Burrito Jalisco

9182 W 159th St, Orland Park
(708) 873-1308

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Gwar 81

Ordered the Steak Tacos and a Steak Buritto. They were really good and the Buritto was huge. I did add extra meat though. The service was do fast and friendly. If you're looking for a good taco and don't really have time to wait around check them out!Parking: Huge parking lot.

Chris Parent

Very good food. Very authentic, the way Mexican should be. I had the Chicken Burrito and My Wife had the Beef Burrito. They both came with Refried beans and rice, with lettuce, tomatoe,, guacamole and sour cream. There are a couple of Burrito Jalisco's, We went to the one in Orland Park. Try em out for Yourself and don't forget to tip Your Server. ?

Jeannette Velez

Let's start with the service ....it's slow, they are rude, and don't seem to care . I ordered a strawberry shake and I couldn't even drink it with all the non blended ice chunks that was still there. I also ordered grilled onions and what they gave me was just sad. I thought with a 4.2 rating they were going to be an establishment that I would brag to all my friends about but this will not be the case . I wouldn't recommended this place to anyone unless you want mediocre food and bad service . They need to lower their prices because it is definitely not worth it . PEOPLE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Zara Mamane

$31 for a small portion of steak fajitas, it’s absolutely ridiculous! I was expecting enough for two people for that price but it was just a basic amount. I never paid that much for Mexican food even from the best restaurants. Please go somewhere else!

Julia Johnson

I have loved this place for years! They always have great service, and they have never messed up an order. My boyfriend & I were getting ready to leave tonight and a group of 4 walked in 10 minutes before close and were extremely rude to the server! Getting off work being a waitress myself, I wasn't shocked, but I felt so bad for our server! They always do a great job and even the cheapest margarita on the menu is huge. Go here if you want great service and authentic Mexican food. But please, look at their hours, and don't be rude to your server!

Sandra Silver

I've been going here since I was a little girl. It's been my favorite Mexican joint for a very long time. It has kind of went a little down hill since I got older, but I still love it. This is my favorite salsa to this day.


Food was amazing. But what wasn't amazing was that fact that they shut off the lights on us while we were still finishing our beers, like we understand yall close at 10pm but you can't wait half an hour while your customers are finishing up? No you just shut off the lights and say gtfo we're closed. for God sake.

Emily K.

Good not great! Pros: Quesobirrias were delicious, we sat down quickly, food came out quick, free soup for appetizer was yummy! Cons: Prices were pretty high, service was kind of rude, they didn't have the elote we saw them advertising for (), room way WAYY too dark Would come back for the quesobirrias! Everything else was okay (steak tacos, choriqueso)

A F.

I ordered the steak quesabirria tacos and I immediately knew I was gonna be in a food coma after taking one bite lol. I've always saw people on tiktok reviewing different quests Burris tacos and these definitely lived up to the hype and did not disappoint! Not only were the tacos fire but their guava margaritas were also a hit ! I had two and could definitely feel the liquor. Definitely try this place out if you've never had the quesabirria tacos before !

Andrew Cusimano

Sat down with the girlfriend before seeing a movie. Moses took care of us. From the moment we walked in till the second we walked out, customer service was fantastic. The food was spectacular. We were both extremely satisfied. I wouldn't go anywhere else for Hispanic food/cocktails.Cheers,AC


Usually come here twice a month, never really have a problem that can be worked around. Today our waitress was clueless on her job, after sitting she took close to 8 minutes to come see us gave her the order and specifically told her how to do it, WITHOUT BEANS. Guess what came with beans they took it back and literally only seconds back to my table with double order of rice on top of the beans they scrapped off, Disgusting. Terrible experience today. The older lady with the dark brown hair is usually our waitress and she is a star!! The other one with blond hair has to goooo. Please stop going tables and asking for orders without your paper and pen and write down the order. The ones who think they can memorize it always fail.

Nicole Brown

Service is poor. Older lady is miserable and needs to retire. Guacamole is tasteless, like mixed with something. And it's a shame Because Dippin tacos are amazing, but if I'm treated like they don't want my business I can go elsewhere.

Malak A.

Their food is very delicious Germany is very tender and the rice water is very delicious I recommend this place to everyone that enjoys Mexican food I'll give them a 10 out of 10 if I can did you

Susan OKeefe

I was disappointed in the menu. Much smaller than the past! Though food was good! Sangria was more than I wanted with no smaller options. 32oz is a lot! Guacamole was mixed with crema and not very. Rice & beans were okay. Should have just ordered 2 tacos because I didn't finish the rice or beans. Ended up being an expensive lunch. The hostess staff was friendly. Therefore, will try someplace else next time.

Annemarie B.

I will not be eating here again. The waitress/owner rarely checks back to see if you need anything. You have to ask numerous times for water. This last time she messed up the order, brought me the correct taco, but then charged me for the mistake. My choice was to let her throw it away or pay for it. No offer to let me take it home the taco and no apology. She said she did not remember me ordering the steak taco after she brought me a ground beef and green pepper one. There are plenty of other great Mexican restaurants to choose from in the area with friendly service. Take a pass on this place.

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