103 S Main St, Naperville
(630) 637-6400

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I order a combo yesterday forgot what it had and I got mac and cheese on the side. everything was good even the guy working at the cashier was nice. I'm giving it 4 stars tho. due to the fact that mac and cheese was too hard and it wasn't all that but everything else was good

Mandy P.

Came here for lunch. Staff was super friendly and even gave my niece a cookie after she showed them a magic trick. I made sure to add some money to their college fund. Brisket Burnt Ends Sandwich - super flavorful and juicy Corn Fritters - crunchy on the outside and pillowy on the inside Memphis Wings - super flavorful dry rub. Sweet and umami Pulled Chicken Sandwich - dry but I recommend putting your own sauce and Cole slaw on this Beef tacos - juicy and flavorful Chicken tacos - loved the toppings Mashed potatoes - standard Baked beans - these have pork. I liked the sweetness Fries - really nice crisp Mac - cheese is sticky and thick. Kind of plasticky though

Ashleigh J.

Since the day my wife and I first tried this place it has become a favorite of ours. Whenever we're in the mood for good BBQ and don't feel like making it ourselves Q's is always our go to. I love the variety of menu options they have and the fact that you can also order ala carte.

Gabriel V

Awesome spot! Just got a two meat plate with pulled chicken and some great burnt ends. Plate came with hush puppies that were also amazing. Sauces were great. Price reasonable. Staff was friendly and masked. Would recommend for sure!

Michael P.

What a great place for all barbeque lovers! This restaurant is highly recommend to all people looking for such a perfect place to try and satisfy their cravings over barbeque. This place is so easy to find, you can go here early, late, or even for night out. It is so perfect for small occasions, like meeting with friends, bonding with your family, date with your partner, and also if you just want to treat yourself. They will serve you so well, accommodate you the whole time you are in their place, and also satisfy you with their phenomenal and amazing food. I will suggest to try their mashed potatoes as the side of your dish. It is so tasty and it has a good portion. Their meats are so tender, flavorful, and juicy. They definitely have the best barbeque all over the city. Also their pricing is cheaper than other stores around, you can literally order anything you want at their menu without breaking your pocket and not going to the limit. You will definitely go back again once you taste their dishes and also once you know how great their place is. You will also enjoy their place, amaze with the ambiance they have, and you might also be one of us that is proud for having such a great experience here at Q-BBQ. So what are you waiting for? Just go and stop by at their place. Q-BBQ is so truly amazing! I will definitely visit again next time when I am nearby and probably I will be with my friends or family because many people said that their place is so appreciated when you are with someone you love. Thank you Q-BBQ! Thank you for amazing experience and for the employees you did such a great job guys! Kudos to all of you! You all are so nice and decent. Thank you so much! Keep it up!

Justin S.

Best BBQ in Naperville. Great staff too and great location. If I hadn't been spoiled by southern BBQ in Texas and the Carolinas I'd give this a 5. Best BBQ I've had in Illinois.

Michael Taylor

Great tasting food. Nice portions. Free Refills on Drinks. Awesome tasting sauces.

Andrea R.

A regular place for me. I've been coming here since they've opened, and brought many friends with. Never had a bad experience or food. You can throw a dart at the menu, and you will be completely satisfied with whatever is selected. Oh, and can we just acknowledge that somebody out there is still making yummy hush puppies. As a kid I used to get them at Long John Silvers (like back in the 70s and 80s). But somebody in corporate changed the recipe or oil or something, and they have never been the same. They are just nasty now at LJS. So you can only imagine the pure joy when I found out they make hush puppies at Q. Really... like the heavens parted to reveal rainbows, and kittens frolicking in the clouds. But ultimately, the pulled pork or the 1/2 slab are what drive my carnivorous needs.... Topped off with a hush puppy. Just go there already, you won't be disappointed. (And don't forget the pickles)

Gloria B.

Very good BBQ. Texas BBQ sauce was my favorite. We had sliced brisket with mash potatoes & tomato cucumber salad, and pulled pork with cornbread and Mexican corn.

B K.

Surprised by how good the BBQ was. Ribs are lean and coated with a deliciously flavorful dry rub - no sauce needed. Sauces served on the side were a little too sweet for me but I did put a bit of the spicy on my plate to dip into occasionally- complemented the dry rub nicely. Brisket was delicious as were the mashed potatoes and hush puppies. Service was great. Definitely will return!

Candace Monae

In town for a quick trip and decided to try out this restaurant. Parking was free and easy to find on a Monday afternoon. We decided to eat out on the patio. Now BBQ isn’t as easy as everyone tries to make it seem. It is truly an art and Q-BBQ are master artists. We ordered the Papa Q platter and it is an assortment of all their meats and 4 sides. This platter did not disappoint! I appreciate the 3 different sauces from the areas of North Carolina, Texas, & Memphis. When a place has more sauces then meats then you should run lol. But allowing the sauces from well known bbq areas was recognized. All meats were tasty even without the sauces. Texas - spicy was great with a kick & Memphis was sweet and tangy (my favs). The sausage was my personal favorite meat. The hush puppies were unique with corn inside but cooked to perfection. 5 ⭐️’s

Stefan Kasan

Let me start by saying… I love BBQ and I’m very passionate about it. I love going to different parts of the country and their style. My wife and I always get the same thing no matter where we go… Brisket, ribs, and burnt ends. We like to compare and contrast. We approached Q-BBQ in the same way. Now for my review…The burnt ends were dry…very dry. The ribs, unfortunately, were equally has bad. Dry with no smoke flavor or dry rub taste. They taste like pork with no seasoning. Brisket was OK. It was tender but the bark lacked seasoning. We were only impressed with the spicy BBQ sauce. Sides were OK as well.At the end of the day, we won’t be back. I won’t recommend this place to any friends. I would recommend it to an enemy.Cheers and keep searching for that good “Q”.

David Hicks

This is no exaggeration, these smoked wings are the best wings in Chicago. Honestly, the best wings I’ve ever tasted. I eat here once a week.

Natalie Ohlendorf

Good food good service…..


This food was poorly made. I was expecting to be good after the good customer service but man I was in for a RUMBLE! The food burnt ends taste like the where microwaved & not fresh off the grill! I eat out all the time and I really recommend not to wast you money here! Also I had a meal that came with no drink .... Like how is that a meal? Then I asked it was supposed to come with a drink they said drinks don't come with a meal. Pleased don't no got to this place and spend your money you will not be satisfied

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