El Famous Burrito

14494 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 403-4661

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Daniel Glodek

Stake was disgusting, to much salt and spices, tasted like an very old meet.Definitely not coming back there again.

Jared Rocha

I order 6 tacos and pay 31.34 dollar what a waste of money end up throwing the food to the garbage.Food is not even cook.THE ALPASTOR MEAT IS NESTY IS NOT EVEN COOK IS LIKE THEY BOIL THE MEAT.ASADA IS EVEN WORSE . NOT A GOOD PLACE TO EAT.NOOOO BUENOOO.

Juan Cazares

The food was pretty good. It wasn’t busy and they were quick with our order. They have a decent variety and they also sell ice cream/frozen treats. Overall good experience nothing stuck out (good or bad).

Mary Gardner

Chips were the greasy I've ever seenAnd the side of refried beans were so runny and the chicken and pork tacos the meat was over cooked and very dry what a waste of $23.27Will not go back and will make sure ITell everyone. I haven't been there for awhile since Covid-19 but I will never go back it used to be a very good place.

James Walles

Always love the steak burrito. Nice staff served me.

Gregory S.

I've been getting food from this chain since the early 90s... I'm sure disappointed to write a bad review, but here goes. Shortly after we moved to Orland Park last year, I noticed they had an EFB nearby. I ordered some food online for delivery, GrubHub or whatever. The delivery was fine and my food was yummy, but later that day I started cramping and visiting the restroom more often than normal which continued overnight and into the next day. I ate nothing else the day I got this food, skipped breakfast because I wanted to hold out for this. Food poisoning sucks and I was planning on getting food here more often, but after that never again.

k.c. kerchner

Always excellent Food. My first choice anytime I'm nearby.

Christy Avery

Lady at the counter need an attitude adjustment- she's unpleasant and displayed dry attitude. Asked how much longer it would it take for an order and her response, "i don't know" (in an annoying manner) the restaurant is understaffed there's 1 cook and the order taker who's clearly overwhelmed! Take my advice and get your Mexican food at nearby businesses who know how to trear customers with kindness!?

Donald Brown

The food a little pricey but it was absolutely delicious. It took them a while to prepare it but it was well worth the wait.

Brian O.

High priced for just a order and pick up at the counter place. If they kept prices lower they would have lines out the door. $12 standard burritos and $4-5 dollar tacos. Cmonnn! Lower prices to separate yourselves from all of the other options.

Parth Soni

I am very particular about my burritos and this place exceeded my expectations! The beans:rice:lettuce ratio was spot on, the burrito was not overly stuffed with rice or lettuce, there was a hefty amount of beans. The burrito itself was a big portion size. I was able to customize the garden burrito by making it fajita style veggies instead of fresh (veggies included are: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onion, peppers). Great customer service and great food!

Adam Berg

Best Nacho's ever

richie well

Still 1 of the best burritos in the Chicagoland area! Great staff!

Toni G

This is my favorite Mexican restaurant so far. From the warm homemade thin crispy tortilla chips, the salsa was so fresh tasting and flavorful. I ordered the steak tacos, the meat was perfect with the best flavor I had ever tasted. The warm churro that he gave me just put the cherry on top of the whole meal. I only wished I lived closer to be able to visit more often.

Edward N.

2 stars for their chicken items. I really like the way they season it for their tacos, burritos, nachos, etc. Their service is and has always been terrible. They relocated their horchata machine so that customers can't get a refill. They used to provide hot sauce in squeeze containers. Now you are asked how many plastic cups (covid played a role here) you want. Do not ask for more than 2 for a burrito (way smaller than they used to be) or one for a taco. They will tell you their limit. Sorry, I paid $15.00 for a small burrito and a small drink. Give me the amount of hot sauce I desire! Cheap all around. They blame recent price increases on meat costs. I get it, but I think these folks all make enough to live in a mansion due to their cost cutting and price increases. Over the years their food remains good (just much smaller), their service still sucks, and their pettiness is at an all time high. $15.00 for a OK lunch and an attitude over 5 cents of hot sauce? PASS! NO MAS! ADIOS!

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