Chapin's North Banquets

200 Gore Rd, Morris
(815) 521-4000

Recent Reviews

Debra Barra

Went there yesterday at noon. 1st. Time in many many years. Great owner. Great environment. Friendly. And will return again.

Lisa Marie

I’m dying for the soft pretzels with cheese dip. Best Ive ever had. The owners dads made some sausage schnitzel type balls a few weeks back...heaven!

Chris Burman

If this is the way the place is going, this may not be a good situation. The new "bartender/server" that was there last night was definitely neither one of those. She was more interested into drinking her Twisted Tea, and Marcy had to bring my 6 pack of condiments out to me. Of course, my burger was fantastic as it usually is when she cooks. I guess I'm gonna have to call in advance to see who is behind the bar anymore. I heard there was a new owner, but he/she needs to pay attention to who they are hiring. Service make all the difference!!

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