1951 Cherry Ln, Northbrook
(847) 480-9840

Recent Reviews

Scott Chon

Tasty Subway sandwich!

Laura Jerbi

Got a salad...not a sandwich. Very tasty and filling. Staff was friendly

Adam B.

I have NEVER had a negative experience at this Subway franchise. The owners family is very nice and treat everybody kindly. I have been to really bad Subways but this location uses the freshest ingredients and I love coming here!

Sanhareb Sawa

This is the best subway I ever seen clean best customer service best owner tony god bless you I wish I can put more than 5 stars


The owner keep talking loudly without face mask while he prepares food. 25% of people tested positive have no symptom. So the owner must use face mask and stop talking while he prepares food if he concerns visitors health.

ghafran tameemi

I love ❤️ eating subway tuna and veggie the only thing I trust for lunch or dinner out side my house and omg first time in this location I walk in and the owner his name TONY saying with a happy face and smiling Hi How are you very help full amazing Service and the store is super clean and smells so good and for first time give me cookie ? for free I appreciate you for everything and this is a very happy 15 minutes break lunch ? in my entire life and they’ve TV to watch cartoons Tom and Jerry ???

Patricio Gutierrez

This is the best subway in Northbrook area period lots of space and tony is a great hands on owner

Bob Floss II

I've tried this location a few times and I'm always disappointed. All the staff have been trained to put as little in the sandwich as possible. If you have a craving for subway, try a different location.

Paul Zoubarev

Nice guys there!


Here's owner is so kind and he gave me free cookies! Thank you so much? ? ?

Jessica Collins

They are very friendly and nice workers here but they gave me frozen chicken even after the sandwich was toasted the chicken was still cold. Very disappointed because subway is everywhere I just chose this because I was shopping in the area.

Avon B.

This is probably the best Subway in the Chicago area. It's always clean, has a large seating area, and the food is always a step above other Subways. Owner is always there and extremely friendly. Staff is always friendly and do a great job of moving the line along. If I could give it six stars, I would.

Sam Nugent

They didnt even notice me standing for 5-10 minutes before they took my order even though they were standing right there talking to each other. Ate their soup and literally 20 minutes after leaving I got food poisoning. I drive and deliver packages and I literally puked all over on the side of the road multiple times after eating here. Felt like I had the flu. I dont know what they put in there I have never experienced this from any Subway before. Im not one to complain about places but damn you guys made me sick as hell, never again will I eat subway because of this experience. Also the chicken on my sandwich was cold so that mightve made me sick too. I mean cmon Food safety and sanitation isnt rocket science people.

mike del genio

Consistently the most friendly and engaged staff,

Daniella Danyal

I had the best service, so clean and fresh food. Wonderful staff and beautiful atmosphere!

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