109 S Main St, Naperville
(630) 355-5516

Recent Reviews

Eugene W.

Fantastic value! We got takeout and this place looks very popular. We got three of the lunch specials:Sushi/sashimi: $18 for 11! Actually a super great deal. It's chef's choice, but everything was great and fresh. And no tamago sushi thankfully-- all fish or shrimp!Yaki Udon: Tasty and hits the spot. Topped with a nice drizzle of Japanese mayo.Tonkatsu Bento: tonkatsu was very crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The non-sushi items were all right, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to get them here. Sushi is great - probably would be my go-to option for takeout sushi whenever I'm in Naperville.

Siri M.

Lived in Naperville for a long time and finally tried this spot! The rolls were pretty big and very tasty. They also have outdoor dining available.

Tiffany C.

Ordered shonren, spicy tuna, and spider rolls for takeout. Received my order on time, and the sushi is some of the best I've had in Naperville! Everything tasted fresh and delicious. They are not skimpy with their fish (this was especially great for the shonren roll because I LOVE eel). Highly recommend this place, especially their spicy tuna roll.

Yeon Woo Kim

During COVID-19, seating is outdoors and the food is served in to-go containers least likely for any exposure. The food was amazing, and they give castella bites as a service after you are done eating. I will be back for more!

Layan A.

Cute little place with a couple of outdoor tables. The sushi was good, the ramen was ok (it's not on the menu, I had to ask for it because I saw it here on yelp). They are very busy with takeout orders. Unfortunately that meant extremely slow service for dine-in. We had to keep asking for our food, and for the small amount of food we ordered, it shouldn't have taken close to 2 hours for it to come out (especially that we had 2 hungry little kids). My ramen came with meat after I specified that I was vegetarian. They took the meat off and brought it back. For our inconvenience we got a cold piece of sponge cake that comes in a wrapper, without the wrapper. Anyway, will I be back? Maybe, not sure.

Zeid S.

Came here on a Sunday night, sat outside. The restaurant was busy with people ordering takeout and 5 tables outside. There was only 2 waitresses who were also the hostesses. We sat down outside and ordered. The waitress did not know the menu items well nor did she make suggestions. We ordered edamame, vegetable gyoza, a vegetarian ramen, and 3 rolls.It took an hour and a half from the time we got the edamame to when we got the remainder of the food. Tables who were seated after us got the food before us. The kids food came at the end.A lot of people told us the food was amazing here. It was ok. The ramen wasn't good. The rolls were ok. The chicken teriyaki was good. The food would get 4 stars, but the service two stars. So all in all, 3 star experience. Might give it another shot in the future.

Med-ciss Le Nazard

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Rebecca Reddy

We stopped by for a light dinner after a long day at work. The waitress was very kind and hospitable. I HIGHLY recommend the spicy tuna gyoza starter and the sushi. Most other places I've tried use plain white rice for the sushi, but this was the first place I found that also used actual seasoned sushi rice. It added so much more flavor and the prices were reasonable. The miso soup was also delicious. The menu was very well crafted and had some unique dishes. The staff kept the outside seating neat and frequently cleaned the surfaces, which makes me feel better about going out for a meal while still practicing social distancing. We saw a few people walk by and check out the menu. Try the food! There are many other good dishes besides sushi. They're also open for takeout if you want to quarantine at home.

Hayley H.

We came here on a Sunday afternoon we were spending in downtown Naperville. My boyfriend said he used to go to IKKAI for lunch when he was in high school. They have a few tables outside of the restaurant that you can eat at, but the ordering is similar to getting carry out. We started with two waters (they had a generic brand and Fiji bottled waters) and three rolls of sushi. The rolls we first ordered were Spicy Tuna, Moshi Moshi, and That roll. All of the sushi was great and we ended up ordering more - another Spicy Tuna, This roll, and some pieces of maguro. The ingredients here are very fresh and the tuna is the best I've had in the area.

Edward Rodriquez

I like this restaurant! They offer superb meals, their menu is varied, The chief cook in that restaurant is very trained, I love very much trying all their food. The food is consistently of high class, the attitude towards the guests is helpful. I often eat in this place and I was never disappointed. I recommend it to all my friends.

Noelle L.

Oh my goodness.... did we make the right call to carry out sushi from here!! Not sure about you, but I have been hesitant about ordering sushi during COVID. So I have been literally dying to get some. After a number of recommendations from friends about this little, downtown Naperville spot (snuggled between Giordanos and Q's BBQ) we ordered. It was easy to call it in and ready in 30 min for pickup. Even in to-go containers, plates looked beautiful and special! The sushi was separated with the hot rolls and the cold. A separate box for wasabi, ginger and chop sticks plus lots of little soy cups. We tried: Ikkai Shrimp tempura and cucumber. Topped with sliced avocado, spicy mayonnaise, caramel sauce, and crunch. Naperville Shrimp tempura and avocado. Topped with crab stick, caramel sauce, spicy mayonnaise, and sweet chili. Hangry Crab, avocado, cream cheese, and deep fried. Topped with caramel sauce, mustard aioli, and crunch. California, Unagi, and salmon Beautiful, fresh, flavorful, interesting, and fantastic. The only issue with the meal was we could have eaten more! Next time! Soon!!

Analise Spiess

Wonderful experience. I have been here twice, and I was pleasantly surprised. As someone who had never had sushi before, this was the best experience. Everything was delicious and reasonably priced. The owners even gave me free cake. I cannot express how friendly the staff is and how much I love Ikkai! I will certainly be back soon!

Darria McDonald

Fantastic sushi! I will go again and again. Competes with Napervilles best sushi places. Try this place.

denise k.

Got take out here for the first time (quarantine time) so can't comment on the dine-in experience. We got the ramen soup, salmon teriyaki dinner and a couple of sushi rolls. My husband had the soup and said it was really delicious. I had the sushi rolls that were fresh and tasty and the salmon was cooked to perfection. Would definitely eat this food again.

Laurence G.

Ikai isn't what you would expect from a white suburban neighborhood. In fact you wouldn't expect places like Happy Lamb or Chicken Lit either ("Naperville" is actually extremely diverse don't let them fool you). But slightly hidden out of view, be it for better or worse, is Ikai Sushi. It is the quintessential small sushi bar for a town the desperately needs good sushi only a 2 min walk from everything else. The best par of Ikai is the environment, incredible service, and good eats. The only downside is that it isn't somewhere else. If it had access to higher quality fish and with a few more years of work, I would not be shocked to see Ikai being a top 3 in the greater Naperville area. They have obviously been experimenting with menu items to increase foot traffic (for better or worse) and are always ready for a good conversation. If you want a good fun meal, Ikai is the hit. --------------------- "My rating system... is based on the local area and not of the world wide scope of quality & service. Comparing an experience in Berlin to Nepal wouldn't serve either justice. However judging each establishment based on their neighbor is a great way to determine the relative quality of an establishment. 5/5 - The most stand out performance compared to all other places of service in the local area (almost shocking) 4/5 - The highest level within the context of the local area (great/fantastic) 3/5 - On-Par with local area (Edible for all persons/usually good for families or a quick fix) 2/5 - Worse than other options locally (worth it only if it's the only thing open) 1/5 - Should seek new management or completely reinvent themselves. (This review is after several trips to the establishment 'pre or during' COVID-19 and does not reflect the status of the shop post pandemic)"

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