Filippo's Pizza and Pasta

435 IL-121, Mt Zion
(217) 864-4467

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Douglas Dukeman

Been a while since our last visit. With covid, short help. We was so happy to get back here. Really missed the Greek salad and the awesome pizza. And my ultimate favorite the Tiramisu.. love it being served on a hot plate while frozen. Awesome .


The tall pizza maker guy saved my life. His pizza made me reconsider who I am as individual. Never before have I been so taken back by the amount epiphanies I had the first time I ate it. After my family died in a horrible school bus accident, all I had was pizza and Sprinkle (my chipmunk). I was at my breaking point on my last semester of law school when I ate that pizza. I want to be botanist one day (I name my plants after my dead family members, even though Sprinkle eats the pedals sometimes). My life is so much better now being a botanist, something that wouldn't have happened had it not been for that delicious pizza and the feasible weight it had over my life as a whole. Our well kept, bearded, shiny headed waiter also surprised me with his immaculate service skills and good personality. Overall, one of the best experiences I have had with food. Really makes a woman rethink their life. I would love to write more but sadly there is a word limi


pizza good happy wife live laugh love

Dora Lewis

Customer service is best. And they really serve delicious food!


We have not been here since the owner died so we had no idea the recipes had changed. We ordered pizza, anticipating the signature sweet, tasty pizza sauce Fillipo's is famous for and we were shocked and disappointed. The pizza tasted bland with little flavor, and was cold when we opened it in the car, WOW!! We expected FILLIPO'S, don't know what we got but it wasn't Fillipo's!!! We ordered at 4 and picked up at 425, you would think right after opening it would be hot anyway! DONE

Donna Ceroni

Pizza was good, but maybe better if same sauce in pasta is used..great service, clean and delicious pasta dishes at a fair price.

Grant Bullock

Never get a bill, never get the details we're charged.


Made a delivery ordered only to be called back that they only delivered within 5 miles of the restaurant.


Love the authentic Italian pizza and staff is always so friendly!

Erik Nunez

The food is so good! Casual atmosphere - perfect for date night. Service was awesome and the prices are affordable and worth the amazing food and outstanding customer service

Melody Grayson

Very clean, the service is excellent and the prices are great. Food quality is above average. Definitely will visit again. My knew favorite burrito place.

Helene Seyler

Beyond impressed with the quality and variety of the meals.

Ethan Thompson

Cash or check only in 2020 hopefully you keep losing business because of it?

Crystal Dowell

The best pizza ever! We try to order once a week and its always fresh and the delivery drivers are so nice!!

Michael Milam

Your spaghetti sauce was not the same, it was very pasty and dry, kind of disappointing. Was almost just like a tomato paste.

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Filippo's Pizza and Pasta

435 IL-121, Mt Zion, IL 62549
(217) 864-4467