Pita Pita Mediterranean Grill

31 Orland Square Dr, Orland Park
(708) 981-7100

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Joel V.

Zero stars. Tried to order lunch. Ran my card multiple times. Told me that "we will run it later". Asked for a receipt. Gave me a post it note Sold me a fountain drink - but the drink machine was out of service. Told the staff that the machine was out and gave her the fountain cup Waited 20 minutes for food. The manager who told me they would "run my card later" Gave me my food and told me "I don't appreciate you flicking the cup at my customer". Well, lady, I don't appreciate your ridiculously awful service. Food looked good, bu I left it there- I am concerned they spit in it. Ohh, and they gave themselves a tip on my card. I hope they don't run it again. I am not going to question the charges - just glad I got out of there

Tiffany H.

I had high hopes for the loaded fries but they weren't exactly loaded. I also expected them to be on the spicier end of the spectrum as advertised. A few toppings seemed to be missing. They also took a bit longer than I expected for fries, but they were fresh. Otherwise, staff members were friendly and establishment was clean. Not sure that I would need to revisit.

Johnathan Marquardt

I was craving some veggies on my lunch at work and this Jerusalem Salad really did the job. Conveniently ordered through GrubHub. My food was still chilled when it got to me, and the bag it came in was sealed so I know it wasn't handled by anyone but the restaurant staff. Will explore their menu more on the future!

Chris Cruz

Love this place, their pita is fresh, the spice on their chicken and beef is amazing. Tried the mushawan (?) Potato dip, was awesome. My S.O. had the loaded fries, was very pleased. My only complaint is that the meat, both chicken and beef, were a bit dry. A little pricey, but that's what you pay for quality. Oh, and great pickles on the swarma pita, great accompaniment.

Ellen S.

I would highly recommend caution if you have food allergies and are ordering from this restaurant. Their dietary menu is incorrect and resulted in both me and my son being ill after eating there. The dietary menu clearly states that the falafel sandwich is safe for vegan and dairy free diets if you do not add the tahini sauce. Well that is what I ordered and both myself and my breastfed son were sick the next day. After calling the restaurant the next day I was informed that both the pita bread and the wrap that you can get with the sandwich have milk in them. I have written to the company so this is hopefully changed, but we will not be return customers. It is hard enough to find safe places to eat with food allergies and especially when the menu is incorrect.

Ray Elle

Food was a bomb of flavor absolute bomb.com. I had the lamb and vegetables and my boyfriend had the mixed meat with rice n salad. Wish I would have took a pic of the food but couldn't wait to dig in. Staff was knowledgeable and explained what the dishes were. The restaurant was very clean. Will b back again!!!!

Nate Taylor

Very clean and fresh. Pretty clean eating too if you are watching caloric intakes. The chicken kufta was great. Cool Pepsi Flavored soda fountain too.

Big Mak

The food here is amazing. It's like 40 minutes from where i stay but it's worth the drive and time. The steak pita bowl is my favorite and as a side The Muthawama is awesome.

Roberto D.

Great tasting and nice portions of food lentils soup good too, I put hot sauce and the tomatoes of my entree inside the soup for a nice boost taste

Haitham O.

Ordered myself a chicken shawarma from this spot. Tasted really good and authentic shawarma, great portions of meat in the sandwich. Only issue I had with my experience is that the meat was slightly over cooked but overall 8.5/10 come check it out

Angel M.

If you're out in Orland Park area you definitely have to stop in; and how I rate places like this is by their baba ghanouj and there's was on point.

Vivian O.

Food is always so good! Everyone in my household loves ordering here including the kids! It's rare we all eat the same meal.

Eddie Daniel

Stopped at this gem of a restaurant and I'm very glad we did. We wanted to get takeout but we're tired of the same typical restaurant chains so we decided to try something different. We were really impressed with the menu options and after ordering it seemed as if our food was made fresh. We ate at home and after a 20 minute drive the food was still amazing. The portions are filling for the price and I think this is probably one of the healthier food options in the area. We will surely be visiting again thanks!

Paulina Fadrowska

Hands down simply amazing. I ordered the beef shawarma bowl modified for Keto and it was out of this world. The flavors here burst through everything you eat, it's very fresh, delicious, and plentiful. The staff is kind and the restaurant is very clean. Highly recommend stepping into here.

Ali Negahi

It is a super great restaurant. Very friendly staff who serve the most delicious mediterranean food in Orland Park!Totally recommended!

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