Annie's Frozen Custard

1320 Mulholland St, Nauvoo
(872) 395-1793

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Tami Hunter

Wonderful place! Lots of laughter and fun, and some amazing custard!

Josh Checketts

Great custard! We had the salted caramel on waffle cones, and it was excellent. They were out of the mango pineapple custard, which was disappointing.

Mandy Shupe

Loved the Mango Pineapple custard

Suzanne Miller

The custard was delicious, but the service was horrible! We told the lady what flavor we wanted and then when we told her what we wanted for the toppings she was annoyed and told us we should have told her sooner because she needed to use different bowls. She then told us it would be a dollar per topping (which is ridiculous in of itself), but we said that was fine and she seemed even more annoyed that we still wanted toppings so she gave us our toppings, but she barely put any on. A dollar per topping only to have the tiniest amount sprinkled on. I think I tasted the topping in maybe two bites.Unprofessional and impolite! Maybe because they don't really have any competition nearby they don't really care....overall I was not too impressed.

kevin kingsley

Nice people friendly place to visit

Michael Shurtleff

Wonderful staff and great custard!

Taylor B

Frozen custard was meant to be enjoyed during the hot summer months. But it's May and Nauvoo has just reopened to tourists and Annie's Frozen Custard is doing a thriving business. Located at 1320 Mulholland Street, it is a go-to destination for kids and adults with a sweet tooth. Locals claim it is the freshest and sweetest and tastiest frozen custard from the Quad Cities to Quincy. No argument here. Annie's specializes in chocolate and vanilla frozen custard and Belgian waffles. Flavors of the day include lemon, toasted coconut, Key Lime pie, Rocky Road, strawberry, cookie dough, cookies and cream, cherry chocolate, salted caramel, grasshopper/mint oreo and cake batter. Get in line, read the chalkboard and follow the directions: Step 1, Pick a Flavor--vanilla, chocolate, lemon, toasted coconut or mango pineapple sherbet; Step 2, Pick a Size--1 scoop or 2 scoops, waffle cone; Step 3, Pick Some Toppings--hot fudge, bananas, sprinkles, marshmallow, Heath, Reese, Oreo, walnuts, caramel, peanuts, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple. Annie's also offers Belgian waffles, slushies, milk shakes, fruit frenzys, floats and tornados.


When we were there the town was virtually empty. We were hungry and very few businesses were opened, but this one was. We were happy to eat this delicious yogurt and visit with the owner.


Great treats,workers, and everything!

D G.

Extremely friendly and kind owner . We were there on Sunday , not knowing they are closed just tried entering and the owner let us in even though she was closed for business. She offered us free samples before ordering and did not charge a penny to us for our order !! Extremely generous ! Her kindness got a huge smile on my 6 year old .. since she was looking forward to this treat all day ! Not to mention the flavors we tried were delicious !


Despite advertising they were open from noon-7 p.m. on their facebook page and from noon-9:37 on their website, they weren't open at all when we went there. We went by shortly after noon and went by again a little before 5. From what I've read in other reviews, I'm, sure their custard is great. I'd suggest calling before you go so you don't waste your time going there if they aren't open. We were disappointed.

SP Smith

Helen at Annie's was the perfect Hostess. Most hospitable and friendly as all get-out. Thanks for the incredible waffles and the Mango Treat is what summer should be to one and all.

Kim Christensen

Annie's frozen custard was delicious! We had the Nutella flavor topped with Raspberries. It was so good and the sweet lady who makes it was awesome. Definitely go there for a nice way to cool off after a day in Nauvoo!

Diane H.

Took a group of teenagers to tour the historic city of Nauvoo, Illinois. It was summer time and you can guess-extremely hot and muggy. After a couple days of nonstop info loading and touring, we had a break to shop. When we spotted this frozen custard shop, my hubby and I knew we had to stop and treat the teens. They all loved their custard inventions and enjoyed some time to sit, cool down, relax and read the funny reviews underneath the glass table weights. People from all over the world have written funny things, reviews, or just their name. Sort of an "I've been here" clean graffiti vibe. Thanks Annie for creating a fun atmosphere for our little band of weary travelers. And you can never go wrong with a scoop of custard.

Dan Tillman

Great food, great service Amazing people. Strongly Recommend

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