fails to impress. They serve fresh food for affordable rates, there is no waiting time even when the place is packed.

Robert Pond

This site is my number one site. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to that place. everytime I I need a proper dinner, this is the place that comes immediately to my head. excellent and varied food and a rich menu.well mannered staff members, and good ambience. Also, the cost is decent. I sent my friends to this spot with no doubt.

Zack K.

Why is yelp reviews so long, google reviews are a lot simpler, get to the point. I m reading some of these reviews and they are longer than Sunday paper article. Almost seems are they are fake reviews from their competitors. Anyways, been coming here for years, for what you pay for , you get your money's worth, if you don't like seafood or can't consume enough meal to justify the price this place is not for you. When I get that taste for crab legs this is the place.

Jennifer C.

When you initially walk in, you see a fountain, and once you enter the actually eating area, you see this large display of food, all of which appears delicious. I must admit, the food is good, but only certain types. The variety is great, and much of the food is authentic Chinese, while much is not, which is perfectly expected for a buffet. However, this only gets a 4-star review because it's very expensive here. Some of the food here is expensive, but personally, I don't think it worth $40 per person. I would come during weekday lunches, as it's only about $15-$20 per person, however weekends and weekday dinners are always very expensive, and it's basically the same as cheaper experiences except with some more seafood. So, if you personally don't enjoy lobster, it's definitely not for you, but maybe the weekday lunches are, as the variety is great for a much better price!

Orlando Lagunas

Food selection was amazing! Cold food was cold and hot food was warm as it should have been. Service wasn't terrible and for the amount of people that were there, it was satisfactory, but it could be improved. For the variety of food and the amount, price was very reasonable. Definitely recommend!

Lisa M.

I should have known after using the ladies room when I first walked in. It was tattered and just just WORN OUT looking, garbage overflowing in the stall. Waiting in line for literally the most disgusting crab legs I've ever eaten. They had a strong odor, half the legs were hollow and the shells were so soft and waterlogged that you couldn't even snap them apart. Please save your money and go elsewhere. I gave 2 stars because of the wide variety offered and the attentive staff.

Sidney Aluani

Very impressive Asian buffet. I went to dine on a Sunday evening and was delighted with both Japanese and Chinese food, from basic to exotic, several seafood options, good selection, unusual dishes. Excellent.

Qing Guo

The best Asian buffet in Chicagoland in my opinion as someone originally from China. I visit Royal Buffet very often despite living in the city of Chicago. That's like 45 minutes drive. If you go there for the lobsters, make sure to check what days of the week they serve them.

Jess A.

The first few times we came here the food was amazing. It quickly became one of my favorite buffet restaurants. But the last two times we've gone, we were quite disappointed. The selection was poor, the freshness was questionable and the service was poor. Not sure if we'll be back anytime soon.

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